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January 23, 2012

Print compilation now available at Amazon!

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I’ve discovered that my paperback collection, Other Worlds Vol II, is finally available from Amazon.


On Alkya, a planet a long way from Earth, the Division of Investigation—Other Worlds—has set up a base where hundreds of personnel live and work closely together. Small survey teams are sent out regularly to investigate the myriad new worlds discovered. The work the teams undertake on these alien planets puts them in constant danger, and sometimes friendships born of necessity become much deeper.

Previously available only in electronic format, these three stories of Futuristic Gay Erotic Romance have now been combined for a paperback edition! Included are the tales…

An Enigma

And This Man Is My Lover?

Cold Fear

re the tales…


September 21, 2011

Stone By Stone now out in Print!

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I was delighted to learn today that the Print version of my historical novel, Stone by Stone, is at last available through  Amazon.


It is already available through Amber Quill in a variety of ebook versions and through Kindle.

June 21, 2011

Other Worlds stories available in Print Anthology!

I am happy to announce the release of my three OTHER WORLDS novellas – A Favor For A Friend, Lightning Strikes and Best Policy – in a Print volume.

A Favor For A Friend: One evening, Major Jake Archer asks Captain Bart Hilton to do a work-related favor for him, requiring the other man to remain in the underground base. Needing information to complete the report he’s preparing, Bart goes to Jake’s office just as a huge explosion rips through the base.

Lightning Strikes:  Shortly after Major Joshua Marsden and Lieutenant Matthew Ronson confess their feelings for each other, their team embarks on a mineral survey mission to another planet. During a ferocious lightning storm, however, Josh is injured.

Best Policy: Major Rafe Wheaton and Lieutenant Adam Deacon, a linguist, have been experiencing problems working together, and shortly before the current mission, Adam offers to transfer to another team. Now, they are left alone on the planet they’re surveying after the rest of their team takes the ship and returns to base with an important geological sample.

The book is available through




June 9, 2011

Print cover for Other Worlds Trilogy!

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Just received the lovely cover from Amber Quill Press for the Print release of my Other Worlds Trilogy – including the three stories currently on release in eBook format: A Favor For A Friend, Lightning Strikes and Best Policy.

I’ve not got a precise release date yet but it is due out sometime later this month. Looking forward to holding it in my hands!



November 14, 2010

Print release of The Tomcat Line #2!

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MLR Press has just released the third and fourth novellas in The Tomcat Line Series – West of El Pilar and The Kiva – in one print volume: Book Two!

WEST OF EL PILAR – Tracking another of Uncle Roger’s outrageous theories concerning a special crystal skull, Ian takes Mac back to Central America. After searching for weeks, Ian knows he is close.  Whatever Ian hoped for it most certainly was not an attack by two determined thieves who will stop at nothing to get their way.

THE KIVA – Ian needs a vacation and what better way than joining Mac on one of his trucking runs. Mac has a surprise planned for his lover but it seems that Mac is the one in for a surprise when Ian finds a Native American Kiva. But then Mac begins to act out of character and  Mac’s behavior becomes  more threatening. Ian has to discover more about the Anasazi as he comes to suspect there was something dark hidden in the ancient Kiva.

Available through –



April 20, 2010

Finally got my hands on print version of CANE!

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There’s nothing like it – holding a copy of your own book in your hands!

CANE may have been out for some time now, originally as an eBook and then a short time ago the Print version came out, but then today a parcel arrived in the post containing my author copies of CANE.  It was almost as exciting as the day I got confirmation that my book had been accepted by the publisher!

I turned a copy over and over in my hands, studying the cover art, looking at the blurb on the back. I opened it and read the first few words – it seems ages now since I actually wrote those words down for the first time but seeing them again on the printed page… well there are no words to describe the feeling. And it is an excitement I never want to become inured to.

I have print copies of four of my books on my shelf now (Cane, Conflict, Beyond the Veil and Past Shadows) and each time I look at my bookshelf and see my name on the spines of those books I have to pinch myself 🙂


March 18, 2010

Cane Print – latest!

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It really is out in Print now – promise!

It was finally posted for sale on the Phaze site yesterday, later than expected and I’m not sure of the reason for the delay but it is definitely available from the publisher now. It should be available from other booksellers in due course.


February 9, 2010

Print version of CANE out 1st March!

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After the disappointment over the delayed print release it is good to be able to report that I have a updated release date now for 1st March.  Really looking forward to having both CANE and CONFLICT in print on my shelves 🙂


December 22, 2009

Update on CANE print release

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I was under the impression that CANE would be released in ebook and print simultaneously – probably my excitement running away with me! Actually the print version will not come out until about this time next month, estimated around 20th January.   Not too much longer to wait, not really 🙂

Keep an eye on CANE’s page at Phaze for the announcement.


October 8, 2009

Conflict is now out in print!

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Well, it is finally out! My Civil War historical novel, CONFLICT, has just been released in print by Phaze Books.

It has been on the cards for some time and it is really exciting to know it is now available in Print as well as eBook.

I think the only thing more exciting will be to actually hold the book in my hands 🙂


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