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August 22, 2014

Half price sale of my Other Worlds ebooks!

My publisher, Amber Allure, is having a special sale today – for one day only –  featuring each of the ebooks in my Other Worlds series! Each of the novellas is for sale at 50% of the usual price!  It’s a great chance to read the whole series for $13!!

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September 19, 2012

25% Excerpt – m/m Sci-Fi, A Favor For A Friend (OW#1)!

Today’s 25% excerpt is from A FAVOR FOR A FRIEND which is the first book in my Sci-Fi/futuristic series, OTHER WORLDS. Enjoy!

It didn’t take long before the general returned with Holgate in tow and Jake was relieved to learn the engineering colonel did require all the reliable help he could get. Together with a few engineers he could spare from the other levels, Jake’s team and three other volunteers, Holgate had twelve personnel. Jake knew more people had volunteered, but the area was so unstable that too many people working there was dangerous.

Holgate and the three engineers he had taken from the teams working on eight and nine poured over blueprints. The general joined the group, as did Lieutenant Garber.

Waiting around while Holgate and his engineers checked, double-checked and confirmed their findings before they approved the rescue plan only allowed time for Jake’s feelings to coalesce. Bart had made an impression on Jake almost from the moment they had met, and that importance had grown until it became part of him, as important as breathing and just as automatic. Jake struggled to keep a grip on his emotions. How could he have put into danger the person who meant most to him in the world?

He knew if he lost Bart, he lost everything. He was not only Jake’s best friend, he was the person Jake loved, the person who made life worth living, the person who made him laugh, who made him cry, who made him see value in not only the large things in life, but the little vital things that were always there but rarely recognized. He was Jake’s link with life and without him he had nothing. If Jake lost Bart now because of his own stupid culpability…

He felt hot tears pricking at his eyes and he fought to keep them from falling. For that, he needed privacy, which he didn’t have and couldn’t afford. If he needed to grieve, he would do that later. Now he just needed to act. If that action came to naught, he would only grieve long enough to put the bullets in his gun.

Pushing aside that morbid thought, he made himself a promise. When…when they freed Bart, when he was safe and they were alone, Jake would tell him the truth. Jake would tell Bart how much he meant to him, how much he was needed, how much he was loved. Jake didn’t know how Bart would react to that, whether he could ever see Jake as more than just a friend, but he felt Bart had a right to know he made this major’s life worth living.

If nothing else came of it, at least Bart would know. He was an open, understanding man. Bart would never turn away from an admission of love. He may not return it, but he would never denigrate it.

Another fear did raise its ugly head, though–how would Bart feel if he was seriously hurt because Jake had persuaded him to stay and work on that report? This was one answer he wasn’t quite as sure of. What he did know was that if he’d caused Bart any suffering, if he needed help, looking after, anything, then Jake was prepared to do whatever it took.

<end excerpt>

To read the full story, which is available individually in ebook, or in print as part of the Other Worlds series, go Here

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December 8, 2011

Award for Other Worlds!

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I was delighted when I received notification that I had been awarded an Honorable Mention in the Rainbow Award for the Best Gay SciFi/Futuristic category for my book OTHER WORLDS #1 – which contains the first three novellas in the Series: A Favor For A Friend, Lightning Strikes and Best Policy.

Other Worlds #1 is the print release and the three novellas are also available separately as eBooks – links as follows:



October 27, 2011

Wonderful review for AND THIS MAN IS MY LOVER? (OW#5)

I was delighted to receive a wonderful review for my recent release, And This Man Is My Lover?, the latest novella in the Other Worlds series.

The Romance Studio said:

I thoroughly enjoyed this one from start to finish. The pacing was right on target with the suspense. The author writes two very distinct voices describing Bart’s harrowing situation. Bart’s voice is one of despair, pain and hope while Jake’s voice echoes his with those same feelings each underlined with the strong love they feel for each other.

To read the full review visit:


October 23, 2011

Out today! And This Man Is My Lover?(OW#5)

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I am delighted to announce the sequel to Amber Allure’s Best Seller A Favor For A Friend…is being released today by Amber Quill Press:

On Alkya, a planet a long way from Earth, the Division of Investigation—Other Worlds—has set up a base where hundreds of personnel live and work. Among them are two men, Major Jake Archer and Captain Bart Hilton, who are part of one of the survey teams.

On a mission with their team surveying a series of ruins, Bart and Jake have yet another disagreement when Jake refuses permission for Bart to investigate certain buildings. A disgruntled Bart, however, disobeys the major and enters a ruin he is particularly interested in, believing it will reveal something of the language of the long-disappeared inhabitants.

But soon Bart realizes he’s made a mistake when he becomes trapped underground with no-one knowing his whereabouts, and he’s then subjected to a cave-in, and this time Bart doesn’t believe he has any chance of being found, let alone being rescued.

When Jake returns from his patrol, he realizes the captain has disobeyed his order. Jake’s anger at his lover’s action is short-lived when Bart cannot be located. Eventually, the team tracks Bart to one of the ruins, but they find no trace of the man himself. Knowing they need help, Jake contacts the Alkya base and an engineering squad is sent to assist Jake’s team in a search-and-rescue effort. Will the men be able to find Bart before it’s too late?

Go here to read an excerpt – and buy!

October 18, 2011

My Amber Allure titles rebated on ARe Books!

That’s right, each of my Amber Allure titles available through All Romance Ebooks are offered at a 25% Rebate from now until the end of October!

So, if you want to read a gay historical novel set in Tudor England, you can purchase Stone by Stone for only $5.75.  Or a gay fantasy novel involving kidnapping and slavery interests you, have a look at More Than Chains To Bind for only $5.75.

Not forgetting, of course, the four releases in my SF series, Other Worlds: A Favor For a Friend and An Enigma for only $3.00 each, or Lightning Strikes, Best Policy for only $3.75 each!

Each of my book pages on the ARe website contains not only the blurb but a short excerpt. Enjoy!


August 1, 2011

Wonderful review for A Favor For A Friend!

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I was delighted to discover I received a wonderful 5 Hearts review from The Romance Studio for the first story in my Other Worlds series, A Favor For a Friend:

” A Favor for a Friend is a sweet story about two friends who have been infatuated with each other for some time but haven’t had the courage to declare themselves. But when an accident happens, they wake up and realize the time they missed.”

To read the full review visit:

I also understand my book will appear in their 5 Heart Sweetheart vote this week – if you want to vote for my book, visit:


June 21, 2011

Other Worlds stories available in Print Anthology!

I am happy to announce the release of my three OTHER WORLDS novellas – A Favor For A Friend, Lightning Strikes and Best Policy – in a Print volume.

A Favor For A Friend: One evening, Major Jake Archer asks Captain Bart Hilton to do a work-related favor for him, requiring the other man to remain in the underground base. Needing information to complete the report he’s preparing, Bart goes to Jake’s office just as a huge explosion rips through the base.

Lightning Strikes:  Shortly after Major Joshua Marsden and Lieutenant Matthew Ronson confess their feelings for each other, their team embarks on a mineral survey mission to another planet. During a ferocious lightning storm, however, Josh is injured.

Best Policy: Major Rafe Wheaton and Lieutenant Adam Deacon, a linguist, have been experiencing problems working together, and shortly before the current mission, Adam offers to transfer to another team. Now, they are left alone on the planet they’re surveying after the rest of their team takes the ship and returns to base with an important geological sample.

The book is available through




June 9, 2011

Print cover for Other Worlds Trilogy!

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Just received the lovely cover from Amber Quill Press for the Print release of my Other Worlds Trilogy – including the three stories currently on release in eBook format: A Favor For A Friend, Lightning Strikes and Best Policy.

I’ve not got a precise release date yet but it is due out sometime later this month. Looking forward to holding it in my hands!



April 23, 2011

Review for A Favor For A Friend

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I received a review for A Favor For A Friend from Brief Encounters Reviews, and while I was a little disappointed to receive what amounts to 3.5 stars the reviewer did have some good things to say:

“The action sequences were well paced and the descriptions of the cave-in after the bomb blast emotionally exciting. The scene where Bart is rescued has a nice tension to it and I was a little on the edge of my seat. The writing is strong and the author has an engaging tone.”

To read the full review visit:


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