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February 19, 2013

New excerpt from fantasy novel, More Than Chains to Bind!

Just thought it would be nice to post a new excerpt from my fantasy novel, More Than Chains to Bind:

The guards had stayed in the room as the women came to drop off our new clothing before they moved among us cutting our tunics from us. Then the women left, taking the scraps of our old clothes with them as the guards told us to remove everything else. Even though I’d been expecting this, it was no less unwelcome to hear the actual words. I felt as if even circumstance was thrusting me into Fortil’s path.

With a sigh, I began to pull off the pants, while waiting for Fortil’s first comment. It didn’t take long.

“My, my, it was worth waiting for. You sure have got a nice backside. I’d like nothing better than to shove this in deep,” he taunted. He hesitated, waiting, I suppose, for me to turn and look at his cock, but I did not intend to pander to him. “Come on…you have to want to know what’s waiting for you,” he insisted.

He didn’t like to be ignored and walked in front of me. “Not bad, not bad at all.” He looked at my cock, laying limply between my legs, before lifting his gaze to my face, saying with a smirk, “Mine, though, that’s something different.”

Damn the man, and damn my innate curiosity! My eyes flicked down to look at him and I had to admit to myself that his erection, standing out proudly from his body, was pretty impressive. I lifted my eyes to his face again and let my disdain show, grateful my own cock didn’t react at all.

“If you like that kind of thing,” I said, wishing I had Hollis’ gift for instantaneous sarcastic response because I couldn’t think of anything better to say. “And remember what I said about what I’d do to your fingers? It goes double for cocks.” I smiled at him and not in a good way. “You’d be surprised what I know.”

Fortil frowned, puzzled where I was going with this, I suppose, but he didn’t say anything, which was a good thing as I wasn’t quite sure where I was headed myself. A little exaggeration wouldn’t go amiss right now, I thought. “I’ve spent my whole life studying and, though I say so myself, the depth of my knowledge is extraordinary. You know, it’s quite remarkable what secrets one can discover in ancient texts. There was a society once whose citizens prided themselves on their stoicism, on their ability to withstand anything, any form of torture, physical or mental. To them, the ultimate torture success was what they could stand being done to their private parts. Lords, some of the stories I could tell you…”

<end excerpt>

Available in eBook and Print from Amber Quill Press:

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