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May 13, 2013

Cover art for upcoming release, ANOTHER SECRET!



I was delighted when I received the cover art for ANOTHER SECRET, my gay dark fantasy novella to be released on June 23rd from Amber Quill Press. I think it fits the story perfectly, those eyes…

To give an idea of why I think the expression is perfect:

Leland is afraid to confess his secret to his best friend, Drew, but knows it isn’t something he can hide any longer. On his way to talk with Drew he is shocked to discover that Drew has a secret too, one Leland’s not sure how to deal with: Drew is a werewolf.

The book is also part of the Amber Allure Pax: I Know What You Did! All the books are released individually on the same day but there is a discount if you purchase all five:)

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December 21, 2012

Cover art for upcoming fantasy novella, Healing!


I’m very pleased with the cover art I just received for my fantasy novella, HEALING, which is due out from Amber Quill Press 0n January 13th!

(Draft) BLURB:

Two men, who were once best friends until they parted following a blazing row, meet up again by chance years later. Both men have experienced much during their years apart and life has tempered them.

Even though Tener is now a healer rather than the doctor he ought to have become, and Audin is an engineer working for an authoritarian government department, they discover they still have much in common. When Tener discovers Audin’s position has placed him at risk, they find themselves working together in the fight against a corrupt and increasingly dangerous government.

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November 28, 2011

Cover art for Cold Fear (OW#6)

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I finally received the cover art for COLD FEAR the sixth and final book in the Other Worlds series – it was getting close as the book is due to be released by Amber Allure on Sunday, 4th December!


On Alkya, a planet a long way from Earth, the Division of Investigation—Other Worlds—has set up a base where hundreds of personnel live and work. Among them are two men, Major Joshua Marsden and Lieutenant Matthew Ronson, who are part of one of the survey teams.

Dropping through the atmosphere to land on Theta for their latest survey, the ship is disabled by a strange energy force and crashes in an immense ice field. Matt awakens in the debris of the control room to find Josh and Dennis injured and the ship badly damaged.

Matt does what he can for his colleagues and attempts to repair the tear to the ship’s skin. But the men struggle to keep warm in the freezing temperatures, and when they discover their comm-unit isn’t working, it becomes a fight for their very survival…

July 24, 2011

Cover art for Stone by Stone!

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I wanted to share the cover art I have just received for my gay historical novel, Stone by Stone, which is to be released by Amber Quill Press at the end of August.

BLURB (un-edited version):   After a misspent youth, Brother Mark is a hard working Benedictine monk working as a stone mason at Tavistock Abbey. He finds himself irrevocably drawn to one of the men sent by King Henry to audit the monasteries prior to closure. Andrew Cheyne is fascinated by the handsome young man and breaks down the monk’s boundaries with an ease that neither expected.

When Andrew returns four years later to finally close the Abbey, each man must come to terms with their past to attempt to plan a future they can share – but fate plays a cruel trick on them. Or, as Mark wonders, is it God teaching him a lesson?

Attempting to forget Mark, Andrew commences a new life, but fate has more lessons in store for him yet.


April 4, 2011

New covers for Other World series!

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Here are the final covers from the Other Worlds series – Best Policy is the third book in the series, due to be released on 22nd May 2011 by Amber Quill Press.

Then towards the end of June, Amber Quill is going to release a Print compilation of the three stories, A Favor For A Friend, Lightning Strikes and Best Policy!

So exciting!


Gay erotic romance – love knows no boundaries

March 23, 2011

New cover for vampire book, On Reflection

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Here is the lovely new cover that has been created for my vampire novel, On Reflection. A revised version is to be released by MLR Press, probably sometime during May.

BLURB:   Nic Volenz is a nightwalker, an abomination in the eyes of the Temple who must drink blood to survive. It was never his choice to be such a creature, and now after two hundred years of painful existence, he wants only to end it all. He plans to return home, where it all began, and say goodbye to the few good memories he has left before greeting the sun.

His mind full of memories, some good, some bad, Nic retraces the steps his life took in the city of Volenzkya, reinforcing his desire to end it all — until he meets Maxim, a young man whose passion for life, and Nic, rekindles Nic’s need for a connection with all he thought he had lost.

I’ll post information about the release date when I know more.


February 5, 2011

New cover art!

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I just received the cover art for my first publication with Amber Allure, A Favor For A Friend. I’m very pleased with it.

The book, which is the first in the series, Other Worlds, isn’t due out for a while yet, but I wanted to share:)

Oh, and I just noticed I’m actually showing up on the Amber Allure Upcoming page. How exciting!


December 17, 2008

Cover art for ‘Conflict’

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I recently received the cover for my novel, ‘Conflict’, which is due for release in January.  ‘Conflict’ is the sequel to my historical novel, ‘Cane’, and follows the three central characters from Cane into the American Civil War and I couldn’t be more pleased with the illustration done by Alessia Brio!


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