Stevie Woods:author of gay romantic fiction

July 9, 2013

Meandering Thoughts free read – A Hot Shower (NC17)

MeanderingThoughtsI came across this shower scene when sorting through some old files. It wasn’t clearly labelled and I have no idea what I wrote it for, it might have even been just an exercise, but I think it’s well worth putting out there for folk to read. It’s definitely hot, so read with care:)

Warm water cascaded over his body as I rubbed my soapy hands up and down his back in long sweeping strokes. I loved the feel of his skin beneath my fingers, supple and pliant covering his beautiful body.  I traced his well defined muscles and watched as his corded tendons flexed, arching against my caresses.

He curved further away from me, reaching out to lean his hands on the back wall of the shower cubicle, dropping his head between his outstretched arms.

“Oh please don’t tease…please.”

I smiled and leaned in to kiss his nape and he moaned.  I slipped one hand around to tease an erect nipple before releasing it to brush my hand across his abdomen, finally taking hold of his waist. I dropped my other hand lower into his cleft feeling for his opening, sliding a finger inside and twisting.  I knew he wouldn’t need much preparation, he was still so relaxed from my playing with his hole during the blow job I’d just given him.  I slipped in a second finger, sought out his prostate and grinned when he bucked.

“Bastard,” he sighed.

“Yeah but you still want me, don’t you?” I asked as I nudged his entrance with my engorged cock.

“Oh God, yeah.”

Holding his hips now I pushed in, waited for him to adjust and then slid in the rest of the way.  I watched as the water ran in rivulets down his spine and I leaned in to lick it off his back revelling in the special taste of his velvety skin.  Suddenly his muscles gripped me and I groaned at the sensation.

I got the hint and pulled out only to slam back inside him.  He lifted his hips a little and panted, “More, harder, I wanna feel you pound into my heart.”

Oh God, I loved this man, never felt like this with anyone before.  I did as he asked and set up a hard, fast rhythm, pounding into him, until I felt his body shuddering as I hit his sweet spot, pulling out and thrusting in again and again until I was pouring all my love into him as my orgasm ripped through me.

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