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October 24, 2012

Drawing the Veil – 25% excerpt!

Today’s 25% excerpt comes from my historical story, DRAWING THE VEIL, which is the prequel to my popular book, Beyond the Veil. It shows us what happened to Malik to turn him into the pirate captain who eventually captured David. I should mention that this excerpt describes a particularly brutal incident during Malik’s time as a captive and is definitely an adult read.

Malik was expected to learn every aspect of being a sailor on this vessel and he didn’t have the slightest idea of how to do any of it. Even though he had grown up in a port, Malik had never been particularly interested in the sea, other than as a method of transport — as a passenger, not a crew member. The first mate, Nasir, had no interest in his past, and little in his present position as the captain’s ‘bed warmer’ as Nasir occasionally termed it. All he cared about was obeying his captain and turning Malik into a sailor.

Nasir worked him hard and Malik soon realized that he had led a life of luxury, something he had never really appreciated until he was forced into physical labour for which he was not prepared or fit enough. He had always considered himself in good physical condition but he soon reconsidered that opinion. The other pirates laughed at his sorry attempts to learn the many new skills he was expected to master, showing little sympathy for the blisters he developed on his hands or the numerous cuts and bruises; never mind that he pulled muscles he didn’t even know he had. Nasir, however, found no amusement in his incompetence and punished him regularly.

Between Nasir’s teaching methods and Shuaib’s hospitality Malik spent most of his days and nights hurting.

However, Malik was deeply grateful that the captain was not of a mind to share. That had been his abiding fear in the first few weeks: that Shuaib would tire of him and pass him to the crew.

Apparently, Malik was considered part of the captain’s share and belonged to no one but him. His disposition was solely the captain’s prerogative and Shuaib didn’t like to share.

Though he was expected to spend his daytime hours working under Nasir’s direction, on occasion Malik would receive a summons to attend the captain’s cabin. There was no particular pattern to the commands and, with a quick glance at Nasir so the mate was aware that he was leaving his duty, Malik had no choice but to obey. On rare occasions during the day, Shuaib would want Malik to service him using his hands or his mouth, but usually the captain would simply want Malik to run an errand for him, or to serve his food or clean up his cabin, though Malik was painfully aware of the man’s eyes following his every move.

However, no matter what his days entailed, Malik always had to return to the captain’s cabin every night where he was forced to submit to his captor’s sexual demands of one kind or another. Sometimes the man would be very rough and it was little more than brutal rape, other times he would be gentler, speaking to Malik as though he was his willing partner. Malik soon learned just to grit his teeth and bear whatever the man demanded; trying to resist only resulted in a beating before the man took his pleasure anyway. It was a rare night Malik would be allowed to sleep in peace.

At first he had clung to his dreams of Robert but during this relentless torture, his love for Robert eroded and was replaced by bitterness and twisted jealousy at his good fortune in escaping, even if it had only been to a watery death.

Sometimes, though, in the early hours when his fury gave way to despair and desire for it all to be over, he knew he was being unjust. He had seen Robert forcibly taken away by his protector, and Malik recognized that Aram had known he could not possibly reach Malik and that to stay would only have doomed them all. At those times, Malik could only wish that Robert was somewhere safe, and his ignorance of the fate of his erstwhile lover was yet another torture.

One night when Malik returned to the cabin, Shuaib was in a temper. The captain was a moody person at the best of times. Keeping out of his way, Malik got ready for bed and abruptly the captain left the cabin. Malik sighed in relief, thinking perhaps Shuaib wouldn’t return until the morning and he would have a night of peace. But, it wasn’t to be. Malik tossed back and forth on the bunk, totally unable to settle and he was afraid to think about why. That was when he felt the hand moving under the blanket, sliding along his flank and reaching over to caress his lower back. Malik had not even known the captain had returned and he suddenly felt very afraid.

Malik squirmed to try and turn over but the hand fell heavily on the rise of his ass, holding him steady as a rough voice ordered, “Stay still. I want you like this.”

Panic slid through Malik; he knew that tone of voice, that glint in the captain’s eye. It was more than simple anger; Shuaib was furious but it was with himself. Another of the captain’s vices was that he liked to play games of chance, though from comments Malik had overheard, Shuaib wasn’t a very good at it, and he hated to lose. Malik had seen him like this once before after he had gambled away a diamond pendant he’d taken from a female prisoner.

With a harsh laugh the captain pulled off the scratchy blanket that had slid half off the bed already, exposing the nude young man to his rapacious stare. Malik was forbidden to wear clothing to bed. “Never tire of looking at you boy, sight for my sore eyes you are. Right to keep you I was, knew it. Nothing better than something young and pliable to plough.” Captain Shuaib guffawed at his own crude words, adding, “and even better when they ain’t willing.”

Malik tried again to turn over, hoping to shove off the older man. He ought to have known better. He’d been at this monster’s mercy for months now and he’d never been able to escape the man’s basest desires. Shuaib growled at him and cuffed him hard across the side of the head and Malik groaned as he collapsed back on the bed, his head ringing from the blow.

“Any more of that and I’ll tie you down again,” the captain roared. Then he gave an unholy smile and added, “I might do that anyway, not in the mood to fight you tonight.” Shuaib quickly shrugged out of his clothing dropping it onto the floor where he stood.

“Please, don’t…”

“Please don’t what? You whore! Not learned yet that’s all you are, all you’ll ever be? My whore, whenever, wherever I want you. However I want you.”

Shuaib laughed again as he lay over Malik’s bruised body. As silent tears slid down his cheeks, all Malik could think of was that he knew the true meaning of slavery. He was nothing, just a vessel for this man’s pleasure.

“You’re mine, boy, and the sooner you learn your place the better,” Shuaib said, slapping his face. “I’ve been far too easy on you. I’ll show you that you’re mine!” he snarled, shoving Malik’s legs as wide as possible.

Shuaib took him so brutally that night that he could hardly walk the next morning and that day was pure torture for him. Nasir did not let up on him because of his pain. The mate seemed to keep an even closer eye on Malik, watching like a hawk as he struggled to carry out each duty assigned to him. Malik was so low in spirits he seriously considered throwing himself overboard, but in the end his stubbornness won out; he would not let the bastards know they had defeated him.

But still, eventually he learned all his lessons. The sum of which was that anyone could be terrorised into obedience. He learned that very well.

It was a hard lesson but he knew the only chance he had to survive the life he’d been forced to endure was to become as brutal as they were. It took him a long time but he learned to be a good sailor — and eventually a good slaver.

<end excerpt>

If you found this interesting and want to read the rest of the story, you can purchase the book here

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