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March 1, 2013

5 star review for Sacrifices & Interview with Top2Bottom Reviews!



I was spotlighted today on the Top2Bottom Review Site. I gave an interview and they reviewed one of my books.

Hopefully the interview will have revealed something interesting about me and the wonderful review will tempt readers to try Sacrifices, which is the fifth and, so far, the last book in my Tomcat Line Series!

You can read the interview here,  and the review here

For more information about the book, and the rest of the Tomcat Line series pop over to my page at MLR Press or to my website


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January 6, 2013

Sacrifices (Tomcat Line #5) 25% excerpt!

Today I’m posting an excerpt from the fifth and final book in contemporary adventure series,  The Tomcat Line, the novel SACRIFICES:

SacrificesCover200x300Leaving Grayson’s office, Brian walked along the corridor in the wing that housed the Archaeology department. He knew exactly where he wanted to go, having scoped out the building before arriving for his appointment. He knew there were two corridors intersecting at the other end of this long corridor, with stairs at both ends and a set of elevators at the intersection.

The area needed to be clear before Brian could slip into the hiding place he had chosen, but at the moment there were two students talking outside an office door and a young woman heading for the stairs at the end of the corridor. Brian slowed his pace as he approached the storeroom adjacent to the stairs and he knelt down on one knee as if tying a loose shoelace, twisting in such a way that he could see the only other occupants of the corridor standing a short distance from him. As he watched, one of the students glanced at his wrist, presumably checking the time, said something quickly to his friend and then hurried away, almost running by the time he reached the stairs. The remaining person opened the door and entered the office.

Brian took his opportunity and quickly stepped inside the storeroom, the lock of which he had picked earlier. As he expected, the room contained all the equipment required for cleaning the premises, or at least this floor. He had done a little checking and discovered that the cleaning staff didn’t start their night shift until eight.

Checking the time, Brian found it was a little before four-thirty; he guessed he would have to wait until six or maybe six-thirty to be sure that Grayson had left the office. Brian was certain Grayson would be gone by then; he was supposed to attend that charity function thing tonight if the news was anything to go on. He would have plenty of time to break into Grayson’s office and take the statue, as well as search his desk and files for the papers.

He glanced around for a way to make himself at least a little more comfortable during the couple of hours he had to kill. He found a sturdy bucket and turned it upside down, at least he would have somewhere to sit while he waited.


At six-fifteen, Mac pulled into the parking lot of the university. For once he wasn’t at the wheel of his SUV; he was driving his new black Cadillac XLR-V convertible, which he hoped Ian would appreciate when he actually saw it. It would be a lovely surprise. He pressed the switch that put the top up, locked it in position and he stretched his body, enjoying the feel of the comfortable seat and the more than ample leg room. Especially in the back, where there was plenty of space. Mac smiled as he let his imagination drift.

When Mac told Ian he’d ordered a new car, his lover had rolled his eyes and commented snidely, “Not another one. Don’t tell me? It’s black.” He’d grinned. Smiling at the memory, Mac wondered what his partner would say when he saw the all black interior too.

Mac got out of the vehicle but then opened the rear door and leaned inside, pulling out a zip-up suit carrier containing Ian’s tuxedo. He hadn’t been surprised to find a message waiting for him at his office when he pulled his rig back in around lunchtime. Neil had handed him the slip of paper with a grin after telling him it was from Ian. It was actually from Graham, informing him that even though he had reminded Ian the day before, he had still come into work that morning without the tux.

“Not changed much, has he?” Neil commented as Mac read the note. “Still in a world of his own when he’s stuck into his research.”

“Yep, but you’d think after all the trouble he’s gone to in arranging this shindig he would at least remember it!” Mac grumbled.

“You wouldn’t have him any other way.” Neil laughed, and Mac didn’t deny it.

Ian had come up with the idea about three months earlier, after grumbling about the lack of anywhere suitable in the Institute Museum to display all the pieces they had available to show the remarkable cultures of Mesoamerica. His area of expertise was rather out of the normal range of interests in the museum. He usually had to make special arrangements with Dean Tyler for a space to be provided for his displays, which occasionally included items sent to him by colleagues from around the world. The Dean was as accommodating as possible, but Mesoamerican studies was a very minor subject of study for the Institute. It could be very frustrating for Ian when he sometimes had to wait months rather than weeks for a room, or more often than not, a portion of a room to be available to house his displays. The last straw had been when he’d watched himself on the documentary he had filmed in the InstituteMuseum, strolling from one room to another to show one piece here and one layout there. It had all seemed so very scattered and very unsatisfying for Ian.

That was what had sparked the whole idea for a specific home for all the Mesoamerican artifacts that he had recovered and brought back to the university, together with other pieces donated to the museum because of Ian’s tenure there. After much thought and discussion, or perhaps it was better described as using Mac as a sounding board, Ian presented the idea of a permanent display of Mesoamerican artifacts and art, incorporating a lecture hall where he and any visiting guests could speak. Dean Tyler was in favor of the premise but had no funds for such a project and no way to gain any. There was too much demand on the Institute’s resources as it was, and therefore it was impossible to consider something so radical.

So Ian decided to set about getting the funding himself. Of course, Mac offered to help any way he could, which Ian accepted—providing he didn’t simply intend to dip into his rather deep pockets.

“But I want to help, Ian,” Mac said, frowning a little, hurt by Ian’s apparent instant dismissal of his offer.

“I know, and of course I will happily accept a contribution, a small one, Mac. This is not your responsibility, this is my wish, my…need. I want to do this, Mac. The idea may have finally coalesced but the desire has always been there. Of course, I would also be very happy if you could get some of your contacts to perhaps support the project?” Ian had grinned at Mac but for once Mac didn’t respond with one of his quick comebacks, looking very thoughtful instead.

“You could set up a foundation,” Mac suggested. “Try to raise funds to build an annex specifically to house your stuff.”

“Build an annex!” Ian exclaimed. That was so much more ambitious than he’d considered.

“Why not?” Mac smiled. “If you really want this, let’s go all out. I’ve got plenty of contacts in the business world, you’ve got plenty in academia and hell, even with the media. Come on, Ian let’s go for it.”

Ian grinned at his partner, suddenly excited at the prospect. “You’re right, Mac. I do want this. I’ll need help though, haven’t got the slightest idea how to go about setting up a foundation or raising funds.”

“I’ll help. What I don’t know I can find out.”

“I’ll accept all the help you can give me, Mac, except—”

“Except my money, I know, Ian. I’ll talk to Neil, he’ll know all the legal angles or know someone who does. I’ll spread the word among my contacts. You need to get your proposal publicized, that’s your first step.”

“I need to learn about fundraising too. Something that will grab the public’s interest.”

And Mac mused now, Ian had certainly done that. The archaeologist had given more interviews and more lectures in the last three months than he had in the last year, and the donations had started coming in. Mac had raised a lot of interest and a lot of promises from his contacts. Tonight’s concert would be the culmination of the effort, the first big public fundraiser. All the proceeds from the evening’s performance would go to the Grayson Foundation. Ian hadn’t been keen on naming the foundation after himself, but Mac had pointed out his name would be a draw in its own right and he would be a fool not to make use of his fame.

It occurred to Mac later that it might have been the publicity campaign for the annex that had spurred Guerrero to leave his bequest to Ian, as he also left a small sum of money to the Foundation, on the condition that when Ian felt the time was right at some point in the future, the statue should be put on display in pride of place.

<end excerpt>

If readers want to read the full story the novel can be purchased here


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June 18, 2012

More wonderful reviews for The Tomcat Line Series!

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I was delighted to learn of two more wonderful reviews from Two Lips Reviews for my Tomcat Line books, this time for books 4 and 5 of the series
The Kiva – 4 stars:
It’s a very personal and interesting twist to add to this series at this point. I usually like lighter hearted books but if you don’t mind a trip to the darker side of love, you will love this book. While it’s not my favorite, this book does show me how strong Ian’s characters is and how much he loves Mac.

Sacrifices – 4 stars:

It’s full of adventure, history and an amazing love story. Ian and Mac are still very much in love and find themselves involved in yet another adventure. They are the “Indiana Jones” of their time and they love it. They both thrive on the thrill and discoveries they are making. Of course the question is, have they gotten in over their heads this time?

For full detail of the books visit:

June 2, 2012

Wonderful reviews for The Tomcat Line series!

I received notification that Two Lips Reviews had reviewed the first three novellas of my series, The Tomcat Line, and I was delighted to discover how much the reviewer had enjoyed them:


The Hitch-hiker – 5 stars!

“I liked the mix of mystery, adventure, and romance this book had to offer. With Ian’s ability to find trouble, Mac is going to have his hands full with his new lover and the many adventures they will end up taking together.” –



The Lost Temple – 4 stars!

“Both of these men are so in love with each other, it’s a pleasure to catch up with them on their new adventure and see how they are currently doing.”



West of El Pilar – 4 stars!

“A great addition to The Tomcat Line series. If you like Indiana Jones you will love this series–it is Indie with a twist.”



For full detail of the books visit:

December 29, 2011


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 It was lovely to discover that Literary Nymphs has reviewed my festive story, First Christmas (part of the Tomcat Line series), and has given it 4 Nymphs.

“…story illustrating how even the simplest plans can change, adjustments are made and true happiness is sharing life’s ups and downs with your loved ones. ”







December 10, 2011

FIRST CHRISTMAS (#1.5 Tomcat Line) now for sale at ARe Books

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First Christmas


First Christmas

By: Stevie Woods | Other books by Stevie Woods
Published By: MLR Press, LLC
ISBN # 9781608205189

Word Count: 4000
Heat Index   

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Mobipocket (.prc), Epub

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Click here for the print version

About the book

Ian’s experiences with Christmas have never been particularly good and Mac wants their first Christmas together to be something special, a time Ian will always treasure. As ever, things don’t quite go according to plan.


An excerpt from the book

Chapter One

Ian was sitting cross legged on the bed, working on his laptop, when Mac walked in from the bathroom. He had a towel wrapped around his waist and was using another one to dry his hair. He gave his hair one last rub and threw the towel back into the bathroom, just missing the hamper.


“One of these days,” Ian said, “you’ll hit that thing.”

Mac shrugged but didn’t say anything. He began to get dressed. “You getting ready?” he asked a few minutes later.

“Ready?” Ian queried.

“Dinner.” Mac sighed. “With Neil and his wife, their anniversary, remember?”

“Is that tonight?”

“Lord, Ian, how could you forget? What’re you working on now?”

“Same as always. More clues to help me find the Ix-chel device.”

“I thought it might be something new to be so distracting. Come on, you’d better hurry.”

Thirty minutes later they were climbing into Mac’s car and heading across Chicago.

“Mac, how many years have they been married now?” Ian asked.

“Three. I know you’ve not known them long, but I thought-”

“Just wanted to make sure you knew,” Ian interrupted with a grin.

“Bastard!” Mac laughed.

“Nope. Parents are gone but I did have some.”

The passing comment had Mac thinking again about Ian’s background. Ian had no family left anymore with whom to celebrate the coming holiday. After his parents died, he had spent a few years being pushed from pillar to post by the system before he was finally taken in by his only living relative, his uncle Roger. Unfortunately, the old guy seemed more interested in training Ian to follow in his archaeological footsteps than being a father figure to a teenage boy. Not that Ian had objected; he’d been as fascinated by the subject as Roger. Still was, as Mac knew only too well. But Mac was pretty sure that holidays and celebrations had featured low on the importance scale in Ian’s small family.

Mac had never expected when he gave a lift to a stranded hitch-hiker than the man would become vital to his happiness. He and Ian might have only been together a little over four months, but, as far as Mac was concerned, Ian was now the most important part of his family. Okay, he didn’t have much of a family either. His parents were dead and the only relative left he liked, and had any contact with, was his Aunt Cecily, but she lived down in Florida now and he rarely saw her these days, though they did still write regularly. He smiled at the thought of the outspoken seventy year old lady who had always liked to shock her rather staid family. He decided he had to make an effort to go and visit her, and take Ian along. He was pretty sure they would get on famously. But not for Christmas; there wasn’t time to arrange that.

Christmas had never loomed particularly large in Mac’s life either, especially not since he left the service and worked hard to build up his business, but now he had someone special to share it with he wanted to enjoy it again.

Other than Ian, the people Mac considered as family where those of his choosing: his friends who helped him to run the Tomcat Line; Hank, Neil, and Leslie, and by association their respective families. Between them surely they could give Ian a Christmas to remember.

“You’re being unusually quiet,” Ian said. “What’s going on in that devious mind of yours?”

“You think I’m devious.”

“No, I don’t think it, I damn well know it.”

“Not on my own there, Professor.”

“Don’t think I didn’t notice how you avoided answering the question,” Ian commented.

Mac sighed. “It’s nothing serious, something I would prefer to discuss with you another time though.”

“Oh, now I’m curious- and not a little concerned.”

“No, there’s no reason at all to be concerned,” Mac reassured as they pulled into Neil’s driveway.

Ian pursed his lips but didn’t press further, though Mac expected a grilling when they got home later. He’d have to find a way to distract his lover until he’d time to make plans. Now how to distract Ian? Mac grinned as his mind provided him with various scenarios.

December 3, 2011

Early release of my Christmas story!

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MLR has released my Christmas story, FIRST CHRISTMAS, a little earlier than I expected. So you can enjoy a visit with Ian and Mac of The Tomcat Line Series right now!


Ian’s experiences with Christmas have never been particularly good and Mac wants their first Christmas together to be something special, a time Ian will always treasure. As ever, things don’t quite go according to plan.

April 23, 2011

Another review! This one for Sacrifices (Tomcat #5)

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It was a surprise to discover yet another review today, this time for Sacrifices, the final novel in my contemporary adventure series, The Tomcat Line. Lototy of Coffee Time Reviews really understood my characters:

“The relationship that flows between Mac and Ian is a wonderful example of what a partnership is meant to be. Mac is the grounding force in Ian’s life, and though at times it feels like Mac is just a sidekick to Ian’s adventures, you come to understand that it is Mac who makes everything happen for his partner. They give and take like any old married couple, and know when to pick their battles.”

To read the full review, visit:


April 18, 2011

Excellent Review for The Hitch-hiker (#1 Tomcat Line)

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I was delighted to discover this morning that The Reader’s Roundtable had posted a wonderful review of the first book in The Tomcat Line Series, The Hitch-hiker:

“Right from the beginning I found myself beguiled by the adventures of Ian and Mac and their attraction was the icing on the cake. Yummy, rich and decadent! Oh, and very, very tasty. These two together are dynamite. Even separately, they could be dangerous to the libido. But as a couple, watch out people!”

To read the full review, visit:


March 8, 2011

Free book in aid of Read an Ebook Week!

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Pop along to the MLR Press website where you can download a free pdf copy of The Hitch-hiker, the first book in The Tomcat Line series to help publicize Read an Ebook week (6th – 12th March 2011)


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