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June 18, 2012

More wonderful reviews for The Tomcat Line Series!

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I was delighted to learn of two more wonderful reviews from Two Lips Reviews for my Tomcat Line books, this time for books 4 and 5 of the series
The Kiva – 4 stars:
It’s a very personal and interesting twist to add to this series at this point. I usually like lighter hearted books but if you don’t mind a trip to the darker side of love, you will love this book. While it’s not my favorite, this book does show me how strong Ian’s characters is and how much he loves Mac.

Sacrifices – 4 stars:

It’s full of adventure, history and an amazing love story. Ian and Mac are still very much in love and find themselves involved in yet another adventure. They are the “Indiana Jones” of their time and they love it. They both thrive on the thrill and discoveries they are making. Of course the question is, have they gotten in over their heads this time?

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June 2, 2012

Wonderful reviews for The Tomcat Line series!

I received notification that Two Lips Reviews had reviewed the first three novellas of my series, The Tomcat Line, and I was delighted to discover how much the reviewer had enjoyed them:


The Hitch-hiker – 5 stars!

“I liked the mix of mystery, adventure, and romance this book had to offer. With Ian’s ability to find trouble, Mac is going to have his hands full with his new lover and the many adventures they will end up taking together.” –



The Lost Temple – 4 stars!

“Both of these men are so in love with each other, it’s a pleasure to catch up with them on their new adventure and see how they are currently doing.”



West of El Pilar – 4 stars!

“A great addition to The Tomcat Line series. If you like Indiana Jones you will love this series–it is Indie with a twist.”



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December 29, 2011


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 It was lovely to discover that Literary Nymphs has reviewed my festive story, First Christmas (part of the Tomcat Line series), and has given it 4 Nymphs.

“…story illustrating how even the simplest plans can change, adjustments are made and true happiness is sharing life’s ups and downs with your loved ones. ”







November 18, 2011

Delightful review for MORE THAN CHAINS TO BIND!

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I was delighted to receive a really wonderful review from MM Good Books for my Fantasy novel, MORE THAN CHAINS TO BIND.

Pixie said:

“This book has an incredible strong story-line and plot, its characters are good and the world building and descriptions are great.  I really enjoyed this story because even though there are flashes of intense longing and passion there is a lot of focus on the story-line so it’s the story that counts and not the sex. But speaking of sex… oh yeah, it’s hot!”

Go here to read the full review



October 27, 2011

Wonderful review for AND THIS MAN IS MY LOVER? (OW#5)

I was delighted to receive a wonderful review for my recent release, And This Man Is My Lover?, the latest novella in the Other Worlds series.

The Romance Studio said:

I thoroughly enjoyed this one from start to finish. The pacing was right on target with the suspense. The author writes two very distinct voices describing Bart’s harrowing situation. Bart’s voice is one of despair, pain and hope while Jake’s voice echoes his with those same feelings each underlined with the strong love they feel for each other.

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October 14, 2011

First review for An Enigma (OW#4)

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Received a very nice Review today from Brief Encounters Reviews  An Enigma, the fourth story in my SF series, Other Worlds.

“Overall, these characters are sweet and likeable. The romance between them is still quite new and I liked how this story was used to consolidate some of the feelings that the pair have been holding back. The sex scene at the end was sweetly tender as well as being hot and I finished the book feeling happy for these guys and their HEA.”

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October 8, 2011

Great Review for Stone by Stone!

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I was delighted to discover that my Tudor set historical novel, Stone by Stone, has received a lovely review from Top2Bottom Reviews.

“In Stone by Stone, Stevie Woods has created a novel that makes its characters suffer and work for their happy ending. It was impossible not to sympathize with Andrew and Mark’s struggle to carve some semblance of happiness from the obstacles that continually derailed them on their journey.

This is a story for the true romantic who believes falling in love and sharing a life with another is the greatest reformation of all.”

Go here to read the full review.


August 1, 2011

Wonderful review for A Favor For A Friend!

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I was delighted to discover I received a wonderful 5 Hearts review from The Romance Studio for the first story in my Other Worlds series, A Favor For a Friend:

” A Favor for a Friend is a sweet story about two friends who have been infatuated with each other for some time but haven’t had the courage to declare themselves. But when an accident happens, they wake up and realize the time they missed.”

To read the full review visit:

I also understand my book will appear in their 5 Heart Sweetheart vote this week – if you want to vote for my book, visit:


July 2, 2011

Review for Treasured Possessions

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  I discovered a very nice review for TREASURED POSSESSIONS, my contemporary short story, over at Brief Encounter Reviews:

“I did think that the fact that Eric had pulled away somewhat was realistic. When you first realize that you love someone you are sure doesn’t love you back,  your first instinct is probably to stay away, and therefore not give yourself away or just rub salt in your own wound. If you’re in the mood for something light and sweet, with a friends to lovers theme this is a good choice.”

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May 13, 2011

Review for Lightning Strikes!

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I was delighted to hear that my latest story in the Other Worlds series, Lightning Strikes, had been reviewed by Brief Encounters. If I understand their scoring system they have given the story 4 stars!

“The action scenes were well described, some of which had me on the edge of the seat. This contrasted nicely with the quieter scenes later in the book. The focus is on the injury and recovery of the men, and as such the romance isn’t to the forefront of the story. Instead it’s interwoven through the way the men interact and worry for each other.”

To read the full review visit:


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