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January 2, 2013

Cut & Thrust 25% Excerpt!

The first 25% excerpt for 2013 is from my historical short story, Cut & Thrust, which is set in France during the era of the Musketeers.

Cut&Thrust2x3The sound of horse’s hooves clopping, and muttered curses roused Dacian from his musings and he saw Gerard fighting to bring the animal under control, the steed’s great black front legs pawing the air as Gerard struggled to steady it. The captain strived to keep the smile from his face. He had specifically chosen Démon; the animal was notoriously difficult to control.

Quickly mounting his own steed, Dacian shouted to Gerard, “Come on! Use your knees, get a move on.”

Riding through the gates Dacian listened for Gerard behind him. He heard the thud of the animal’s hooves hitting the earth accompanied by curses and entreaties. Sure enough the clip-clop swiftly followed – and swiftly passed, as Démon’s walk became a trot. It was obvious Gerard was struggling to hold the horse back from galloping away with him.

Dacian encouraged his mount into a trot to stay in view and see how Gerard handled the excitable animal. He watched as Gerard patiently used his hands, knees and feet to gradually pull the animal back to a steady trot. Slowly, Gerard leaned forward to rub between Démon’s ears and down his nose, talking to the horse quietly. Damn, but those hands were so graceful, gentle and soothing.

Drawing alongside, Dacian said, “Good. You succeeded quicker than most. Let’s see how you do at full stretch. Follow me!” And without further delay, Dacian dug his heels into his horse’s flanks and took off at a gallop.

“Wait!” Gerard called.

Dacian looked back over his shoulder to see his companion’s face screwing up in frustration at being caught out. However, Gerard swiftly enticed Démon into a run and soon enough Gerard appeared in full control of the feisty mount, smiling now in exhilaration as he gradually closed the gap.

Sucking in his breath at the enticing sight, Dacian determinedly turned his mount, heading through some trees, knowing that a short way beyond them was a low wall, and beyond that, a fast flowing stream. He wanted to see how his student handled those. Démon’s hooves thundered as he ate up the ground behind him and Dacian urged his own horse on faster, ensuring he’d take the wall well clear of the other man. Once over, he quickly moved his animal aside, leaving Gerard a clear field.

It was a good thing Dacian moved as quickly as he did because he’d only just gotten clear when Gerard brought Démon sailing over the low wall, the young man lying low over the great horse’s neck. Dacian looked on in admiration as Gerard landed, eyes shining with delight. Knowing all too well that he shouldn’t be entertaining such thoughts, Dacian shook his head at his own inappropriate musings. Dragging his attention back to de Leison’s training, de Creil watched as Gerard encouraged Démon up the slight incline onto level ground. Dacian followed with his mind still in something of a whirl. Abruptly, he heard an exclamation, a horse whinnying and Dacian topped the rise just in time to see Gerard fly over his mount’s head.

Damnation! Dacian hadn’t realized how high the water was in the stream, there must have been more rain than usual in the mountains that fed it.

<end excerpt>

If you wish to read the rest of the story it can be purchased from the following sources:

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November 13, 2011

My self-published books now on Kindle!

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When I began to self-publish some of my short stories I had hoped to put them on Kindle too, but I had difficulty with the system – I suspected it was something I was doing wrong because other authors didn’t seem to have problems! Well, I finally managed to work out what I was doing wrong and this weekend I uploaded my three stories to Kindle!


March 5, 2011

I’m taking part in Read An E-book Week!

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I’m taking part in the Read an E-Book Week promotion starting tomorrow for one week. I am offering two of my books at 50% off on Smashwords! They are both short stories that I have published myself which is why I could choose to offer them for only $0.99 during the promotion period. The first one, Roll of the Dice, is a contemporary friends-to-lovers story and the second, Cut and Thrust, is an historical story about two musketeers.


Gay erotic romance – love knows no boundaries

February 12, 2011

And another Smashword release!

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I was so pleased with the result for Roll of the Dice, I decided to go ahead and put another short story up on Smashwords. I put my historical short story, Cut & Thrust, up on 1Place for Romance last year and it has done reasonably well, and I am now wondering why on earth I didn’t put it up on Smashwords at the same time. Ah well, we live and learn. So now Cut & Thrust is up on Smashwords too, and I was right too about it being much easier the second time around<g>.

Here’s the link for it on Smashwords:

or if you prefer to shop at 1Place for Romance:


Gay erotic romance – love knows no boundaries


October 18, 2010

1Romance eBooks is changing its name!

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In the next couple weeks, 1RomanceEbooks will become . The same great romance stories, the same great romance authors and publishers, the same great customer service…  just changing the name.

1PlaceForRomance is our new website name:
1PFR has a Facebook:
1PFR is on Twitter:



July 14, 2010

New Release – Cut & Thrust!

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I have published Cut & Thrust, a short historical story, through 1Romance eBooks.  The story was originally published in 2007 as part of an anthology and has not been available for some time.

BLURB:  Set in the Paris of Louis XIV, this is the story of a young man who wishes to be a Musketeer, only to be surprised when he recognizes the Captain of the Academy of the best friend of his older brother, a young man he had admired as a boy.


September 11, 2007

New Release Tomorrow 12th September!

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Men in Uniform IIThe Men in Uniform II Anthology is out from Torquere Press tomorrow and included in its pages is my short story, Cut & Thrust – a tale of two musketeers who want to do more than cross swords!


Available now: Cane Smoke Screen Pinpricks Men in Uniform II


July 16, 2007


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 Busy weekend. Got the edits back for Cut & Thrust, my anthology story due out in September. Nothing too major thank goodness, still time consuming, but worth it!

Also got infomation that the Proof had been done for A Million Pinpricks (nice to be told the Proofer really enjoyed it!). Just a minor re-write on one paragraph needed – amazing it took me almost as long to rework that as it did to write two pages of my current project. Hopefully, it is fine, the story needs to go for publishing on the 20th!

I have worked with four different editors in the last few weeks and I think I have learned quite a bit. Hopefully my future works will need less effort all round (fingers crossed!)


July 6, 2007

Submission acceptance

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Torquere  Heard today my submission for an anthology has been accepted! Excellent news. This was my first submission for an anthology so I’m really chuffed. I can’t believe how wonderful these past few weeks have been.

The piece is an historical one about the Musketeers of the French King (not *the* Musketeers, my story is set about 30 years later than Dumas’ story) and the anthology is about Men in Uniform, any uniform, any period – should be a lot of fun. Due in September.


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