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May 11, 2014

New excerpt from BEYOND THE VEIL!

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I thought it was time I started posting some more excerpts from my numerous releases and what better place to start than with the first novel I had published, the historical novel, BEYOND THE VEIL.

beyondtheveilsm2As he stood contemplating how very tiny he was in the scheme of things, David heard yet another sound but this was so close and it seemed to be continuing. He frowned, trying to place it and it came again, almost a moan, yet not quite. He thought he could detect a word, the Arabic word for ‘more’. As he mulled that over the sound came again, long drawn out as the words were moaned again, and it came from the garden door to Robert’s room behind him.

Unable to stop himself, David edged near the open door, standing just to one side where he could see but not be seen. He felt guilty at spying on his host, but he had to know who Robert was with. Did he have one of the female servants in his room…no, wait, it was not women he liked, was it?

Ignoring his unease at what he was doing, he peered in and even though he half-expected it, it still proved a distinct shock. A very naked Robert was indeed not alone, he was with a young male and he was moving languorously over him, their slick skin sliding over each other. The young man, who had served David his tea that very afternoon, was gripping Robert’s back and moaning continuously, begging Robert for more, over and over, as Robert pounded into him. It was one thing to know that Robert liked being with men, another thing entirely to actually see it.

A feeling David could not name slammed into him and he gripped his suddenly rebellious stomach and stumbled back to his own room.

Leaning against his own now closed garden door, David took a few deep breaths to calm his swiftly beating heart. The image of Robert, naked and writhing against the young Arab, and of the man’s hands gripping Robert’s strong back tightly, was seared onto his inner eyelids.

David was surprised to note he was aroused, as much affected by the eroticism of what he had just witnessed as shocked by it. But, as he calmed himself enough to be able to seriously consider what he had seen, he recognized the emotion flowing through him was not shock at all, it was lust with a healthy dose of jealousy. David’s imagination placed himself on Robert’s bed and wondered what it would feel like to have Robert sliding over him, what sensations would bombard him if he felt Robert’s hands gliding over his skin…oh God, what was he thinking? Robert had been with someone else.

The truth of that hit him hard. Robert had another man in his bed and only recently he had made overtures to David and for a second he was angry. Until he realized that Robert had not intended to tell him; David had dragged the confession out of him. He shook his head. What was he thinking anyway? Robert was all man; he had his needs just like any other man so why the hell had he assumed he would be celibate? The images slid through his mind again and he felt very hot. He threw open his garden door again and breathed in the cool night air.

David moved back to his bed trying to finally get some sleep but the images kept playing through his mind and before long the young Arab was no longer in the picture, it was David who Robert caressed, David who he kissed as he slowly moved against him.

Also available from Amazon, All Romance eBook and Smashwords

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October 24, 2012

Drawing the Veil – 25% excerpt!

Today’s 25% excerpt comes from my historical story, DRAWING THE VEIL, which is the prequel to my popular book, Beyond the Veil. It shows us what happened to Malik to turn him into the pirate captain who eventually captured David. I should mention that this excerpt describes a particularly brutal incident during Malik’s time as a captive and is definitely an adult read.

Malik was expected to learn every aspect of being a sailor on this vessel and he didn’t have the slightest idea of how to do any of it. Even though he had grown up in a port, Malik had never been particularly interested in the sea, other than as a method of transport — as a passenger, not a crew member. The first mate, Nasir, had no interest in his past, and little in his present position as the captain’s ‘bed warmer’ as Nasir occasionally termed it. All he cared about was obeying his captain and turning Malik into a sailor.

Nasir worked him hard and Malik soon realized that he had led a life of luxury, something he had never really appreciated until he was forced into physical labour for which he was not prepared or fit enough. He had always considered himself in good physical condition but he soon reconsidered that opinion. The other pirates laughed at his sorry attempts to learn the many new skills he was expected to master, showing little sympathy for the blisters he developed on his hands or the numerous cuts and bruises; never mind that he pulled muscles he didn’t even know he had. Nasir, however, found no amusement in his incompetence and punished him regularly.

Between Nasir’s teaching methods and Shuaib’s hospitality Malik spent most of his days and nights hurting.

However, Malik was deeply grateful that the captain was not of a mind to share. That had been his abiding fear in the first few weeks: that Shuaib would tire of him and pass him to the crew.

Apparently, Malik was considered part of the captain’s share and belonged to no one but him. His disposition was solely the captain’s prerogative and Shuaib didn’t like to share.

Though he was expected to spend his daytime hours working under Nasir’s direction, on occasion Malik would receive a summons to attend the captain’s cabin. There was no particular pattern to the commands and, with a quick glance at Nasir so the mate was aware that he was leaving his duty, Malik had no choice but to obey. On rare occasions during the day, Shuaib would want Malik to service him using his hands or his mouth, but usually the captain would simply want Malik to run an errand for him, or to serve his food or clean up his cabin, though Malik was painfully aware of the man’s eyes following his every move.

However, no matter what his days entailed, Malik always had to return to the captain’s cabin every night where he was forced to submit to his captor’s sexual demands of one kind or another. Sometimes the man would be very rough and it was little more than brutal rape, other times he would be gentler, speaking to Malik as though he was his willing partner. Malik soon learned just to grit his teeth and bear whatever the man demanded; trying to resist only resulted in a beating before the man took his pleasure anyway. It was a rare night Malik would be allowed to sleep in peace.

At first he had clung to his dreams of Robert but during this relentless torture, his love for Robert eroded and was replaced by bitterness and twisted jealousy at his good fortune in escaping, even if it had only been to a watery death.

Sometimes, though, in the early hours when his fury gave way to despair and desire for it all to be over, he knew he was being unjust. He had seen Robert forcibly taken away by his protector, and Malik recognized that Aram had known he could not possibly reach Malik and that to stay would only have doomed them all. At those times, Malik could only wish that Robert was somewhere safe, and his ignorance of the fate of his erstwhile lover was yet another torture.

One night when Malik returned to the cabin, Shuaib was in a temper. The captain was a moody person at the best of times. Keeping out of his way, Malik got ready for bed and abruptly the captain left the cabin. Malik sighed in relief, thinking perhaps Shuaib wouldn’t return until the morning and he would have a night of peace. But, it wasn’t to be. Malik tossed back and forth on the bunk, totally unable to settle and he was afraid to think about why. That was when he felt the hand moving under the blanket, sliding along his flank and reaching over to caress his lower back. Malik had not even known the captain had returned and he suddenly felt very afraid.

Malik squirmed to try and turn over but the hand fell heavily on the rise of his ass, holding him steady as a rough voice ordered, “Stay still. I want you like this.”

Panic slid through Malik; he knew that tone of voice, that glint in the captain’s eye. It was more than simple anger; Shuaib was furious but it was with himself. Another of the captain’s vices was that he liked to play games of chance, though from comments Malik had overheard, Shuaib wasn’t a very good at it, and he hated to lose. Malik had seen him like this once before after he had gambled away a diamond pendant he’d taken from a female prisoner.

With a harsh laugh the captain pulled off the scratchy blanket that had slid half off the bed already, exposing the nude young man to his rapacious stare. Malik was forbidden to wear clothing to bed. “Never tire of looking at you boy, sight for my sore eyes you are. Right to keep you I was, knew it. Nothing better than something young and pliable to plough.” Captain Shuaib guffawed at his own crude words, adding, “and even better when they ain’t willing.”

Malik tried again to turn over, hoping to shove off the older man. He ought to have known better. He’d been at this monster’s mercy for months now and he’d never been able to escape the man’s basest desires. Shuaib growled at him and cuffed him hard across the side of the head and Malik groaned as he collapsed back on the bed, his head ringing from the blow.

“Any more of that and I’ll tie you down again,” the captain roared. Then he gave an unholy smile and added, “I might do that anyway, not in the mood to fight you tonight.” Shuaib quickly shrugged out of his clothing dropping it onto the floor where he stood.

“Please, don’t…”

“Please don’t what? You whore! Not learned yet that’s all you are, all you’ll ever be? My whore, whenever, wherever I want you. However I want you.”

Shuaib laughed again as he lay over Malik’s bruised body. As silent tears slid down his cheeks, all Malik could think of was that he knew the true meaning of slavery. He was nothing, just a vessel for this man’s pleasure.

“You’re mine, boy, and the sooner you learn your place the better,” Shuaib said, slapping his face. “I’ve been far too easy on you. I’ll show you that you’re mine!” he snarled, shoving Malik’s legs as wide as possible.

Shuaib took him so brutally that night that he could hardly walk the next morning and that day was pure torture for him. Nasir did not let up on him because of his pain. The mate seemed to keep an even closer eye on Malik, watching like a hawk as he struggled to carry out each duty assigned to him. Malik was so low in spirits he seriously considered throwing himself overboard, but in the end his stubbornness won out; he would not let the bastards know they had defeated him.

But still, eventually he learned all his lessons. The sum of which was that anyone could be terrorised into obedience. He learned that very well.

It was a hard lesson but he knew the only chance he had to survive the life he’d been forced to endure was to become as brutal as they were. It took him a long time but he learned to be a good sailor — and eventually a good slaver.

<end excerpt>

If you found this interesting and want to read the rest of the story, you can purchase the book here

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September 23, 2012

25% excerpt – m/m historical novel, Beyond The Veil!

Here’s an excerpt from the quarter way point in my popular Barbary pirate historical novel, BEYOND THE VEIL!

“Attractive?” Tom interrupted, shocked. “We? How can you talk about him and you in the same breath like…like you are a…a couple? He is a murderer and a slaver. You saw what he did to David and then he had him taken ashore, to sell our friend into slavery. Heaven knows what sort of hell he is facing. God, the monster killed everyone he did not take into slavery! Do you suppose I, or you, are any less slaves?”

“No, I am not a slave!” Suzanna snapped. “As for you, if you use your brains you need not be either. Do you think I do not know the danger we are in? Yes, poor David and every other soul from our ship is in chains, facing God knows what fate. Do you suppose if I had not given myself to the captain, he would not have just had his way with me anyway and then sent us off in chains too? At least here I made a choice. It just so happens I do like him, I do find him attractive and for that I am grateful. You might hate me for it, but you should also be grateful. Do you not see you could have faced the same terrible fate awaiting David?”

“So now I am supposed to be grateful, am I?” Tom retorted, too angry to consider his sister’s question. “It never occurred to you that I might not want my sister’s honour on my conscience? But I suppose I should thank you for the thought. However, I begin to wonder just how well I really know you. You said you were not the perfect sister and I suppose being almost ten years older and strong-willed to boot, I have idolised you, but I cannot understand how you can like that…that brute.”

“I suppose because he treats me as a person first and a woman second. That probably does not mean much to you; I have always just been Suzanna to you. To others, I am a daughter, or a niece, or ‘that young woman’, I am marriage material, a mother in the making. No one ever just saw me.”

“David did,” Tom replied quietly.

She drew in a sharp breath. “Yes, I think perhaps he did,” she agreed sadly.

“What happens now?” Tom asked wearily.

“I do not know. Yet,” she replied thoughtfully.

The door burst open and the captain of the Pearl entered the cabin. Tom saw his face for the first time and was honest enough to admit he could understand why Suzanna might find the man attractive. He was not exactly the kind of Turk that Tom had expected; his features were almost European, with perhaps just a shade darker complexion. Tom wondered what his background really was.

The captain swaggered forward and casually put his arm around Suzanna’s waist, dropping a quick kiss on her willing lips as she leaned responsively into his embrace. Tom was pretty sure that it was for his benefit.

“Well,” he said, glancing at Tom, “and what are we going to do with you?” he asked quizzically.

Tom stood still and quiet, determined not to say anything. He was positive now the man’s overt caressing of his sister’s waist and hip was meant to unnerve him. It was working.

“You will look after him, will you not, Malik?” Suzanna asked softly, looking up at her new lover.

“He’ll have to make himself useful, work his passage. We have no passengers on this ship.”

“Is that what my sister is doing? Working her passage?” snapped Tom, who was immediately annoyed at his lack of self-control; that was a damned stupid thing to say.

Suzanna looked at her young brother, eyes wide with hurt and anger; however, it was the captain who answered.

“Let me tell you something, boy,” Malik said, grabbing hold of Tom’s upper arm and pulling him closer, “and I’m doing you a favour by telling you this. It took me many beatings to learn this lesson. I learned to obey, to do what was required to the best of my ability, I learned to ingratiate myself with those who held my life in their hands and I made sure I was indispensable.

“I started out as you are now, taken as a slave not much older than you. I was slave to a captain who kept me on board because…” He stopped for a moment, gathering himself, until with a deep breath, he began again. “I learned to become a sailor and eventually, after much hardship, I earned my freedom and I learned that even for a slave, freedom has a price. The life I once knew could no longer be mine. I’d seen and done too much.” He was perhaps talking more to himself now than young Tom. “So I had no choice but to embrace my new life. Now I’m the one with the power, I’m the one who controls the lives of others. Never again will I allow myself to be at the mercy of others.”

“So now, you are the master you hated when he enslaved and mistreated you?” Tom interposed quickly.

Malik’s face hardened. “Obey me, work hard, and you may survive. You will be my cabin boy. Learn to satisfy me and all will be well. For both of you,” he added almost as an afterthought.

Suzanna gasped. “Is that all I am to you, a slave with whom you take pleasure? I thought last evening, we…we found something.”

The captain cocked his head on one side, considering her. “Maybe. We shall see.”

* * *

Malik gave Tom detailed instructions on his new duties, which also included basic seamanship under the tender care of his first mate, Achmed. It did not take long for him a earn a few bruises because he was not fast enough for Achmed’s liking and, as much as he might dislike the captain, at least Tom’s duties below deck were less arduous.

Evening found him serving dinner in the captain’s day cabin to Malik and Achmed as they were discussing plans for the next raid. Suzanna had been instructed to stay in the cabin she shared with Tom. Malik would send for her when he was ready.

Suzanna had been irritable and upset all day following the unpleasantness early in the morning, and during breakfast she seemed to be of the opinion that it was all Tom’s fault. By the time he was finally instructed to go up on deck and begin his duties he was relieved to be out of her company. He had been allowed to eat his midday meal with her and she had calmed down a little by then, admitting she was mostly angry with herself. However, at the end of the meal Malik entered and told Tom to return to his work, inviting Suzanna to join him in his day cabin.

When next Tom saw her she was much more relaxed, though she would have preferred to eat her evening meal with Malik.

Tom had been intending to listen to what was being discussed at dinner, but his mind kept wandering to what would happen between Suzanna and the captain and whether he would still keep her, or both of them, on board the Ocean Pearl. He was, therefore, caught unawares when the captain snapped at him.

“Are you listening to me? Clear the table and then come back here,” Malik ordered.

“Yes, Captain.” Tom quickly gathered up the plates and cutlery and hurried off to the galley to deposit them, returning immediately. After the required obedience, one of the first things he learned was that Malik did not like to be kept waiting. He approached the table to tidy away the glasses and wide-bottomed decanter and put everything in their special places on the suspended shelf, sensing Achmed’s eyes on him at all times. The first mate was probably trying to find fault, something he could use against him.

“Leave that and come here,” Malik said harshly.

Tom quickly obeyed, nervous of the atmosphere in the cabin.

“You behaved very well today and Achmed tells me you are learning your lessons.”

“I had no desire to be beaten again; I learned that lesson very quickly.”

“Intelligent too,” Malik commented as he got to his feet.

“Too?” Tom had to ask.

“As well as pleasing to the eye,” said Malik, reaching over to touch Tom, who jerked away, shocked.

“What are…you…doing?” he stammered.

“I did say you’d need to satisfy me,” Malik replied with a brittle smile.

Tom flushed then and shuddered with revulsion. “No! What kind of man are you? You have already had my sister and now you want…God!”

<end excerpt>

To read the full story, in ebook or print, go here

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April 10, 2012

Read some of my First Chapters!

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I am the guest author today on the D Renee Bagby First Chapters Blog! If you visit there today you can read the first chapters of four of my novels: CANE, its sequel CONFLICT, BEYOND THE VEIL and its prequel DRAWING THE VEIL.


December 1, 2009

Awesome Sale at Phaze Books!

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From now through New Year’s Day, January 1st, 2010, when you shop directly from Phaze Books at you get to take 20% off your total order including ebook and print titles!

Enter discount code: SANTA at checkout to enjoy the savings!

So if you are thinking about buying any of my Phaze books, now is the time!

BEYOND THE VEIL, historical m/m novel, in eBook and Print




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September 6, 2009

Phaze Books Labor Day Sale!

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Phaze new If you are considering buying any of my Phaze releases now is the time!

Starting now through Labor Day, Monday, September 7th, all Phaze Books’ ebook and print titles are on sale for an incredible 20% off!

To take advantage of this sale, use the sale code HARDLABOR at checkout.


August 26, 2009

Drawing the Veil available at ARe Books!

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Drawing the Veil

Drawing the Veil

By: Stevie Woods | Other books by Stevie Woods
Published By: Phaze Books
ISBN # 978-1-60659-190-1
Word Count: 42000
Heat Index

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Reader, HTML, Mobipocket, Epub

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About the book

The exciting prequel to Beyond the Veil! Read how the young Malik was torn from his lover, Robert, and how he was forced into a life of pain, fear and violence following his capture by the Corsairs until he became the pirate captain who attacked the Windjammer!

Malik was dragged over to the centre of the main deck and shoved into line with the other survivors. The passengers were mixed up with the crew as they were gathered together. As far as he knew only Robert and Aram had escaped from among the passengers. However, he had seen the body of Mr. Holmes lying crumpled up near the steps to the upper deck where he had fallen. It had been chilling to see a sword slice into the man as he tried to keep his teenage son safe, but it had perhaps been more chilling to watch as the poor man’s corpse was unceremoniously dumped into the sea along with the dead sailors; Corsair fallen along with the English dead.

Malik glanced over to where young Ernest Holmes was now huddled, arms wrapped around himself, pale and shaking, eyes darting from one pirate to the next. Malik wished he could do something to comfort the boy but there were half a dozen men between Malik and Ernest. Most of them were sailors who were older than he was, let alone young Ernest, yet no one seemed to think about comforting the lad whose father had just been murdered in front of him. It seemed that only the few ladies on board were considered worthy of that kind thought. Perhaps it was his own recent abandonment, as necessary as it had been, but at that moment Malik admitted to himself that he wouldn’t have refused a little comfort if it were offered. With that thought in mind, he edged backwards a step behind the man next to him and then moved slowly but steadily towards the lad.

He had almost reached the boy, his hand snaking out to touch Ernest’s arm, when a sharp voice demanded, “And where do you think you’re going?”
A large hand shot out and grabbed Malik by the shoulder and yanked him forward. He looked up into just about one of the ugliest faces he had ever seen; it was a pity that Malik had seen him before when he had forced Malik’s head back with his arm across his throat. His had been the last face Malik saw before his sight dimmed. Not a nice sight, he mused, when it might have been his last.

“Captain, I think you might find this one of interest,” the pirate said in a particularly snide voice.

A man approached, swathed almost completely in dark green robes edged with silver thread. His veil trailed across his shoulder so his face was visible and the scar cutting across his face from lower left jaw to just below his left eye lent his visage a cruel air. He was not as tall as Malik but he was of a heavier build. His eyes were dark, and Malik got the distinct impression the darkness was more than merely the colour of his pupils, it was a darkness of his soul.Stevie

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August 24, 2009

New Release! Drawing the Veil out today!

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Drawing the Veil, thDrawingtheVeil200x300e prequel to my successful Barbary Pirates novel, Beyond the Veil, is released today by Phaze Books!

It seems ages since I first decided to write this book, partly in response to readers and reviewers requests, partly due to my own need. It wasn’t an easy book to write but I knew that going in – and I’m very happy with the result. Just hope the readers will be too!

Phaze newStevie

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August 18, 2009

eBook Piracy

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There has been lots written astevielogobout eBook piracy, the subject seems to be hitting the headlines more and more these days. I’m sure others more eloquent than I have covered the subject but I wanted to have my say.

It was really frustrating to find out that my latest release Twists and Turns was pirated within days of being released, not only that but the prequel story, The Wrong Path, was also pirated. It had only been a few weeks earlier that I had discovered Beyond the Veil had been pirated. I love writing my stories but contrary to what some folk think I hardly do it for the recompense. Very, very few authors make the big bucks that people seem to think authors make. I still have to work at my day job and have to write and promote in my supposedly spare time. So when all the hard work I have put in to produce stories that I hope readers will buy because they enjoy my writing, is callously stolen it is totally demoralizing.

The simple truth is piracy is theft. File sharing is theft. That is not just my opinion, that is the Law! If anyone wants to read my books they can be bought for a few dollars from my publishers or any number of reputable book distributors. Please do not steal what I work so hard to produce.


August 2, 2009


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Rainbowlogo2I’m taking part in the Rainbow Review Extravaganza – my day being 24th August, the release date for DRAWING THE VEIL, the prequel by my successful novel, BEYOND THE VEIL.DrawingtheVeil200x300

Below is the official announcement from the Rainbow site with all the information needed – with the option to win a free book each day during August:

August 2009 marks the 2nd anniversary of Rainbow Reviews, THE best review site online for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender books. To celebrate, we’ve lined up some of the best GLBT authors to give away free books all month long on our new promo blog!

Starting August 1st, we will spotlight a different author each day of the month. Simply visit our blog, read about the author, then visit the author’s website to answer a question asked in the blog entry. Post your response in the comments field of the blog and enter to win a free e-book off the author’s backlist!

For more information and a list of participating authors, please visit ~ and bookmark this site, as you’ll be able to find all the blog entries linked here during the month of August!


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