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January 17, 2014

Apologies for the absence!

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quill2I’m sorry I’ve been so remiss in not posting updates for some time. Suffice it to say that I had things going on in my personal life and my writing had to take a back seat for a while. I did manage to start writing again at the beginning of 2014, but that was under my other pen name with which I write mainstream fiction, though I admit I still had some difficulty working on that story, my feel for writing is still not quite right yet.

I do have a couple of gay fiction projects I’m committed to for later in the year and I’m pretty certain everything will be fine by then:)

When I’m feeling more like my old self I’ll have a go at writing some short pieces for the blog.

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May 10, 2008

Catching Up!

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Heck, it was something of a shock when I realised how long it had been since I wrote anything on here! I have been so involved with writing, editing, promoting and most recently redesigning my website that blogging was way down on the list. Now, I have to try to remember what has happened in my writing world since March…..

I have had another Sip submission accepted from Torquere, this time for a fantasy called TUTELARY. Not had a publication date for that yet, but should be soon.

I do have a publication date for my novelette, TACTICS, though, it will be released by Torquere on 5th July – which means I will have two releases in the same month by two different publishers as Phaze are releasing BEYOND THE VEIL, my historical novel, on 21st July. That’s a first for me, two publishers in one month, wow!

What else? Oh yeah, I had another wonderful review for CANE a few weeks back. This time I received 5 Angels from Fallen Angels reviews. A sample:

Cane is a glimpse into a man’s heart and soul, and we are privy to Piet’s love, his hurt, his life. Watching Piet accept himself as a gay man during that time period with all the hiding necessary to stay safe and to not become ostracized by those you love gave me a new respect for anyone who has openly accepted their preference.

To read the full review, go here:

Lastly, I have finally obtained my own domain and only yesterday I uploaded my completely redone website, I think this version is much cleaner and easier to navigate. Have a look:

I think that is it, though the odds are I’ve forgotten something 🙂 I will post again if I’m right!

I will try to get back into a routine of posting more regularly.


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March 11, 2008

Contract for ‘Conflict’ – at last!

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Phaze new
I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now and when I checked I realise it has been almost three weeks since I got the news I want to document! Gosh, time does fly when you are busy.

I was very pleased to hear – 3 weeks ago now! – that another novel of mine has been accepted for publication. Particularly pleased as this one – ‘Conflict’ – is the sequel to my historical gay romance, ‘Cane’. It has taken longer than I hoped to get it accepted but that hardly seems to matter now that I have the contract signed, sealed and delivered!

Really, 2008 is turning out to be a good year for me (so far!). My second novel – ‘Beyond the Veil’ – is due out in July, as is another novelette – ‘Tactics’ – as I just heard today. Busy month July! And now I have another novel slated for next January – that seems a long way away, but I have so much planned for this year that I’m sure it will be here before I realise it!


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February 10, 2008

Celebrating another acceptance!

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Torquere Heard yesterday from Torquere that they have accepted my submission of TACTICS for the Single Shot line and I’m celebrating.

Had a difficult few weeks with my current writing project – not writer’s block as much as I have so much going on my mind has just been bouncing all over the place and I don’t seem to have written more than a few paragraphs *sigh*. I have finally finished the major edits on my novel and squared away some other stuff so as from tomorrow I’m going back to my project with hopefully a clear mind, well as clear as mine ever is!

Still awaiting on news of another submission, but that could be some weeks yet. I *hate* waiting….


Available now from Torquere Press:
Cane Smoke Screen Pinpricks Men in Uniform II
The Wrong Path Roll of the Dice

January 23, 2008

Review of Roll of the Dice

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Just found a wonderful Reader review on the Torquere website for my contemporary novelette:

“Roll of the Dice” is a short story of what happens to a relationship when a push becomes too much of a shove. I found this story not only enjoyable, but also thought-provoking. Because life is full of choices, and sometimes we need to take certain chances to find that happiness and love we so desperately desire. Even if it means walking away from the one we love.

Despite its 11 pages, this story is deeply emotional and powerfully moving. Kyle’s loneliness is poignantly and painfully obvious. He longs not only for a physical relationship, but also for the other things that a loving couple would share.

When Kyle is faced with another choice, he has to decide if he wants to take another chance on the man he loves or move on with the potential possibilities offered by another, more open man. And when Kyle makes his choice we’re treated to one intense sex scene. HooYeah!

As the reader I felt Kyle made the right decision. The conflict in the story is very subtle, the story more reflective and introspective. This is a beautiful love story, but more importantly it is an inspiring story demonstrating why we sometimes need to take those necessary steps in our life. Highly recommended.

Date Added: 01/19/2008 by Pamela Fellows

I can’t explain how delighted I was to read this about my first attempt at a contemporary story.

Available now from Torquere Press:
Roll of the Dice
The Wrong Path
Men in Uniform II
A Million Pinpricks
Smoke Screen

January 11, 2008

New Release! – Short m/m contemporary

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My Sip, Roll of the Dice, was released today. Each release is exciting and a little stomach churning too because you never know how well the story will be received. And as this is my first published contemporary story, it is even more nerve wracking than usual. And of course, Sod’s Law strikes! The day I need my website updating with the new info, I cannot get the connection between the FTP server and my site! Still can’t get that – no damned idea why it won’t work! – but I had help to upload it via someone else’s computer so at least it is now up! Just not what I needed today *sigh*.

But determined it will not dim my day!!

Now for info on my new release from Torquere Press: Roll of the Dice

When Kyle finally gets the nerve up to tell Matt how he feels, Matt reacts badly, freaking out. A lot. Dejected, Kyle heads for the closest bar, where he meets a hot guy who comes on to him, which does a lot for his sagging ego. Just when things are about to get interesting, though, Matt shows up with a declaration of his own. Will it be the hot stranger or the man he loves?


I’d shed a few tears of angry frustration when I first arrived home yesterday evening. I spent a couple of hours trying to decide what had gone wrong, but deep down I knew it wasn’t my problem, it was Matt’s. I finally fell asleep, but it was troubled by dreams and I awoke very early this morning still feeling confused and upset.

I couldn’t face staying in bed any longer and got up. I took a quick shower and then went to the kitchen for some coffee. I made myself some toast, but couldn’t eat it. I felt sick to my stomach.

I took my coffee through to the living room and sat on the sofa. I had to make a decision. The reason I’d plucked up the courage to put my cards on the table with Matt was that I nursed my desire long enough, it was time to go after what I wanted. I didn’t want to be on my own any longer, and why should I have to be when I was in love and I was pretty sure it was returned.

I’d been hurt once, seemed a lifetime ago now, but for a long time my work had been enough. As time passed I came to realize that I wanted more. I wanted someone special to come home to and relax with, to share my life, my heart and my soul with. I wanted Matt! Damn!

Now I knew that couldn’t be. I closed my eyes and let the sigh escape. I should’ve known better, life rarely gave you what you wanted.

I was angry with myself for being weak, for needing someone to lean on. I’d always been something of a loner, never been much of a mixer, but gradually I’d realized just how sterile my life was, how much I had to give. Finally, I had realized the truth, I needed to be needed. Was that really a weakness?

I stood up and went to stare in the mirror, looking at my reflection, looking into my eyes. I had to make a choice. It wasn’t a choice I wanted but that was no longer in my hands. I wasn’t going to share my life with Matt, and, if I didn’t want to be a lonely, bitter old man, I needed to move on and find someone else. If I couldn’t have the one person I wanted then I would just have to settle for second-best.

I stared at myself, trying to see what others might see. I guessed I was reasonably good looking, I had overheard enough to know some found me attractive, of course that was women and I was interested in men. Had thought of myself as bi at one time, but I no longer found women attractive. Accepting I was in love with Matt had soured women for me. I wanted a guy. I wanted the freedom that sex with another man gave me. It was so much easier to really let go with a man and I wanted, needed a physical relationship.

God, what would it have been like to be loved by Matt?

I’d had so many fantasies about making love with Matt, and that was always what it was when I thought about him. It was never just about the sex, never about fucking, not with Matt. I had to be strong, forget about him because that was never going to happen. I sighed and leaned my head on the back of the sofa; I couldn’t allow the tears to fall.

I got more coffee and checked the time. I would have to leave in another hour to go to work. I would have to face Matt. I so wasn’t ready for that.

I couldn’t think about this any longer. I’d go to work; maybe I could decide then what to do.

Available now from Torquere Press:
Roll of the Dice
The Wrong Path
Men in Uniform II
A Million Pinpricks
Smoke Screen

December 21, 2007

New Reviews from Joyfully Reviewed

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I have just discovered that Joyfully Reviewed have posted a lovely Review for my Sip, The Wrong Path – a little Snippet:

“I loved this little story Stevie Woods wrote, it’s a magical tale of finding love when its least expected.”

You can read the Review at:

There is also a new Review for my Single Shot, A Million Pinpricks. It doesn’t quite match up to my other Reviews, but I guess you can’t please everyone! A snippet:

“a very quick paced story; the story deals less with the relationship between Taylor and Joel, and more with Taylor’s thoughts on his relationship with Joel.”

You can find it at:

Available now from Torquere Press:
The Wrong Path
Men in Uniform II
A Million Pinpricks
Smoke Screen

November 6, 2007


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I took the plunge a few days ago and entered the NaNoWrimo contest. For those of you who don’t know, I have accepted a challenge to try and write a novel of a minimum of 50,000 words during the 30 days of November. Still think I was kinda crazy but I know other writers who have taken on the challenge in the past, some with great success – either on the personal level of succeeding, or with actually getting the resultant novel eventually published. I will just be happy if I can actually get to the finish line!


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