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February 1, 2015

Short stories for only $0.99!

Just a reminder that I have a few short stories for sale through Amazon for only $0.99 which readers might like to check out:
Festivities – contemporary/Christmas/gay fiction

Home For Valentines – contemporary/gay fiction:

Treasured Possessions – contemporary/gay fiction:

Throw Me a Bone – contemporary/gay fiction

More Than Sex – contemporary/gay fiction

Conversations – contemporary/gay fiction

Roll of the Dice – contemporary/gay fiction

Tutelary – contemporary/fantasy/gay fiction

The Wrong Path – fantasy/gay fiction

First Christmas – contemporary/gay fiction

For more information about my publications, please visit my website:

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March 9, 2014

Apology for lapse in blogging – Brand new excerpt!

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quill2It was something of a shock to realize that it’s been four weeks since I last posted on my blog! I never was one of those folk who blogged regularly but these last few months posting on my blog has become absurdly random. I would like to be able to post something new and exciting but at the moment I don’t have anything suitable. Instead I thought I’d give you an excerpt from something I wrote a while ago but never quite finished: it’s part of a sequel to my historical novella, Smoke Screen, and I never even got as far as deciding on a title, though one idea I quite liked was…

Smoke Screen - Stevie Woods2x3Drifting Smoke

Richard’s lip curled with distaste.  “I was the one robbed, expected to pay for your paramour to live in luxury.  Your brother lived off me for over a year, be grateful I did not demand the money back.  He would be in debtor’s prison instead of using some other unsuspecting husband to pay his way.”

“That is a lie!  You know Peter is not like that.”  Katerina stopped, taking deep breaths to calm herself.  “He loved me, he still does, wherever he is now.” 

Listening to the exchange, Julian wondered if Katerina really knew exactly where Peter was.  After their confrontation last year, when Katerina threatened to expose Julian’s burgeoning relationship with Richard and her husband challenged her liaison with her so-called brother, Peter had retreated with much less fuss and recrimination than either man had expected. 

Katerina too, after her first outburst, had accepted Richard’s conditions much more easily than he believed possible.  The fact that Richard and his wife each had something to hold over the other in the censorious society of London’s upper echelon, made each dangerous to the other and Julian had been on the lookout from some further threat or retaliation from Katerina, but it had never materialized.  And the quiet acquiescence of her Russian lover, Peter, in quitting the house that Richard had provided had been unforeseen.   Richard admitted to Julian later that he had been prepared to resort to bargaining to protect their deadly secret.  The only explanation they could think of was that it was more important to Katerina to keep the lifestyle she craved, even at the cost of her lover it appeared. 

No, Julian would not have been surprised if Katerina knew exactly where Peter was.

Mirroring Julian’s thoughts, Richard barked a laugh, “I am supposed to believe you don’t know where he is?  Come, Katerina, I know you better than that.  I wish I didn’t believe how duplicitous you are but…”

“Me?” she interrupted, incredulous.  “You say that to me with your lover in the room with us – your… what is the word?”

Richard stepped closer to his wife.  “I will not allow you to insult Julian.  I have made it clear before, your disagreement is with me.  Julian does not concern you.”

“I wish that were the case,” she said quietly, staring at Julian directly for the first time.  The look in her eyes did not equate to the tone of her voice and Julian felt distinctly uncomfortable.

“Oh, please,” Richard declared.  “Don’t pretend to be the injured party here, you are not.  You married me because you recognised I could introduce you into the type of society you craved, while at the same time using my funds to keep your lover in the lap of luxury.  Our marriage was never more than a sham.”

“And it meant more to you?  You used me as much for…for scenery as I did.  A way to hide your real proclivities as a Sodomite!”

Richard strode across the room to open the library door.  In an icy voice, he announced, “I will leave for the country tomorrow, Katerina.  I am sure you will enjoy yourself sampling the best that London society can offer while I am away.”

Head high and back straight, Katerina swept past him and out into the hallway without another word.

“Well that was unpleasant,” Richard said, leaning against the library door, ensuring it stayed closed.  “Come, take the sour taste from my mouth,” he added, a hand held out to Julian.

“Chard,” Julian muttered, shaking his head, but still moving towards him.  Richard gathered him in his strong arms, held him close as he searched out Julian’s oh-so-willing mouth.  The kiss was both tender and demanding as Julian opened up to let Richard plunder his mouth, both men sighing at the contact.

If you want to check out Smoke Screen, go here:  Amazon   ARe Books  Smashword

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January 2, 2013

Cut & Thrust 25% Excerpt!

The first 25% excerpt for 2013 is from my historical short story, Cut & Thrust, which is set in France during the era of the Musketeers.

Cut&Thrust2x3The sound of horse’s hooves clopping, and muttered curses roused Dacian from his musings and he saw Gerard fighting to bring the animal under control, the steed’s great black front legs pawing the air as Gerard struggled to steady it. The captain strived to keep the smile from his face. He had specifically chosen Démon; the animal was notoriously difficult to control.

Quickly mounting his own steed, Dacian shouted to Gerard, “Come on! Use your knees, get a move on.”

Riding through the gates Dacian listened for Gerard behind him. He heard the thud of the animal’s hooves hitting the earth accompanied by curses and entreaties. Sure enough the clip-clop swiftly followed – and swiftly passed, as Démon’s walk became a trot. It was obvious Gerard was struggling to hold the horse back from galloping away with him.

Dacian encouraged his mount into a trot to stay in view and see how Gerard handled the excitable animal. He watched as Gerard patiently used his hands, knees and feet to gradually pull the animal back to a steady trot. Slowly, Gerard leaned forward to rub between Démon’s ears and down his nose, talking to the horse quietly. Damn, but those hands were so graceful, gentle and soothing.

Drawing alongside, Dacian said, “Good. You succeeded quicker than most. Let’s see how you do at full stretch. Follow me!” And without further delay, Dacian dug his heels into his horse’s flanks and took off at a gallop.

“Wait!” Gerard called.

Dacian looked back over his shoulder to see his companion’s face screwing up in frustration at being caught out. However, Gerard swiftly enticed Démon into a run and soon enough Gerard appeared in full control of the feisty mount, smiling now in exhilaration as he gradually closed the gap.

Sucking in his breath at the enticing sight, Dacian determinedly turned his mount, heading through some trees, knowing that a short way beyond them was a low wall, and beyond that, a fast flowing stream. He wanted to see how his student handled those. Démon’s hooves thundered as he ate up the ground behind him and Dacian urged his own horse on faster, ensuring he’d take the wall well clear of the other man. Once over, he quickly moved his animal aside, leaving Gerard a clear field.

It was a good thing Dacian moved as quickly as he did because he’d only just gotten clear when Gerard brought Démon sailing over the low wall, the young man lying low over the great horse’s neck. Dacian looked on in admiration as Gerard landed, eyes shining with delight. Knowing all too well that he shouldn’t be entertaining such thoughts, Dacian shook his head at his own inappropriate musings. Dragging his attention back to de Leison’s training, de Creil watched as Gerard encouraged Démon up the slight incline onto level ground. Dacian followed with his mind still in something of a whirl. Abruptly, he heard an exclamation, a horse whinnying and Dacian topped the rise just in time to see Gerard fly over his mount’s head.

Damnation! Dacian hadn’t realized how high the water was in the stream, there must have been more rain than usual in the mountains that fed it.

<end excerpt>

If you wish to read the rest of the story it can be purchased from the following sources:

Amazon Kindle     All Romance eBooks     Smashwords


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August 20, 2012

Re-release of contemporary short, Treasured Possessions!

I’ve just arranged the re-release of my short contemporary story, Treasured Possessions, which can be purchased for just $0.99 from:  All Romance Ebooks    Amazon Kindle  and Smashwords


Trevor is shocked to find that there has been a break-in at his apartment. Some valuables are missing, but even more devastating for Trevor is items of little monetary value but which mean the world to Trevor have been damaged. Trevor finds it hard to cope with what has happened and if it wasn’t for the support of his friend, Eric, he doesn’t know what he would do. Thanks to the break-in, and Eric, Trevor learns which of his possessions he truly treasures.


Trevor didn’t think he’d ever be able to move. If he moved he would somehow give credence to the scene before him. If he could stand still, stop the next second from happening, it wouldn’t be real. His books wouldn’t be scattered like so many dry leaves around the room, some torn and split with twisted spines and pages fluttering by the inexorable passage of time. The long treasured pair of photographs of his parents wouldn’t be ripped in two, lying among broken fragments of glass and wood, intermingling with the torn scraps of more recent photographs of his close friends, the nearest thing to a family he had left.

He looked in disgust at the broken pieces of centuries old pottery, not particularly valuable except as links to memories of the good times in his life. Why had the thief had to destroy what they didn’t want to take?

Suddenly he was moving, running, heart pounding in his chest.

“Trevor, Trevor what is it?” Eric’s voice followed him, but he could not speak.

He rushed into his bedroom and made straight for his bedside table. It wasn’t there. He looked, really looked for the first time at the bedroom. His clothes were strewn everywhere, some slashed or ripped. All the drawers were pulled open and the contents were disturbed and stuff had been yanked out and dumped. His closet door was wide open and his clothes either shoved to one side or piled on the floor among his shoes and other clutter. The shelf above had been cleared and open boxes, files and bags were strewn over the bed and floor. Again there were books and a few small artifacts that he’d used as ornamentation strewn haphazardly among the debris.

Trevor still couldn’t see what he was really looking for. Desperation was stealing his common sense and he couldn’t think properly. He spun round and groaned in frustration.

January 22, 2012

Re-released contemporary short, Throw Me A Bone!

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I’ve just re-released my contemporary short story, Throw Me A Bone.

BLURB:  Malcolm is shocked and hurt when he realizes Guy is seeing another man. He believed they were happy and he was waiting, not always patiently, for the time they could move in together. Guy has no idea that Malcolm knows about the other man and Malcolm is trying to decide what he should do. He dreads giving up the man he loves, but doesn’t believe he can possibly share him with someone else.

Then Guy changes their plans at the last minute and invites Malcolm to his place for dinner, informing Malcolm he has something to tell him.

Available from these sources:

Amazon Kindle     All Romance Ebooks    Smashwords     1Place For Romance

Here’s a short EXCERPT:

Malcolm watched as Guy walked away, whistling cheerfully as he did so, hands casually in his pockets as if he didn’t have a care in the world. Perhaps as far as Guy was concerned he didn’t, but Malcolm wondered how that could be when Guy was keeping secrets from the man he claimed to love.

Only last night, Guy had held Malcolm in his arms and declared how very much he was loved, how Malcolm was Guy’s whole world. Malcolm had so wanted to believe Guy; he needed to believe the man that he loved with all his heart and soul. Much to his great sorrow and abiding despair, he couldn’t. So Malcolm pasted a smile on his lips and tasted ash as he told Guy that he loved Guy, too and that he always would. That he had never loved anyone as he loved Guy. True words; words that should be joyously spoken, not given in despair and thrown away on stony ground to lie untended and uncared for.

For once not reading Malcolm properly, not seeing his lover’s hidden pain, Guy had merely smiled his pleasure and kissed and caressed Malcolm. Malcolm allowed the intimacy with a passion borne of pain and not joy.

Guy had slept peacefully afterward, arms wrapped around Malcolm, his head resting on Malcolm’s chest. Malcolm, however, was unable to settle and lay awake watching Guy sleep, wondering how Guy could sleep the sleep of the innocent when Malcolm knew his lover was guilty of deception.

Malcolm couldn’t understand what had gone wrong, what had caused Guy to need the love of another. Guy had seemed so content, so happy in his relationship with Malcolm. Malcolm’s mind drifted back to the day when he thought all his dreams had come true…


January 20, 2012

New Contract with MLR Press!

Just a head’s up that I have just signed a Contract with MLR Press for a short story as part of their Valentine’s Day releases. The story is called HOME FOR VALENTINE’S and is a sequel to the novella EXCHANGE OF GIFTS, which was a Christmas story released in 2010. I’ll post more information when it’s available.

November 2, 2011

Short story, MORE THAN SEX, for only $0.99!

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I am pleased to announce that I have self-published another of my short stories – MORE THAN SEX – a contemporary friends to lovers tale.

It is available for only $0.99 from ARe Books, 1Place for Romance, and Smashwords:


When Richard met Phillip, he found someone who did everything humanly possible to make his life better. The problem was, the longer they were friends, the better a person Phillip proved to be and, in the end, the worse Richard treated him; anything to avoid confessing the truth. If Phillip weren’t so good and decent, maybe Richard could be worthy of his kindness. If Richard could just be honest about his feelings, he’d be worthy of so much more.


Philip watched from his window as Richard’s car went by yet again. Twice tonight, surely that had to mean something. They had both been extremely busy on different projects for a while, but that didn’t usually stop Richard from dropping in for a chat whenever he could grab a minute. Yet Richard had been conspicuous by his absence from Philip’s office during most of the last week.

Philip sipped his wine, wondering if Richard had decided to take the bull by the horns and face him at last. He was sick of putting up with Richard’s crap. Not that he didn’t understand — he probably understood better than Richard did. So much so that he had been seriously debating cornering Richard and challenging the man. Philip had only allowed Richard to go as far as he had because he knew how hard it was for Richard to accept what was happening. Knowing that feelings weren’t something Richard handled easily at the best of times, Philip knew that coming to terms with this would be even harder. But it had been months now, and Philip wasn’t prepared to accept it much longer. If Richard didn’t say something soon, then Philip would. The only other option would be for one of them to move on, and Philip couldn’t accept that.

Ooh, interesting. He’s parking. Philip moved back slightly from his window so as not to be seen from the street. If Richard had finally — finally — made up his mind, Philip was not about to spoil things. He smiled and then he drained his glass.


October 1, 2010

I’m a finalist in ARe’s Just One Bite Contest!

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All Romance eBooks are holding a Contest during the month of October.  The Just One Bite Contest involves short stories of paranormal romance with voting to take place during the month until the winner is revealed. All the stories will be released by All Romance and OmniLit on 1st October and the Contest will be decided over five rounds of voting. You have to be logged in to vote, but if you are not already registered it’s easy and it’s free!

My story is called THE HUNTER AND THE HUNTED and is, of course, a gay romance – though perhaps a little darker than some of my other short stories.

For full details visit the Contest page at:

Go – take a bite – and hopefully you will choose to vote for my story!


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