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May 29, 2013

SAVOR – a gay sensual Meandering Thoughts free read!

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MeanderingThoughtsJust a short sensual scene that I hope you enjoy:)


“I want to make love in the living room.”

Rick licked his suddenly dry lips.  “We can make love in every room in the house if you want.”

Peter laughed, “Eventually.  Let’s just start in here, shall we?”  He took hold of Rick’s hand and led him into the living room, coming to a halt on the thick rug in front of the presently unlit fire.

“You want I should light it?” Rick asked, his eyes never leaving Peter.

“Nah, you can warm me up.”

“Perfect.” Rick beamed.  Then he remembered something.  “Hang on,” he said and bolted for his bedroom.  Peter frowned wondering what on earth he was up to, smiling when he returned a moment later holding a small bottle.  “Don’t want to start without this,” he grinned, dropping the lube on the soft rug.  “Now where were we?  Ah, I remember.”

Keeping his eyes on his lover, Rick began to undress, slowly letting his fingers linger over his skin.  Peter watched for a few electric seconds before his fingers began to unfasten his own shirt.

When there were both completely naked they stood there staring at each other.  “I can just look,” Rick said softly. “I don’t have to fumble under a blanket in the dark, or rush because we don’t have much time.  I can savor you.  I can look my fill and touch every inch of you.”

Peter’s breath hitched at the naked desire in Rick’s voice, afraid to speak and spoil his mood.  It was so erotic to create such a need in another human being and he instinctively understood that he should let Rick take the lead. Peter knew he couldn’t possibly be disappointed.

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