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June 17, 2015

50% off historical novel: Stone by Stone!

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My publisher, Amber Quill Press, is having a 50% sale off all gay historical ebooks, which includes my Tudor set novel, Stone by Stone. The sale starts today and lasts until Friday, 19th June, and you can get my book for only $3.50 instead of the usual price of $7.00.

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February 15, 2014

New excerpt from gay historical novel, Stone by Stone!

I thought it was about time I posted another excerpt from my Tudor historical novel, STONE BY STONE – a story about a monk and the man sent by Henry VIII to close his monastery:

StoneByStone_medWhen they had left the refectory and were out of earshot of the other monks and the servants, Andrew asked, “Do you really want to show me the books?”

Mark looked over his shoulder, smiled and answered, “Among other things. There are some remarkable books in the abbey library, Master Cheyne.”

“Won’t you please call me Andrew?”

Mark inclined his head. “I would be honoured.”

“So I will see these remarkable books and some of your handiwork?”


Andrew sighed. He ought to have known he was reading more into Brother Mark’s interest than was reasonable.

Andrew realized his sigh had been louder than he thought when Mark slowed and turned to him. “You do not wish to visit the library?”

“Yes, of course. I would very much like to see the books and I’m very interested in what you are working on.” Andrew smiled and was unaccountably relieved when Mark smiled back.

It was only a minute or so later when Mark halted at a pair of heavy wooden doors. Grasping the handles, he pushed them open. A dim flickering light, which Andrew realized came from a tall, lit candle in a wall sconce, greeted them. Mark picked it up, lit a branch of candles from it and then led the way inside. Andrew was aware the abbey library had some old rare books and they also had some very new ones. Tavistock Abbey was one of the very first places in England to have a printing press and some of the newly produced bibles in English were being created here.

Like most everyone else, Andrew was very impressed with the idea of books being printed. It was remarkable how swiftly a new book could be ready when compared to the old method whereby each book had needed to be laboriously copied out by hand. However, neither could he deny the beautiful work produced by generations of monks. Andrew had a love of such things—he was proud to have collected a small number of books himself—and it was very hard to think many of the books he admired for their aesthetic beauty would have to be destroyed because of their religious content. He knew he would have to steel himself to such things, however, because he did truly believe that the Catholic bible in Latin was anathema and the people would be better served with an honest, open bible in English.

Brother Mark led the way through the shadowy passageways towards the large windows in the opposite wall. They passed many shelves of books of all shapes and sizes, some so large it was difficult to believe a man could lift them, let alone be able to read them. The room was redolent with the smell of leather and parchment. As they moved deeper inside, Andrew saw different shaped shelves with narrower, deeper openings and he realized they were filled with scrolls, some of which were very ancient and obviously made of parchment, though there were also some examples on paper, which had been produced during the last couple of centuries.

Brother Mark had obviously followed his gaze. “They are remarkable, aren’t they? Our librarian is very proud of the collection.”

Andrew met his gaze. “They will have to be inspected. Sir Richard needs a complete record of everything here.”

Mark nodded. “I know, and I fear what may happen in the future,” he said sadly. “I try to cling to the belief God has purpose in everything he does, but this is difficult.”

For the first time, Andrew wished he didn’t have to be part of this. Part of destroying this man’s private little world—until his own thoughts registered and he acknowledged it was exactly this kind of existence that was at the heart of the problem. These men, and many hundreds like them, existed apart from the reality of life. Supported and served by those whose lives were much more difficult and all too real. Brother Mark may be an honest, sincere monk, but Andrew knew there were many others who lived a life of luxury with no regard for their fellow men. Where was their God in that?

“What did you want to show me, Mark?” Andrew asked, aware his tone of voice was much different from earlier, hard and cold.

Mark glanced at him, a slight frown marring his features. “Why are you angry with me, Andrew? Have I offended you? Please, I had no intent.”

Andrew sighed. “I’m not angry with you, Mark. I allowed myself to forget, for a short time, that we are on opposing sides. I should not have done so. It does neither of us any good.”

“Andrew,” Mark said, his tone soft, beguiling, “we have differing points of view on more than one subject, but surely it doesn’t have to make us enemies. I have already seen you have a taste for the aesthetic, as do I. I did not mistake your pleasure at the stonework or your interest in these books. That is at least two points of view we share. Can we not just share the similarities and try to forget our differences?” Mark stepped closer. “I felt an affinity with you when we met. This is rare for me, and I don’t wish to lose it if I can help it. Will you allow me to be your friend, Andrew?”

Andrew stared at this man, who he now acknowledged could so easily mean more to him than Mark could possibly know, or accept if he did know. Mark might be talking about friendship, but Andrew’s reaction was much more personal, as his stiffening cock could attest. But like Mark, it was rare for Andrew to feel such an acceptance of another being with such speed or ease. He knew he likely wanted more than was possible, but he was willing to take whatever he could have. He could take himself to task later.

“Yes, Mark,” Andrew said. “I would like that.”

end of excerpt

Available in Ebook and Print from Amber Quill Press:

Also from Amazon and all good booksellers

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January 15, 2013

Interview on Dawn’s Reading Nook!

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Pop over to Dawn’s blog and have a look at my interview. I hope readers find it informative:)

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September 16, 2012

25% Excerpt: m/m historical, Stone by Stone

Here’s another of my twice weekly 25% excerpts, which as the title suggests begin a quarter of the way into a book. Last Sunday I posted an excerpt from my first published short story, this week it’s from my last novel to be released, the Tudor historical, Stone by Stone – and by chance this excerpt includes an erotic interlude:)

Mark paced the rear of the library, waiting for Andrew to appear. Mark had been feeling confused since he had sent Andrew away from the workshop earlier in the day. Andrew’s determination to kiss him, against Mark’s wishes had been both disturbing—and exciting—and Mark wasn’t quite sure how he felt about it.

Andrew’s behaviour in the refectory a short time ago hadn’t made Mark feel any better. Mark enjoyed the occasions he had been able to sit beside the man, conversing with him about ordinary everyday subjects. They were unable to indulge in their sensual sparring in such a public place, of course, and, though Mark enjoyed that, he also liked the more relaxed atmosphere at mealtimes. Today, for the first time, Andrew had chosen a seat on the other side of the table rather than sit next to Mark.

Mark didn’t know whether Andrew was angry with him. When they’d parted, Andrew had been apologetic and it didn’t make sense he would now be angry, but neither did it make sense to Mark that Andrew would avoid him. Then Andrew had smiled, briefly, but the smile was directed at Mark and, even though he was confused, Mark chose to take it as a good sign.

Yet he had been waiting in the library now for fifteen minutes and had begun to think Andrew wasn’t going to turn up after all. Perhaps he had been scared off by what Mark had said to him in the workshop earlier and that was why he hadn’t taken his usual place at table and why he wasn’t keeping their appointment. Reluctantly, Mark decided he had been a fool; he should have kissed Andrew when he had the chance. He knew the man would be leaving soon. After all, how long would it take for the commissioner to complete his investigation?

Sighing, Mark slowly began to walk towards the entrance. He hadn’t gone very far when he saw Andrew hurrying down the narrow passageway toward him.

“I’m sorry I’m late,” Andrew said as soon as he saw Mark.

“I thought you weren’t coming. I was leaving.”

“I was on the way here when the prior stopped me. The first time he has really spoken to me except in Sir Richard’s presence since I arrived and he chooses now to do it,” Andrew grumbled.

“What did he want?” Mark asked, as he retraced his path to the rear of the library.

“You needn’t be concerned,” Andrew reassured him. “He wanted to know how much longer Sir Richard’s study would take.”

“I was wondering that myself.” Mark hesitated and then decided he should be honest. “When I thought you weren’t coming, I wished I had kissed you earlier. I was angry at myself for—”

“No. You were right. It was too risky. I had no right to try to force you. We should also be careful here in case Brother Aloysius takes it on himself to visit again.” Andrew sighed. “You’re also right, of course, that I won’t be here for much longer. I imagine Sir Richard will have all the information he needs by tomorrow evening.”

“Do not concern yourself over Brother Aloysius appearing tonight. He was not very well today and visited the infirmarian, who told him to rest,” Mark said, and Andrew heaved a sigh of relief. “So you will be leaving the day after tomorrow?”

“Most likely.” Andrew took a deep breath. “Mark, I understand if that’s not enough for you. If—”

“I wish it could be for longer,” Mark interrupted, “but I’m not going to let this pass. I admit I don’t entirely understand my own reaction, what it is about you…but I’m drawn to you, Andrew, and it feels so good.”

Andrew stepped closer. “Can I kiss you now?”

“Oh, yes, please.”

The kiss began gently enough, but soon Andrew was thrusting his tongue deeply inside Mark’s mouth, tasting every surface. Mark responded passionately. Andrew pressed closer, and Mark couldn’t help but feel just how much Andrew wanted this, too.

A need for air broke them apart and Andrew leaned in to rest his forehead against Mark’s. “I wish there was somewhere else we could be together. There are certain things I would like to try with you, Mark, but I don’t think most of them are very comfortable without a cot, or at least a blanket.”

Mark smiled. “I know, but it has to be here and it would be rather suspicious to bring even a blanket into the library.” Andrew sighed dramatically, making Mark grin. “But, when I was a rather wild youth, a certain friend and I managed to enjoy each other in some rather inventive ways.”

“Oh, yes?”

“I was amazed at what we could do as long as we had something solid behind our backs. Or if you need to be horizontal, we could make quite a comfortable bed out of our clothing.”

Andrew’s fingers were weaving delicate, intoxicating patterns on Mark’s neck. “I suppose it depends on what you want to do against this wall or on this bed of robes,” Andrew said, his voice deeper.

Mark gasped as Andrew leaned in and kissed the spot he had been caressing on Mark’s neck.

“Anything,” Mark whispered, “anything you want.”

“You, Mark…I want you. Will you let me?”

“Yes, yes.” He knew he should feel it was wrong to even consider such a thing, but all he knew was his body was crying out for this man’s touch.

“Take this off,” Andrew said, brushing his hand down the front of Mark’s habit. “I’ve wondered for days what you wear underneath it. I didn’t think you were the kind of man to wear those underpants the order allows, but I wasn’t sure.”

Mark smiled but didn’t answer, at least not with words. He pulled his scapular over his head and laid it carefully over a stool by the table. Holding Andrew’s gaze, Mark began to unfasten his cincture, which he placed on top of his scapular.

“Are you staying fully clothed?”

Andrew grinned. “I was too involved watching you.” Andrew unfastened his jerkin, never taking his eyes off Mark.

Mark couldn’t help but return the grin, though he delayed removing any more clothes until Andrew had taken off some of his. After the jerkin, Andrew slipped his shirt off, and Mark stepped closer, gingerly reaching out to feel the warm skin that enticed him to touch. His fingers brushed the fine hair on Andrew’s chest and he circled each nipple carefully. Andrew shivered at the gentle caress.

“Don’t keep me waiting,” Andrew begged.

Mark stepped back, reached down and, grasping the hem of his tunic, he lifted it up and began to remove it. Andrew was watching, and Mark could almost feel his hunger. It was invigorating to be so desired. Mark had never sensed such feelings in a lover before. Mark dropped his tunic and before it hit the floor, Andrew had his hands on Mark’s chest, one hand just resting there over his heart, a heart beating faster by the second.

Their eyes met for a moment before Andrew slowly looked down Mark’s body, smiling as he did so at the lack of any underpants.

“I knew I was right,” Andrew murmured. “Oh, and look at that…you blush everywhere.”

Andrew leaned in and kissed Mark again.

Mark pressed himself closer, his hands plucking at Andrew’s nipples. Andrew gasped and broke the kiss. Mark frowned for a second, then he realized Andrew was removing the rest of his clothes.

“Look at you,” Mark said. “You are… I want to say beautiful but—”

“But what?” Andrew stepped closer again.

“I didn’t know how you…if you… After all, you’re not a woman.”

“So only women can be beautiful? I don’t think that’s true. There are many things I think of as being beautiful.” Andrew put his hands on Mark’s waist. “You, for example.” He pulled Mark flush against him and kissed him.

Mark could feel Andrew’s erection digging into his thigh and he squirmed, his own cock hard and jutting. Andrew broke the kiss, staring into Mark’s eyes as he slowly slid down his body to kneel at his feet. He dropped his eyes as he took hold of Mark’s cock, glanced up again as he wrapped his lips around the tip.

“Andrew,” Mark gasped, to cry out a second later when Andrew tongued his slit. Mark grabbed onto Andrew’s head and his left shoulder, his fingers digging in. It had been years since anyone had touched Mark in a sexual way, let alone in such a deeply intimate manner. Mark’s head was spinning and his heart was pounding. Then Andrew’s mouth opened wide and swallowed Mark whole until he felt himself hit the back of Andrew’s throat, and Mark shuddered. Andrew pulled back, sucking and licking as he did so, then he swallowed Mark again. Mark stuffed a hand into his mouth to stop his scream escaping.

Mark looked down, awed at the sight of his cock in Andrew’s mouth, his gaze fixed on Mark’s face. Mark reached down and brushed Andrew’s hair off his forehead, his fingers lingering on the warm skin.

“You really are beautiful,” Mark said.

Andrew pulled back and smiled, tightened his hold on Mark’s waist, and went down on him again. Andrew sucked and licked, his tongue dragging along the vein underneath Mark’s cock. Mark’s legs began to shake, and Andrew took his length all the way in until Mark’s cock hit the back of his throat again. Mark closed his eyes as he felt his orgasm rising within him and he tried to back away a little, but Andrew wouldn’t let him, holding Mark close as he climaxed, swallowing every drop Mark produced. Mark felt as if his legs wouldn’t hold him, but then he felt Andrew pull him down into his embrace.

<end excerpt>

For more information and to purchase the novel which is available in both ebook and print, visit:


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April 20, 2012

Wonderful review for Stone by Stone!

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I was delighted to discover a wonderful 4.5 hearts review from Hearts On Fire for my historical novel, Stone by Stone:

“I did like this book for many reasons. First, it is a historical romance that held true to the history behind the story. Second, the undying love that each man possessed for each other was an inspiring thing to behold. But even bigger and more on a personal note, the love between the two men is seen as a fault only by man, and not by God.”

To read the full review:

October 31, 2011

Wonderful review for Stone By Stone!

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I was delighted to receive a wonderful, thoughtful review for my Tudor historical novel, Stone By Stone, from MM Good Book Reviews:

This is exactly how I like my historical fiction served.  History and romance are woven together so tightly that you don’t realize just how much research and effort went into its creation. … I find I have a real appreciation for sexy monks, political intrigue and clandestine meetings.  If that sounds like your cup of tea…I highly recommend this book

To read the full review visit:



October 29, 2011

Join me for October Gay Day!

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Sunday, October 30th is Gay Day at my Yahoo Group.  Gay Day is the one day a month when the best authors in GLBT Romance stop by to post excerpts of their new and upcoming releases.

oct gay day 1.jpg

The following authors will be generously offering giveaways you can enter to win:

KC Burn – Cop Out

Pia Veleno – My Ghost

Clare London – London Eye

Josephine Myles – Barging In

Andrew Grey – Legal Artistry

Andrea Speed – The Little Death

Devon Rhodes – One More Wish

Jambrea Jo Jones – Rayne’s Wild Ride

Ally Blue – Love, Life, and Lemon Cookies

Z.A. Maxfield – St. Nacho’s 4: The Book of Daniel

Stevie Woods – And This Man Is My Lover? & Stone By Stone

Willa Okati – Between You & Me & Readers Choice from Back List

K.Z. Snow – The Zero Knot or Readers Choice from Back List

Elizabeth Noble – Together Bound & Marked Yours (As a set)

SJD Peterson – Quinn’s Need or Lorcan’s Desire

Kate McMurray – Across the East River Bridge

Jaime Samms – Ghosts And Lovers

Viki Lyn – The Tiger Within

Tara Lain – Golden Dancer

Oct gay day2.jpg


The amazing Authors below will be popping in and out to chat & post excerpts from their latest books:

oct gay day 3.jpg

Bryl R Tyne – Divinity

Nix Winter – Loving Robin

Viki Lyn – The Hunter Within

Lily Sawyer – Somebody To Love

Simone Anderson – To Love Again

Charlie Cochrane – Music in the Midst of Desolation

Andrea Speed – Pretty Monsters (Josh of the Damned, #1)

oct gay day 4.jpg


The day will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST in the Ethan Day Yahoo Group where we’ll be posting excerpts, running contests for free books, and chatting about all the new and upcoming releases from your favorite authors.

October 18, 2011

My Amber Allure titles rebated on ARe Books!

That’s right, each of my Amber Allure titles available through All Romance Ebooks are offered at a 25% Rebate from now until the end of October!

So, if you want to read a gay historical novel set in Tudor England, you can purchase Stone by Stone for only $5.75.  Or a gay fantasy novel involving kidnapping and slavery interests you, have a look at More Than Chains To Bind for only $5.75.

Not forgetting, of course, the four releases in my SF series, Other Worlds: A Favor For a Friend and An Enigma for only $3.00 each, or Lightning Strikes, Best Policy for only $3.75 each!

Each of my book pages on the ARe website contains not only the blurb but a short excerpt. Enjoy!


October 8, 2011

Great Review for Stone by Stone!

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I was delighted to discover that my Tudor set historical novel, Stone by Stone, has received a lovely review from Top2Bottom Reviews.

“In Stone by Stone, Stevie Woods has created a novel that makes its characters suffer and work for their happy ending. It was impossible not to sympathize with Andrew and Mark’s struggle to carve some semblance of happiness from the obstacles that continually derailed them on their journey.

This is a story for the true romantic who believes falling in love and sharing a life with another is the greatest reformation of all.”

Go here to read the full review.


September 21, 2011

Stone By Stone now out in Print!

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I was delighted to learn today that the Print version of my historical novel, Stone by Stone, is at last available through  Amazon.


It is already available through Amber Quill in a variety of ebook versions and through Kindle.

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