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February 3, 2013

Throw Me A Bone, 25% excerpt!

Today’s 25% excerpt is from my contemporary short, Throw Me A Bone:

ThrowMeABone200x300Guy needed someone else; he was loving someone else.

Well, why wouldn’t he? Guy Romer was a fantastic catch. He had great looks, an incredible body, and a wonderful if somewhat twisted sense of humor. Anyone would fall for him and someone else obviously had.

Malcolm couldn’t blame them; after all, it had happened to him. He should have known, perhaps he always had known, that it couldn’t really last. Not for him. Not for Malcolm Henderson, who couldn’t keep anyone.

Chapter Two

 That had been about a month ago, and Malcolm estimated that Guy had been seeing someone else for about two months before that. Malcolm had finally been presented with the proof he needed only a few days ago.

Malcolm was a translator. He’d always been good at languages at school, found he had a natural talent for them and by the time he was twenty-two, he was fluent in six languages. He had considered becoming a teacher, but he had another love in his life too; he loved to write fiction. He decided teaching would be too time consuming, and instead he ended up doing translation work to pay his bills while he wrote his novel. In fact, he had written three novels before he actually managed to get one published, and while it didn’t set the world on fire, he lived quite comfortably from the combined income as a translator and a novelist.

Like most writers, Malcolm loved to read and he often visited the library, especially if he was doing research. He did a lot of research online of course, but he also enjoyed the feel of a solid book between his hands. He had been trawling the shelves one day shortly before closing time when he could’ve sworn he’d heard Guy’s voice. He froze for a moment and then smiled. It seemed to be coming from the other side of the shelves, and from the laughter he heard, it seemed Guy was enjoying a good laugh with someone. Curious as to who Guy was with, Malcolm moved to the end of the row to look for his lover. He reached the end of the stack to see Guy with his arm around the shoulders of another man, their heads close together. The laugher had died down and they were murmuring together.

The stranger was tall, well built, with jet black hair that looked like silk. Malcolm felt as if someone had punched him in the gut. By the time he recovered his equilibrium, Guy and the man had moved off. Malcolm stared at the space where they’d been.

Malcolm’s first thought was that he was letting his imagination run away with him. So the two men had been friendly and laughing together, that was all.

But then; twice in three days?

Malcolm had been caught out in a sudden rain shower and popped into a restaurant that he occasionally used. Even though the lunchtime crush was over, it was still pretty full, probably due to the rain. He was surprised when he saw Guy sitting at one of the tables.

<end excerpt>

The full story can be found at the following sources:  Amazon Kindle, ARe Books, and Smashwords

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