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October 17, 2014

Amazon globalized links!

Amazonkindle-logoI discovered a way to post globalized links on my website for the purchase of my books from Amazon. In other words, when you want to purchase my novels from Amazon, from wherever you are in the world, when you click the Amazon Kindle link on my website you will transferred to your nearest Amazon site!

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October 11, 2014

AQP Special sales: $0.99 Books & Bundles!

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That’s right, Amber Quill Press has just introduced a new feature on their website! Each week AQP will be featuring a new set of ten titles, or sometimes book bundles, for only $0.99 each!

The sales will commence on a Friday and end the following Thursday! The intent is to start with books that have been with AQP since the publisher opened its doors way back in 2002!  An excellent opportunity to find some new authors, or perhaps read the older books of a favorite author.

Have a look at the first page:


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October 3, 2014

Amber Allure Anniversary sale – Last day!

Yes – you can purchase all of my books at a discount today as part of the AQP Amber Allure anniversary celebration!

Through Friday, October 03rd
On October 1st, 2002, Amber Quill Press officially opened its doors. And since that day, we have published more than 2,000 titles in just about every genre imaginable by some of the most talented authors in the business!
And now, to celebrate our 12th Anniversary, we kick off the month by offering all of our Amber Kisses, Novellas, and Novels (both “Regular” and “Extended” length) for a 50% discount! Yes, that’s 50% off…all imprints, all genres, all authors…from now through Friday, October 3rd!
(Note: Discount applies to e-books only and does not include AmberPax Collections or books labeled “Amber Briefs” or “Amber Shorts.” Books listed on our “Clearance” page will remain discounted at 75% off.)
Visit us at!


And to continue celebrating our twelve years in business throughout the month, we will be drawing at random the names of three (3) newsletter subscribers each Sunday in October and giving each of them an AQP Gift Certificate worth $25.00 on our website. That’s a total of twelve (12) winners in October. So check the “New Releases” newsletter each Sunday in October to see if your email address has been selected to win.
The owners and staff at Amber Quill Press thank our readers for their continued patronage. We couldn’t have gone twelve years without you!
All the best, and happy reading!
For further information on these and nearly 2000 additional titles, please visit our websites…
Amber Heat - Gimme Fever!
Amber Allure - Where Love Is Blind To Gender!
Amber Quill Press, LLC - The Gold Standard In Publishing
~ Buy Direct And Save! ~

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August 22, 2014

Half price sale of my Other Worlds ebooks!

My publisher, Amber Allure, is having a special sale today – for one day only –  featuring each of the ebooks in my Other Worlds series! Each of the novellas is for sale at 50% of the usual price!  It’s a great chance to read the whole series for $13!!

Check this out here:







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May 11, 2014

New excerpt from BEYOND THE VEIL!

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I thought it was time I started posting some more excerpts from my numerous releases and what better place to start than with the first novel I had published, the historical novel, BEYOND THE VEIL.

beyondtheveilsm2As he stood contemplating how very tiny he was in the scheme of things, David heard yet another sound but this was so close and it seemed to be continuing. He frowned, trying to place it and it came again, almost a moan, yet not quite. He thought he could detect a word, the Arabic word for ‘more’. As he mulled that over the sound came again, long drawn out as the words were moaned again, and it came from the garden door to Robert’s room behind him.

Unable to stop himself, David edged near the open door, standing just to one side where he could see but not be seen. He felt guilty at spying on his host, but he had to know who Robert was with. Did he have one of the female servants in his room…no, wait, it was not women he liked, was it?

Ignoring his unease at what he was doing, he peered in and even though he half-expected it, it still proved a distinct shock. A very naked Robert was indeed not alone, he was with a young male and he was moving languorously over him, their slick skin sliding over each other. The young man, who had served David his tea that very afternoon, was gripping Robert’s back and moaning continuously, begging Robert for more, over and over, as Robert pounded into him. It was one thing to know that Robert liked being with men, another thing entirely to actually see it.

A feeling David could not name slammed into him and he gripped his suddenly rebellious stomach and stumbled back to his own room.

Leaning against his own now closed garden door, David took a few deep breaths to calm his swiftly beating heart. The image of Robert, naked and writhing against the young Arab, and of the man’s hands gripping Robert’s strong back tightly, was seared onto his inner eyelids.

David was surprised to note he was aroused, as much affected by the eroticism of what he had just witnessed as shocked by it. But, as he calmed himself enough to be able to seriously consider what he had seen, he recognized the emotion flowing through him was not shock at all, it was lust with a healthy dose of jealousy. David’s imagination placed himself on Robert’s bed and wondered what it would feel like to have Robert sliding over him, what sensations would bombard him if he felt Robert’s hands gliding over his skin…oh God, what was he thinking? Robert had been with someone else.

The truth of that hit him hard. Robert had another man in his bed and only recently he had made overtures to David and for a second he was angry. Until he realized that Robert had not intended to tell him; David had dragged the confession out of him. He shook his head. What was he thinking anyway? Robert was all man; he had his needs just like any other man so why the hell had he assumed he would be celibate? The images slid through his mind again and he felt very hot. He threw open his garden door again and breathed in the cool night air.

David moved back to his bed trying to finally get some sleep but the images kept playing through his mind and before long the young Arab was no longer in the picture, it was David who Robert caressed, David who he kissed as he slowly moved against him.

Also available from Amazon, All Romance eBook and Smashwords

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April 2, 2014

Been updating my Website!

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quill2Just been updating all the pages on my website. One of my publishers, Amber Quill Press (Amber Allure), have produced a whole new website which meant all of their previous publisher links were now  incorrect. I know I’ve not added any new books for about a year but at least all my links are up to date:)  I also updated a few other pages while I was working on the site. I do hope to have something new later in the year.

March 9, 2014

Apology for lapse in blogging – Brand new excerpt!

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quill2It was something of a shock to realize that it’s been four weeks since I last posted on my blog! I never was one of those folk who blogged regularly but these last few months posting on my blog has become absurdly random. I would like to be able to post something new and exciting but at the moment I don’t have anything suitable. Instead I thought I’d give you an excerpt from something I wrote a while ago but never quite finished: it’s part of a sequel to my historical novella, Smoke Screen, and I never even got as far as deciding on a title, though one idea I quite liked was…

Smoke Screen - Stevie Woods2x3Drifting Smoke

Richard’s lip curled with distaste.  “I was the one robbed, expected to pay for your paramour to live in luxury.  Your brother lived off me for over a year, be grateful I did not demand the money back.  He would be in debtor’s prison instead of using some other unsuspecting husband to pay his way.”

“That is a lie!  You know Peter is not like that.”  Katerina stopped, taking deep breaths to calm herself.  “He loved me, he still does, wherever he is now.” 

Listening to the exchange, Julian wondered if Katerina really knew exactly where Peter was.  After their confrontation last year, when Katerina threatened to expose Julian’s burgeoning relationship with Richard and her husband challenged her liaison with her so-called brother, Peter had retreated with much less fuss and recrimination than either man had expected. 

Katerina too, after her first outburst, had accepted Richard’s conditions much more easily than he believed possible.  The fact that Richard and his wife each had something to hold over the other in the censorious society of London’s upper echelon, made each dangerous to the other and Julian had been on the lookout from some further threat or retaliation from Katerina, but it had never materialized.  And the quiet acquiescence of her Russian lover, Peter, in quitting the house that Richard had provided had been unforeseen.   Richard admitted to Julian later that he had been prepared to resort to bargaining to protect their deadly secret.  The only explanation they could think of was that it was more important to Katerina to keep the lifestyle she craved, even at the cost of her lover it appeared. 

No, Julian would not have been surprised if Katerina knew exactly where Peter was.

Mirroring Julian’s thoughts, Richard barked a laugh, “I am supposed to believe you don’t know where he is?  Come, Katerina, I know you better than that.  I wish I didn’t believe how duplicitous you are but…”

“Me?” she interrupted, incredulous.  “You say that to me with your lover in the room with us – your… what is the word?”

Richard stepped closer to his wife.  “I will not allow you to insult Julian.  I have made it clear before, your disagreement is with me.  Julian does not concern you.”

“I wish that were the case,” she said quietly, staring at Julian directly for the first time.  The look in her eyes did not equate to the tone of her voice and Julian felt distinctly uncomfortable.

“Oh, please,” Richard declared.  “Don’t pretend to be the injured party here, you are not.  You married me because you recognised I could introduce you into the type of society you craved, while at the same time using my funds to keep your lover in the lap of luxury.  Our marriage was never more than a sham.”

“And it meant more to you?  You used me as much for…for scenery as I did.  A way to hide your real proclivities as a Sodomite!”

Richard strode across the room to open the library door.  In an icy voice, he announced, “I will leave for the country tomorrow, Katerina.  I am sure you will enjoy yourself sampling the best that London society can offer while I am away.”

Head high and back straight, Katerina swept past him and out into the hallway without another word.

“Well that was unpleasant,” Richard said, leaning against the library door, ensuring it stayed closed.  “Come, take the sour taste from my mouth,” he added, a hand held out to Julian.

“Chard,” Julian muttered, shaking his head, but still moving towards him.  Richard gathered him in his strong arms, held him close as he searched out Julian’s oh-so-willing mouth.  The kiss was both tender and demanding as Julian opened up to let Richard plunder his mouth, both men sighing at the contact.

If you want to check out Smoke Screen, go here:  Amazon   ARe Books  Smashword

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February 15, 2014

New excerpt from gay historical novel, Stone by Stone!

I thought it was about time I posted another excerpt from my Tudor historical novel, STONE BY STONE – a story about a monk and the man sent by Henry VIII to close his monastery:

StoneByStone_medWhen they had left the refectory and were out of earshot of the other monks and the servants, Andrew asked, “Do you really want to show me the books?”

Mark looked over his shoulder, smiled and answered, “Among other things. There are some remarkable books in the abbey library, Master Cheyne.”

“Won’t you please call me Andrew?”

Mark inclined his head. “I would be honoured.”

“So I will see these remarkable books and some of your handiwork?”


Andrew sighed. He ought to have known he was reading more into Brother Mark’s interest than was reasonable.

Andrew realized his sigh had been louder than he thought when Mark slowed and turned to him. “You do not wish to visit the library?”

“Yes, of course. I would very much like to see the books and I’m very interested in what you are working on.” Andrew smiled and was unaccountably relieved when Mark smiled back.

It was only a minute or so later when Mark halted at a pair of heavy wooden doors. Grasping the handles, he pushed them open. A dim flickering light, which Andrew realized came from a tall, lit candle in a wall sconce, greeted them. Mark picked it up, lit a branch of candles from it and then led the way inside. Andrew was aware the abbey library had some old rare books and they also had some very new ones. Tavistock Abbey was one of the very first places in England to have a printing press and some of the newly produced bibles in English were being created here.

Like most everyone else, Andrew was very impressed with the idea of books being printed. It was remarkable how swiftly a new book could be ready when compared to the old method whereby each book had needed to be laboriously copied out by hand. However, neither could he deny the beautiful work produced by generations of monks. Andrew had a love of such things—he was proud to have collected a small number of books himself—and it was very hard to think many of the books he admired for their aesthetic beauty would have to be destroyed because of their religious content. He knew he would have to steel himself to such things, however, because he did truly believe that the Catholic bible in Latin was anathema and the people would be better served with an honest, open bible in English.

Brother Mark led the way through the shadowy passageways towards the large windows in the opposite wall. They passed many shelves of books of all shapes and sizes, some so large it was difficult to believe a man could lift them, let alone be able to read them. The room was redolent with the smell of leather and parchment. As they moved deeper inside, Andrew saw different shaped shelves with narrower, deeper openings and he realized they were filled with scrolls, some of which were very ancient and obviously made of parchment, though there were also some examples on paper, which had been produced during the last couple of centuries.

Brother Mark had obviously followed his gaze. “They are remarkable, aren’t they? Our librarian is very proud of the collection.”

Andrew met his gaze. “They will have to be inspected. Sir Richard needs a complete record of everything here.”

Mark nodded. “I know, and I fear what may happen in the future,” he said sadly. “I try to cling to the belief God has purpose in everything he does, but this is difficult.”

For the first time, Andrew wished he didn’t have to be part of this. Part of destroying this man’s private little world—until his own thoughts registered and he acknowledged it was exactly this kind of existence that was at the heart of the problem. These men, and many hundreds like them, existed apart from the reality of life. Supported and served by those whose lives were much more difficult and all too real. Brother Mark may be an honest, sincere monk, but Andrew knew there were many others who lived a life of luxury with no regard for their fellow men. Where was their God in that?

“What did you want to show me, Mark?” Andrew asked, aware his tone of voice was much different from earlier, hard and cold.

Mark glanced at him, a slight frown marring his features. “Why are you angry with me, Andrew? Have I offended you? Please, I had no intent.”

Andrew sighed. “I’m not angry with you, Mark. I allowed myself to forget, for a short time, that we are on opposing sides. I should not have done so. It does neither of us any good.”

“Andrew,” Mark said, his tone soft, beguiling, “we have differing points of view on more than one subject, but surely it doesn’t have to make us enemies. I have already seen you have a taste for the aesthetic, as do I. I did not mistake your pleasure at the stonework or your interest in these books. That is at least two points of view we share. Can we not just share the similarities and try to forget our differences?” Mark stepped closer. “I felt an affinity with you when we met. This is rare for me, and I don’t wish to lose it if I can help it. Will you allow me to be your friend, Andrew?”

Andrew stared at this man, who he now acknowledged could so easily mean more to him than Mark could possibly know, or accept if he did know. Mark might be talking about friendship, but Andrew’s reaction was much more personal, as his stiffening cock could attest. But like Mark, it was rare for Andrew to feel such an acceptance of another being with such speed or ease. He knew he likely wanted more than was possible, but he was willing to take whatever he could have. He could take himself to task later.

“Yes, Mark,” Andrew said. “I would like that.”

end of excerpt

Available in Ebook and Print from Amber Quill Press:

Also from Amazon and all good booksellers

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January 30, 2014

New excerpt from First Reflection!

First_Reflection_200x300This is an excerpt from First Reflection – the prequel to On Reflection – that I’ve never shared before, hope you enjoy!


He wanted to pray but couldn’t think of any prayers, and in truth, he never really believed in the Temple anyhow. Then the thought occurred that if there was truth in the legends of evil, perhaps good existed too. Though watching as the creature clutched Ettore to him and lapped the blood from the horrific wound in his neck, Andreas found it hard to believe anything could fight such evil. When the nightwalker finally released the now-dead Ettore to crumple at his feet, Andreas concluded it was too late for him to be having second thoughts.

The creature turned his attention to Andreas, the smile back on his handsome face. How could Andreas consider such an evil creature to be attractive? Lords of Divinity, he had blood dripping down his chin, and Andreas daren’t give name to what was coating his clothing.

He walked to stand directly before Andreas. “You are something special. I will enjoy so much being with you.”

Andreas’ skin crawled at the suggestion, but he could do nothing but stare at the nightwalker, whose smile widened as he grabbed Andreas around the waist and tossed him over his shoulder before dashing off through the park at a dizzying speed. Andreas felt himself lifted through the air, and he realized they were sailing over the wall surrounding the far side of the park, landing on a darkened road that Andreas didn’t recognize. It was difficult for Andreas to make out much of anything from his position hanging upside down over his captor’s back. The nightwalker continued across the road and then down a dark alley, his pace never slowing. A door slammed open, and abruptly they were inside.

From what little Andreas could see as they climbed the rickety staircase, they were inside a dilapidated building, what kind he couldn’t tell. At the top of the stairs, the creature turned down a corridor, entering the first door, and Andreas noted it was better cared for than the rest of the building.

There was a desk on one wall, a comfortable chair in the middle of the room with a small side table next to it, but the nightwalker strode past them, heading for the large bed in the corner. He tossed Andreas onto it, and Andreas was surprised to discover he could move. Immediately he attempted to jump to his feet, but a hand pressed on his chest.

This time the creature grinned as he said, “Oh no, my pet. I’ve not even begun with you yet, let alone finished.”

Andreas sank back onto the bed. Inside his head, he was desperately trying to make his body obey, to run as far and as fast as he could, but instead he calmly began to unbutton his clothing and remove it piece by piece. The watching nightwalker was also removing his attire.

When they were both naked, he said, “I knew I was right in my choice. You are perfect.”


To discover what happens next, go here

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January 26, 2014

Shorts for only $0.99 each!

Just a reminder that I have a few short stories out there for only $0.99 which readers might like to check out:

I’ve listed links for All Romance eBooks and Smashwords. The books are also available for purchase from Amazon Kindle, but Amazon has upped the price a little to around $1.25 – not my choice I assure you:)

Festivities – contemporary/Christmas: ARe Books    Smashwords

Home For Valentines – contemporary: ARe Books   Publisher

Treasured Possessions – contemporary:  ARe Books    Smashwords

Throw Me a Bone – contemporary:  ARe Books     Smashwords

More Than Sex – contemporary:  ARe Books     Smashwords

Conversations – contemporary:  ARe Books     Smashwords

Roll of the Dice – contemporary:  ARe Books     Smashwords

Tutelary – contemporary/fantasy:  ARe Books     Smashwords

The Wrong Path – fantasy:   ARe Books     Smashwords

For more information about my publications, please visit my website:

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