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April 15, 2015

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October 17, 2014

Amazon globalized links!

Amazonkindle-logoI discovered a way to post globalized links on my website for the purchase of my books from Amazon. In other words, when you want to purchase my novels from Amazon, from wherever you are in the world, when you click the Amazon Kindle link on my website you will transferred to your nearest Amazon site!

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May 11, 2014

New excerpt from BEYOND THE VEIL!

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I thought it was time I started posting some more excerpts from my numerous releases and what better place to start than with the first novel I had published, the historical novel, BEYOND THE VEIL.

beyondtheveilsm2As he stood contemplating how very tiny he was in the scheme of things, David heard yet another sound but this was so close and it seemed to be continuing. He frowned, trying to place it and it came again, almost a moan, yet not quite. He thought he could detect a word, the Arabic word for ‘more’. As he mulled that over the sound came again, long drawn out as the words were moaned again, and it came from the garden door to Robert’s room behind him.

Unable to stop himself, David edged near the open door, standing just to one side where he could see but not be seen. He felt guilty at spying on his host, but he had to know who Robert was with. Did he have one of the female servants in his room…no, wait, it was not women he liked, was it?

Ignoring his unease at what he was doing, he peered in and even though he half-expected it, it still proved a distinct shock. A very naked Robert was indeed not alone, he was with a young male and he was moving languorously over him, their slick skin sliding over each other. The young man, who had served David his tea that very afternoon, was gripping Robert’s back and moaning continuously, begging Robert for more, over and over, as Robert pounded into him. It was one thing to know that Robert liked being with men, another thing entirely to actually see it.

A feeling David could not name slammed into him and he gripped his suddenly rebellious stomach and stumbled back to his own room.

Leaning against his own now closed garden door, David took a few deep breaths to calm his swiftly beating heart. The image of Robert, naked and writhing against the young Arab, and of the man’s hands gripping Robert’s strong back tightly, was seared onto his inner eyelids.

David was surprised to note he was aroused, as much affected by the eroticism of what he had just witnessed as shocked by it. But, as he calmed himself enough to be able to seriously consider what he had seen, he recognized the emotion flowing through him was not shock at all, it was lust with a healthy dose of jealousy. David’s imagination placed himself on Robert’s bed and wondered what it would feel like to have Robert sliding over him, what sensations would bombard him if he felt Robert’s hands gliding over his skin…oh God, what was he thinking? Robert had been with someone else.

The truth of that hit him hard. Robert had another man in his bed and only recently he had made overtures to David and for a second he was angry. Until he realized that Robert had not intended to tell him; David had dragged the confession out of him. He shook his head. What was he thinking anyway? Robert was all man; he had his needs just like any other man so why the hell had he assumed he would be celibate? The images slid through his mind again and he felt very hot. He threw open his garden door again and breathed in the cool night air.

David moved back to his bed trying to finally get some sleep but the images kept playing through his mind and before long the young Arab was no longer in the picture, it was David who Robert caressed, David who he kissed as he slowly moved against him.

Also available from Amazon, All Romance eBook and Smashwords

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July 15, 2013

New excerpt from historical novel, CONFLICT!

conflict200x300Here’s a new excerpt from my historical novel, CONFLICT, sequel to CANE, which takes the story into the Civil War.


Two men, one war. Can love survive when each takes a different side?

Leaving his lover behind to support the abolitionist cause, Piet Van Leyden finds himself leading one of the first all-black Union troops into the heart of battle. Reuniting with free slave and former love Joss brings some comfort, but will his presence tempt Piet into forgetting the love waiting for him at home?

Sebastian Cane wonders how he’s able to go on without Piet by his side. When a series of unfortunate events lands him a prisoner of the Union, Seb knows he must rely on his wits and his love for Piet to survive…and get home to him.


It was cold in the tent; damn it, was cold nearly all the time. It seemed forever since Pieter had actually been inside a brick building. He pulled the blanket off his cot and wrapped it around him. Pieter could hardly remember the last time he had felt really comfortable and cozy. Then he suddenly remembered one warm day, sitting on a veranda eating a picnic lunch. It had only been a couple of days after he’d arrived at Morning Star. Sebastian had been showing him around the vast plantation when they took a rest and ate. They’d sat comfortably on the wooden veranda of the old Blue Bayou plantation house, sharing a basket of food, while his new employer had told him of the history of his family and the plantation. Even then, Pieter had known he was in love with the man.

Smiling, Pieter knew it was the emotion inside that had made him feel warm that day as much as the sun beating down on them. That feeling was still there, deep inside, and as he allowed the sense memory to flow over him, Pieter’s heart beat faster. His cock filled as he imagined Sebastian’s lips on his, and his hands caressing his body. It had been so long and he missed his lover terribly.

Sighing, Pieter couldn’t deny that he regretted leaving his lover back in Louisiana, but he was honest enough to admit that he could never have stayed there in the circumstances. He wished every day that Seb could have come with him, but as much as he wished it could be otherwise, he couldn’t blame Sebastian for clinging to the only life he knew.

Belatedly, he realized that yet again his hand was in his pocket and he was running the small silver button between his fingers. He stopped the movement, grasping the button tightly and pulling it free. It rested in the palm of his hand, glinting slightly in the flickering candlelight. It was all he had of Sebastian with him and it had long been a kind of talisman. A constant reminder of the man he loved, the man he missed so very much.

Pieter could still see the look in Sebastian’s eyes as he dropped the button into his hand when he left to travel north. He had never forgotten the trust Sebastian placed in him, knowing that he would come home some day. To Pieter, wherever Sebastian was, that was home.

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July 14, 2013

CANE, a new excerpt from my historical romance

CanePhaze(200x300)I thought it was past time I posted a new excerpt from my popular historical novel, CANE:

Privileged young Pieter may have grown up on a sugar cane plantation, but that doesn’t mean he agrees with the way his father runs things. He falls in love with Joss, one of his father’s slaves, and their affair sets off a chain of events that is destined to tear them apart.
When Pieter’s father dies, he returns home hoping to find Joss. It’s too late for their love, but maybe it’s not too late for Pieter to find happiness. As he makes his way to America, Pieter realizes old conflicts still rage, and even as he finds a new love, danger stalks his every move. Can Pieter learn to overcome the hate and fear that threaten to tear his world apart?

Joss was working hard with the other field hands, trimming the young cane plants. He had just straightened up, stretching to ease the ache in his back, when he heard Pieter call to him.


“Joss, I need some help.”

“Yes, sir,” he replied, hurrying to do his master’s bidding.

Not that Joss really thought of Pieter as his master, though he had to behave as if he did. Joss never called him master, the way some of the other slaves did. Pieter did not ask it, but the slaves were used to giving the title to the older Van Leyden and automatically used it with Pieter. To Joss, Pieter was his boyhood friend, his mentor…his lover. Joss knew he was living in a kind of limbo, knowing that his time with Pieter was temporary. Joss hated that because he really loved Pieter. He had thought at first the feelings had just been the love of a surrogate brother, but when Pieter had embraced him on his return from abroad, it wasn’t brotherly feelings that stirred deep within him.

It had been a surprise to find that Pieter had such feelings toward him, too. Joss could still remember that first time Pieter touched him. Even though he had wanted his friend’s touch, Joss had been afraid that Pieter would only be using him. The prospect of the Master exercising what many slave owners considered to be their right was a fear his sister, and the other pretty young slaves lived with constantly. Boys and men were less susceptible, and though such couplings were rare and shrouded in secrecy, they did happen.

So, when Pieter touched him with such tender reverence, Joss had been shocked. He learned then that he hadn’t been mistaken about the friend from his youth; Pieter was showing that he cared, that it wasn’t just the use of a convenient body he wanted from Joss. Pieter was seeking an emotional connection and Joss was more than happy to give it to him.

They had enjoyed each other many times since that first night almost two years ago, but Joss never forgot that first time, when he had learned that not all slave owners were the same.

He knew Pieter cared for him, loved him in a way, but also that it was not with the soul deep emotion Joss felt himself when Pieter took him, driving deep into his body. Joss didn’t know how he could sense the difference in their emotional attachment but he knew he was right. Pieter said things to him when they were having sex and Joss was sure when he spoke them aloud, Pieter believed his own words, but Joss knew that what his lover promised could never be. There was no way that he, a black slave, could ever be with a white master as anything but property to be used, a catamite. Joss had heard the word for the first time a few months back, read to him from a biblical story. He couldn’t remember which story it was, but the word he would never forget—catamite, a boy or young man kept by a sodomite. That was the reality of what Joss was, not that Pieter would ever accept it, but it was better for Joss to do so. As odd it as might sound, it was better for his peace of mind. Dreams of anything more would only destroy him. 

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November 28, 2012

The Guardian (Binary Stars 5 – Book 2) 25% excerpt!

Today’s 25% excerpt is from the paranormal vampire duo anthology, Binary Stars 5, a contemporary set story in an alternate world where vampires are an accepted part of society.  Here is a little peek into the story of The Guardian from a quarter way into the story:

The Heliotrope“Help?” the man said.

“Yes. You needed an immediate blood supply and now you will need to go to a hospital.” David explained.

“Hospital?” Rick was still confused, his eyes heavy, closing again before David could answer.

David scooped up Rick, dashed to the back door of the club and pounded on it. When no one immediately answered he pounded again.

“Hold your damn horses,” a rough voice said as the door slammed open. “It wasn’t locked,” the man began, stopping as soon as he saw David carrying Rick. “What the fuck?”

“Get out of the way. Get me Anton or Bohdri, now!”

The man – vampire, whatever – ran back inside. He didn’t call out so he must have known where the owners were, and David followed at a fast clip. As he reached the first turning in the corridor that led to the club proper, he was met by Anton.

“What is going on?” Anton began, only to pause as he saw David and his burden. “Rick? What happened? David, isn’t it? Lords, was he attacked?”

“Yeah, David Reilly. I destroyed his attacker in your alley. I guess Rick expected it to be as safe outside the club as it is inside.”

“Damn right, it should be, of course,” Anton said angrily.

“What’s happened?” another voice overlaid Anton’s and David recognized Bohdri stepping up behind Anton. “Oh my Lord, is he…?”

“No. It was close though. I had to give him some of my blood.”

Anton had moved down another corridor away from the main establishment and opened a door. “Put him here,” Anton said, indicating a wide bed. David guessed this must be one of the back rooms where vampires could take their humans and pay for their blood with the coin of sex.

David laid Rick down carefully. Rick stirred slightly, but did not wake. David took a closer look at the damage to Rick’s neck and chided himself for not closing it earlier, though he’d had other priorities at the time. He thoroughly licked the wound, his saliva helping the flesh to knit and heal remarkably quickly.

“You said you gave him some of your blood?” Anton wanted an answer to the question he did not ask.

“Yes, just enough to keep him alive. Don’t worry, I didn’t turn him. However, he will need more blood soon, I have to get him to a hospital. Do you have any transport?”

“Yes, I’ll bring the car round to the back.” Bohdri was already moving as he spoke.

David turned his attention back to Rick, continuing to heal the damage and fighting his urge to reach out and brush the hair back from his face. He wanted to see those eyes looking at him again.

“Thank you for saving him, David. He has earned a special place here.”

“Yes, so I believe,” David said, glancing at Anton before gazing at Rick again.

There was silence for a few moments and then Anton said quietly, “Am I mistaken in sensing a personal interest here?”

<end excerpt>

If you want to read the book (which also contains book one – The Partners) you can purchase it here

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October 21, 2012

The Partners (Binary Stars 5: Book 1) – 25% Excerpt

Today’s 25% excerpt is from the paranormal duo anthology, Binary Stars 5. Here is a little peek into the story of The Partners from a quarter way into the story, which is available from Phaze Books:

The HeliotropeRichard looked from one to the other before he said, “Okay, as long as you only watch. Right?”

“I swear,” Bohdri agreed, giving a small bow. He kept his smile to himself. He rarely just watched but he never interfered. Servicing himself hardly counted, did it?

Chapter Two

Antoninus led the way into the room at the end of the long corridor. It was a well appointed bedroom. Whoever had designed it had good taste, Rick thought. Dominating the room was a king-sized bed. The dark blue coverlet had already been turned back, revealing pale blue silk sheets. Not far from the bed, a loveseat sat at an angle near to a window covered with heavy drapes.

Antoninus, or Anton as Rick was now beginning to think of him, walked straight to the bed and watched as Rick looked around. Bohdri moved directly to the loveseat and sat down, crossed his legs and seemed to get comfortable. A wave of embarrassment washed over Rick.

“It’s all right, Richard, relax. You are going to have a delightful time.”

Rick turned to look at Anton, his cock reacting to the look in Anton’s eyes as much as the words. He found himself walking slowly towards Anton, his heart racing as he licked his lips. God, he wanted this man – this vampire – so much it was heady.

“Undress me,” Anton said softly and Rick’s fingers shook as he reached to remove the jacket from his shoulders. “Slowly, Richard, enjoy it. Know that you are getting closer, layer by layer; know that you will soon be flying.”

“Damn, Anton, you’re not helping me calm down,” Rick said and Anton laughed.

“Probably doesn’t want you to,” Bohdri interjected. “He wants you panting for it.”

“You’re here to watch, Bohdri,” Anton said. “That means use your eyes, not your mouth.”

The words sounded harsh, but Anton’s expression was soft as he looked at Bohdri. Rick wondered just exactly what was between these two. Just friends, they said, but it seemed more than that to him. But it wasn’t his affair, and anyway he was here for something else. He turned his attention back to what he was doing, glancing up at Anton’s face as he popped the button on Anton’s slacks and pulled out his shirt. Anton might have said to go slow but Rick wanted to see the skin beneath the shirt. So he unfastened it as quickly as he could and slid the shirt off to pool at Anton’s feet.

Anton’s body was as perfect as his face; not overly muscled but just enough to show fine definition. Rick’s gaze followed the contours of his body to the flat stomach and the trail of hair that disappeared below his waistband. Rick had to touch and he carefully placed a hand on Anton’s chest. Cool, so cool. It made his hand feel hot as he brushed it over Anton’s pecs. He glanced up at Anton’s face to find the vampire watching him intently. The heat in his hands seemed to rush over him. Quickly Rick unzipped Anton’s pants and pushed them and his underwear down his legs.

<end excerpt>

If you want to know more you can purchase the book here

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September 26, 2012

25% Excerpt – m/m contemporary, One Small Step!

Today’s 25% excerpt is from my contemporary novella, ONE SMALL STEP:

 “You haven’t noticed but we’ve really been dating for a while,” Stephen said with a sly grin.  “Want coffee?” he asked, rising to his feet.

“Yeah,” Gary said, absently watching his friend as he moved towards the coffee maker, his mind going over Stephen’s words. They’d been dating? That wasn’t true, was it? It was true that their relationship was special, always had been. He’d never had a friend like Stephen before. No one else had ever challenged him the way Stephen did. They argued like cats and dogs, yet they somehow managed never to allow their disagreements to interfere with their friendship, which remained deep and true. Not for the first time he wondered what a man like Stephen saw in him – not as a potential lover, that was even more mysterious to Gary – but as a friend, as the man Stephen called his best friend.

Gary turned his gaze on his friend, pondering this question, just in time to watch as Stephen reached for another mug from the top shelf. Stephen’s tee shirt rode up, showing an inch of flesh above his pants, and Gary found he couldn’t take his eyes off it. His gaze seemed drawn to the slim patch of pale golden colored skin. He forced his eyes lower, away from that alluring sight. Abruptly he realized his mistake. His gaze was now centered on Stephen’s ass, which suddenly seemed very well defined in the tight jeans. Surely his pants weren’t usually that tight?

Stephen turned back just then, “Gary, do you…?” he stopped, frowning slightly, “You look flushed, everything okay?” A slight smile curved his mouth.

Gary stared at him. Had Stephen set this up just to make him squirm? No, Stephen wouldn’t do that, it was just… just what? Proof that Stephen was right and he was fighting his own body’s natural inclination to take his friend where he stood? Oh, God, where had that come from?

“I’m fine,” he replied, purposely not meeting Stephen’s gaze. He was afraid Stephen might be able to guess what he was thinking and he wasn’t ready for that yet.

Stephen handed him the coffee and returned to his desk. Gary sat opposite him.

“You’re in earlier than I expected. Had a good night?” Gary asked.

* * * *

“Yes, thanks, slept like a log.” Stephen lied

“Ah.” Gary nodded, a slight frown creasing his brow. Stephen wondered if Gary had seen through his deception.

Gary got to his feet and finished his coffee. “I’ve got a meeting with Jameson over that new project. I’ll see you later.” Gary moved to the door, turning at the last moment, “Have you thought of anything for our date yet?”

“Nope, not decided yet. I’ll call your secretary and leave a message shall I?”

“Tell Hester?” Gary voice was hoarse. “You can’t do that!”

Stephen laughed. “I meant I’ll tell her that I need to speak with you.

“Oh right.” Gary frowned and left.

Stephen smiled. For such a man of action Gary was already off balance. By the time Stephen had finished, he’d see some action.

* * * *

After work, Gary went to the gym for one of his usual twice weekly work out sessions and was surprised to find Stephen there. He was well aware that Stephen occasionally spent time in the gym, though Stephen only rarely attended when Gary was present. At that moment he wondered why he had never really thought about inviting Stephen to join him at the gym before. It was odd that it was the one activity they never seemed to enjoy together.

Gary made as if to join Stephen on the mat but was stopped in his tracks when Stephen ceased his warm-up exercises. Rising gracefully, he proceeded to perform a kata, a beautiful and complex sequence. He wasn’t surprised to see Stephen make the movements with concentrated precision; that was just the way he did everything.

The slow sure movements delineated the muscles of Stephen’s back and shoulders very clearly. Gary had an uninterrupted view since Stephen’s top had very narrow shoulders, cut low in both back and front. Gary’s eyes were glued to the sleek skin shining with perspiration. Stephen then slowly twisted from the waist, leaning first left and then right, sliding both hands down the outside of one leg at a time before slowly straightening again. Next he bent forward, again sliding his hands downwards. This time he put one hand on each thigh, moving over his knees and down his shins to his ankles, making the gluteal and thigh muscles flex and tighten.

Gary had a perfect view of his ass as the material of his shorts stretched taut over his buttocks. His mouth felt as dry as a desert and his body as hot as if he were indeed under a burning sun. At the same time he felt a definite interest in his groin.

Gary suddenly became aware that his were not the only eyes drawn to his friend’s body, and he didn’t like that one bit.

<end excerpt>

To read the full story, go here

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September 23, 2012

25% excerpt – m/m historical novel, Beyond The Veil!

Here’s an excerpt from the quarter way point in my popular Barbary pirate historical novel, BEYOND THE VEIL!

“Attractive?” Tom interrupted, shocked. “We? How can you talk about him and you in the same breath like…like you are a…a couple? He is a murderer and a slaver. You saw what he did to David and then he had him taken ashore, to sell our friend into slavery. Heaven knows what sort of hell he is facing. God, the monster killed everyone he did not take into slavery! Do you suppose I, or you, are any less slaves?”

“No, I am not a slave!” Suzanna snapped. “As for you, if you use your brains you need not be either. Do you think I do not know the danger we are in? Yes, poor David and every other soul from our ship is in chains, facing God knows what fate. Do you suppose if I had not given myself to the captain, he would not have just had his way with me anyway and then sent us off in chains too? At least here I made a choice. It just so happens I do like him, I do find him attractive and for that I am grateful. You might hate me for it, but you should also be grateful. Do you not see you could have faced the same terrible fate awaiting David?”

“So now I am supposed to be grateful, am I?” Tom retorted, too angry to consider his sister’s question. “It never occurred to you that I might not want my sister’s honour on my conscience? But I suppose I should thank you for the thought. However, I begin to wonder just how well I really know you. You said you were not the perfect sister and I suppose being almost ten years older and strong-willed to boot, I have idolised you, but I cannot understand how you can like that…that brute.”

“I suppose because he treats me as a person first and a woman second. That probably does not mean much to you; I have always just been Suzanna to you. To others, I am a daughter, or a niece, or ‘that young woman’, I am marriage material, a mother in the making. No one ever just saw me.”

“David did,” Tom replied quietly.

She drew in a sharp breath. “Yes, I think perhaps he did,” she agreed sadly.

“What happens now?” Tom asked wearily.

“I do not know. Yet,” she replied thoughtfully.

The door burst open and the captain of the Pearl entered the cabin. Tom saw his face for the first time and was honest enough to admit he could understand why Suzanna might find the man attractive. He was not exactly the kind of Turk that Tom had expected; his features were almost European, with perhaps just a shade darker complexion. Tom wondered what his background really was.

The captain swaggered forward and casually put his arm around Suzanna’s waist, dropping a quick kiss on her willing lips as she leaned responsively into his embrace. Tom was pretty sure that it was for his benefit.

“Well,” he said, glancing at Tom, “and what are we going to do with you?” he asked quizzically.

Tom stood still and quiet, determined not to say anything. He was positive now the man’s overt caressing of his sister’s waist and hip was meant to unnerve him. It was working.

“You will look after him, will you not, Malik?” Suzanna asked softly, looking up at her new lover.

“He’ll have to make himself useful, work his passage. We have no passengers on this ship.”

“Is that what my sister is doing? Working her passage?” snapped Tom, who was immediately annoyed at his lack of self-control; that was a damned stupid thing to say.

Suzanna looked at her young brother, eyes wide with hurt and anger; however, it was the captain who answered.

“Let me tell you something, boy,” Malik said, grabbing hold of Tom’s upper arm and pulling him closer, “and I’m doing you a favour by telling you this. It took me many beatings to learn this lesson. I learned to obey, to do what was required to the best of my ability, I learned to ingratiate myself with those who held my life in their hands and I made sure I was indispensable.

“I started out as you are now, taken as a slave not much older than you. I was slave to a captain who kept me on board because…” He stopped for a moment, gathering himself, until with a deep breath, he began again. “I learned to become a sailor and eventually, after much hardship, I earned my freedom and I learned that even for a slave, freedom has a price. The life I once knew could no longer be mine. I’d seen and done too much.” He was perhaps talking more to himself now than young Tom. “So I had no choice but to embrace my new life. Now I’m the one with the power, I’m the one who controls the lives of others. Never again will I allow myself to be at the mercy of others.”

“So now, you are the master you hated when he enslaved and mistreated you?” Tom interposed quickly.

Malik’s face hardened. “Obey me, work hard, and you may survive. You will be my cabin boy. Learn to satisfy me and all will be well. For both of you,” he added almost as an afterthought.

Suzanna gasped. “Is that all I am to you, a slave with whom you take pleasure? I thought last evening, we…we found something.”

The captain cocked his head on one side, considering her. “Maybe. We shall see.”

* * *

Malik gave Tom detailed instructions on his new duties, which also included basic seamanship under the tender care of his first mate, Achmed. It did not take long for him a earn a few bruises because he was not fast enough for Achmed’s liking and, as much as he might dislike the captain, at least Tom’s duties below deck were less arduous.

Evening found him serving dinner in the captain’s day cabin to Malik and Achmed as they were discussing plans for the next raid. Suzanna had been instructed to stay in the cabin she shared with Tom. Malik would send for her when he was ready.

Suzanna had been irritable and upset all day following the unpleasantness early in the morning, and during breakfast she seemed to be of the opinion that it was all Tom’s fault. By the time he was finally instructed to go up on deck and begin his duties he was relieved to be out of her company. He had been allowed to eat his midday meal with her and she had calmed down a little by then, admitting she was mostly angry with herself. However, at the end of the meal Malik entered and told Tom to return to his work, inviting Suzanna to join him in his day cabin.

When next Tom saw her she was much more relaxed, though she would have preferred to eat her evening meal with Malik.

Tom had been intending to listen to what was being discussed at dinner, but his mind kept wandering to what would happen between Suzanna and the captain and whether he would still keep her, or both of them, on board the Ocean Pearl. He was, therefore, caught unawares when the captain snapped at him.

“Are you listening to me? Clear the table and then come back here,” Malik ordered.

“Yes, Captain.” Tom quickly gathered up the plates and cutlery and hurried off to the galley to deposit them, returning immediately. After the required obedience, one of the first things he learned was that Malik did not like to be kept waiting. He approached the table to tidy away the glasses and wide-bottomed decanter and put everything in their special places on the suspended shelf, sensing Achmed’s eyes on him at all times. The first mate was probably trying to find fault, something he could use against him.

“Leave that and come here,” Malik said harshly.

Tom quickly obeyed, nervous of the atmosphere in the cabin.

“You behaved very well today and Achmed tells me you are learning your lessons.”

“I had no desire to be beaten again; I learned that lesson very quickly.”

“Intelligent too,” Malik commented as he got to his feet.

“Too?” Tom had to ask.

“As well as pleasing to the eye,” said Malik, reaching over to touch Tom, who jerked away, shocked.

“What are…you…doing?” he stammered.

“I did say you’d need to satisfy me,” Malik replied with a brittle smile.

Tom flushed then and shuddered with revulsion. “No! What kind of man are you? You have already had my sister and now you want…God!”

<end excerpt>

To read the full story, in ebook or print, go here

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April 10, 2012

Read some of my First Chapters!

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I am the guest author today on the D Renee Bagby First Chapters Blog! If you visit there today you can read the first chapters of four of my novels: CANE, its sequel CONFLICT, BEYOND THE VEIL and its prequel DRAWING THE VEIL.


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