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June 21, 2016

Release of BEST POLICY!

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Happy to announce the MLR Books has released the third novella in my Other Worlds Series – BEST POLICY:

BestPolicy_432   Publisher     Amazon     ARe Books

Rafe and Adam had been experiencing problems working together, and
shortly before the mission Adam had offered to transfer to another team.
They are alone on the planet as the rest of their team has taken the ship
and returned to base with an important geological sample.


Publisher    Amazon     ARe Books

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October 17, 2014

Amazon globalized links!

Amazonkindle-logoI discovered a way to post globalized links on my website for the purchase of my books from Amazon. In other words, when you want to purchase my novels from Amazon, from wherever you are in the world, when you click the Amazon Kindle link on my website you will transferred to your nearest Amazon site!

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January 30, 2014

New excerpt from First Reflection!

First_Reflection_200x300This is an excerpt from First Reflection – the prequel to On Reflection – that I’ve never shared before, hope you enjoy!


He wanted to pray but couldn’t think of any prayers, and in truth, he never really believed in the Temple anyhow. Then the thought occurred that if there was truth in the legends of evil, perhaps good existed too. Though watching as the creature clutched Ettore to him and lapped the blood from the horrific wound in his neck, Andreas found it hard to believe anything could fight such evil. When the nightwalker finally released the now-dead Ettore to crumple at his feet, Andreas concluded it was too late for him to be having second thoughts.

The creature turned his attention to Andreas, the smile back on his handsome face. How could Andreas consider such an evil creature to be attractive? Lords of Divinity, he had blood dripping down his chin, and Andreas daren’t give name to what was coating his clothing.

He walked to stand directly before Andreas. “You are something special. I will enjoy so much being with you.”

Andreas’ skin crawled at the suggestion, but he could do nothing but stare at the nightwalker, whose smile widened as he grabbed Andreas around the waist and tossed him over his shoulder before dashing off through the park at a dizzying speed. Andreas felt himself lifted through the air, and he realized they were sailing over the wall surrounding the far side of the park, landing on a darkened road that Andreas didn’t recognize. It was difficult for Andreas to make out much of anything from his position hanging upside down over his captor’s back. The nightwalker continued across the road and then down a dark alley, his pace never slowing. A door slammed open, and abruptly they were inside.

From what little Andreas could see as they climbed the rickety staircase, they were inside a dilapidated building, what kind he couldn’t tell. At the top of the stairs, the creature turned down a corridor, entering the first door, and Andreas noted it was better cared for than the rest of the building.

There was a desk on one wall, a comfortable chair in the middle of the room with a small side table next to it, but the nightwalker strode past them, heading for the large bed in the corner. He tossed Andreas onto it, and Andreas was surprised to discover he could move. Immediately he attempted to jump to his feet, but a hand pressed on his chest.

This time the creature grinned as he said, “Oh no, my pet. I’ve not even begun with you yet, let alone finished.”

Andreas sank back onto the bed. Inside his head, he was desperately trying to make his body obey, to run as far and as fast as he could, but instead he calmly began to unbutton his clothing and remove it piece by piece. The watching nightwalker was also removing his attire.

When they were both naked, he said, “I knew I was right in my choice. You are perfect.”


To discover what happens next, go here

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September 5, 2013

ON REFLECTION – a new excerpt from my vampire novel!

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OnReflection_200I wanted to find a new excerpt to post from my paranormal vampire novel, On Reflection, and I found one describing one Nicolo’s earliest memories – seemed ideal for a man who lived a longer than normal life:

A tall, thin, callow boy ran along the wooden planking of the docks, the hunk of bread he’d stolen clasped tightly in his fist. Heart beating in his chest, partly from fear and partly from the exertion, Nicolo darted between a stack of crates, cargo waiting to be loaded on one of the docked ships, only to be shocked when he ran into someone.

Yelling out, half-expecting a blow, Nicolo attempted to twist past the man, but a large hand had grabbed at his tattered clothing and hung on.

“What have we here?” the man queried, pulling Nicolo back against him, one strong arm holding the boy tight against his sturdy body.

“Let go!” Nicolo squirmed, but abruptly understood the man wasn’t going to let him loose. Afraid that the man would turn him over to the baker, who would at best beat him, at worst turn him over to the watch, Nicolo looked at up at the man holding him. “Please, please let me go. I mean no harm, I’m just hungry.” Nicolo used his large dark eyes as best as he could, letting his lip tremble a little, too, knowing it made him look helpless.

The man laughed heartily. “Oh, but you’re a smart rascal, too, aren’t you?” Still not letting him go, the man looked Nicolo over carefully, even turning him a little to push up his torn tunic and look at his back. “Avoided most of the bruises, I see. Smart and quick. The captain could make good use of you, I think,” he added thoughtfully.

Nicolo frowned, not understanding what the man was talking about, but afraid he might have run from the frying pan into the fire. “What do you want with me? Don’t hurt me, please. I won’t make any trouble.” Nicolo kept his voice low, not knowing why, but sensing he ought to be careful with this stranger.

“I’m not going to hurt you, boy. I’m offering you a chance to get off these streets, to do honest work. Sleep in a bed and have regular meals in return. You can earn a little payment, too, in time, when you can pull your own weight. Isn’t that better than thieving just to live, and risk ending up at the end of a rope or on the execution block for your pains?”

“Not my fault I have to steal,” Nicolo grumbled, not being taken in by the promised future. It was too much, too easy. “They threw me out when I got too big; they said I ate too much. I was only twelve. Is it my doing I’m big for my age, I ask you?”

“The foundling home?” There was sympathy in the stranger’s voice.

Nicolo looked up at the man again, searching his eyes, trying to decide what he really wanted. “Yes,” Nicolo answered. “They were always talking about how lucky I was to be looked after, how I was a fortunate child that the Divinity had saved. If I was so fortunate, why didn’t I have any parents? Why was I abandoned without even a name of my own? Found on Santa Nicholas Street, I was, so they call me Nicolo.” The memory still stung; it seemed to Nicolo that he was destined to be forever abandoned.

“Still, I’m pleased to meet you, Nicolo d’Volenzkya.” The man released Nicolo, holding his gaze as he continued, “My name is Phillipe Donato, and I am second mate on the clipper Oreole. Will you accept my offer; make a better way in this life?”

Nicolo looked at Phillipe, disbelief gnawing at him, even as hope grew in his heart. “You meant what you said? A place of my own to sleep, food to eat? For good, honest work?”

“Yes, I meant every word. Someone was kind to me once when I really needed it, and I swore to repay the favor one day.”

“And you—you don’t want—anything else from me? I…” Nicolo backed away a little. “Someone tried. I’m not that kind of…”

“No, Nicolo, I’m not that kind either,” Phillipe interrupted sharply. “You won’t be touched, I swear.” Phillipe actually smiled then. “Unless you earn the captain’s wrath, but that’s something we all risk. Come with me on board the ship. You will earn your keep, I assure you. The work is hard and you have much to learn, but one day you can proudly say that you are a sailor.”

“A sailor? I have dreamed of seeing other places. I saw pictures in a book once of far away lands. They are real? You have seen these places?” Nicolo asked excitedly.

Phillipe took hold of Nicolo’s arm, but gently, as he led the ragged boy out from among the crates and back onto the dock. Nicolo darted a look around, praying the baker was no longer looking for him.

“Oh, I’ve seen more places than you have ever heard of, boy,” Phillipe was saying. “The stories I could tell you.” He grinned then. “But Captain Costalla, he’s been to places you’ve never even dreamed of.”

Nicolo looked at the mate with fascination now. He’d heard all his life that Volenzkya was the center of the world, the capital city of a vast empire, but all he ever saw were the same dirty streets and the poor folk eking out a living in the shadow of the huge, grand buildings where people lived like lords. Places people like him couldn’t get near, let alone enter. The ‘world’ he heard talk of might just as well be across the wide blue sea that he could see from the top of the foundling home, for all the good it did him.

But still he could dream of something better, and he had long wished to escape the drudgery of his life for the adventure to be found on the large ships that swept in and out of the harbor day after day. It was one of the reasons he used the docks to hide out and make his base after he was thrown out of the foundling home. Hoping that, one day, he could leave on one of those ships and see the world beyond his tiny portion of it. Now, it looked as his long-held dream was about to become reality.

ON REFLECTION is available in eBook and Print from MLR Press – and all the other usual avenues:)

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June 18, 2013

5 star review for 794 A.D. in Lust In Time anthology!



I was very pleased to discover that MMGoodbook Reviews had given the Lust In Time anthology a 4.5 stars review – and my story, 794 A.D. 5 stars!

“I loved this story it was sexy and sweet. It shows that sometimes though love is hard it does overcome all obstacles. My heart went out to the two that they could never show their love publicly yet would always find a way. ”

To read the full review, and individually rated reviews for all the stories within the anthology, please visit

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April 10, 2013

5 star review for Lust In Time anthology!

Lust_in_Time_Cover200x300Great new review for the gay historical anthology, Lust In Time. Hearts on Fire Reviews gave it 5 stars!

“I hope readers will pick this up and read Lust In Time. It’s definitely a worthwhile read and my favorite anthology thus far.”

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April 5, 2013

Books for sale at only $0.99!

Just a reminder that I have a few short stories out there for only $0.99 which readers might like to check out:

Festivities – contemporary/Christmas: ARe Books    Smashwords

Home For Valentines – contemporary:

Treasured Possessions – contemporary:  ARe Books    Smashwords

Throw Me a Bone – contemporary:  ARe Books     Smashwords

More Than Sex – contemporary:  ARe Books     Smashwords

Conversations – contemporary:  ARe Books     Smashwords

Roll of the Dice – contemporary:  ARe Books     Smashwords

Tutelary – contemporary/fantasy:  ARe Books     Smashwords

The Wrong Path – fantasy:   ARe Books     Smashwords

The books are also available for purchase from Amazon Kindle, but Amazon has upped the price a little to around $1.25 – not my choice I assure you:)

For more information about my publications, please visit my website:

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March 15, 2013

Lust in Time anthology gets another wonderful review!

Lust_in_Time_Cover200x300Rob Rosen, the editor of the gay historical anthology, Lust In Time – in which I have a story called 794 A.D. – has just posted on Twitter about another review received from Book Reviews & Therapy for the anthology.

“Well. I’ve finished this anthology and I’m sad it’s over. I could have kept going. This is the best anthology I have ever read. It is well edited, in every sense of the word, the stories all well written. They may have been short but not one missed the mark.”

The reviewer commented on each story and then gave an overall comment which included the above quote:)

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March 14, 2013

First Reflection reviewed by Brief Encounters!

First_Reflection_200x300Brief Encounters Reviews has just posted a very well thoughtful review on my vampire novella:

“For those readers who like vampire novels this will be a good one to pick up. The setting may be a bit vague but Andreas is a strongly drawn and interesting character and I would recommend the story.”

To read the full review go here

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March 10, 2013

First Reflection now available on Kindle!

First_Reflection_200x300Yep, if you wanted to buy First Reflection but were waiting for it to be available to read on your Amazon Kindle, it’s now for sale!

Andreas is a wealthy young man, scion of a noble family, but frustrated by his father’s demands for more acceptable behavior. Out with his friends for a night on the town he is shocked when they are attacked by a vampire. His friends are killed, but he is taken by the vampire to become his new plaything. Forced to kill to survive, all Andreas wants now is revenge on the creature who turned him. Meeting up with another vampire, Valente, Andreas finds salvation of a kind, but is still haunted by his desire for revenge.

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