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February 25, 2013

Lust In Time anthology now for sale at Amazon!

Lust_in_Time_Cover200x300The Lust In Time anthology, including my short story set in Britain during the Viking incursions, 794 A.D., is now available in Kindle format from Amazon!

History and fiction meet at the crossroads in these erotic tales of love and lust. From ancient Israel and Greece and Rome, to the time of the Vikings, the Wild West, Woodstock, and all points in between, witness the steamy encounters, lurid battles and tender moments of couples who span the centuries. Get swept up in the lives of the biblical David, Emperor Hadrian, barbarians from Britannia, a 19th century physician, Jewish immigrants, cowboys and Indians, Bill the Kid, Civil War, World War I soldiers, hippies, and so many more, all in search of adventure, passion, and yes, even fame.

794 A.D., by Stevie Woods, BLURB:
When the Norsemen attack the Northumbrian coast, the local farmers are called by the liege lord to help defend the Jarrow Priory. Two close friends and lovers pray they live to meet again at the end of the day.

Aland waved goodbye to his mother and sister one last time, struggling to keep a smile on his face when inside he was concerned for their safety. They stood in the doorway of their small farmstead, in the shade of the thatch roof overhang, and Aland noticed that the thatch needed some work; when he got back, he promised himself. He glanced from the roof to catch his mother’s eye and couldn’t help but see the fear lurking there. He wished he didn’t have to leave them alone and unprotected. If they failed, God forbid!

As a vassal he had no choice but to answer the call to arms from his feudal lord, Baron Lander, but he couldn’t help worrying over his mother who hadn’t been the same since father had died the year before last. In some ways his sixteen year old sister, Fira, was the one who looked after both of them, and Aland had to trust her to watch over things while he went with his lord and helped to fight off the Norsemen.

He turned away from his family and saw his dear friend and neighbour, Garrick, waving at him to hurry. Up on the hill overlooking his small fief, Aland watched as all the other vassals of Baron Lander gathered together under the watchful eye of the baron’s sergeant-at-arms, Ricker. Aland quickened his pace, smiling and nodding at Garrick as he approached the man. Garrick was a might taller than Aland, with darker colouring lightened by his bright blue eyes. Working on the land made both of them strong and muscular. Garrick was carrying a heavy axe slung over his shoulder, while Aland had brought his pitchfork, its tines sharpened enough to despatch any enemy to whatever hell he deserved.

“Good day to you, Aland. Enough to make one worry for the family, though, my friend,” Garrick said, leading the way to join the waiting throng.

“’Tis one time I envy you not having any family to worry about,” Aland replied.

Garrick nodded in response, though the look in his eyes as he glanced at Aland told a different story. “Up to us to make sure them murdering Norsemen don’t get this far.”

Available now from MLR Press in eBook, and shortly in Print:

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