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January 23, 2013

Cold Fear, SF/futuristic 25% excerpt!

The 25% excerpt today is from Cold Fear, the final release in my Other Worlds series from Amber Allure.

ColdFear_MedI met his gaze, and he looked steadily back at me.


“No, but get to it anyway.”

I began to manipulate the break to get it back into the correct alignment. Josh sucked in a breath and his back arched.

“Fuck! I wish I was still unconscious,” he bit out. “And I thought you loved me; this is torture.”

“Sorry, sorry,” I murmured, but kept working. I hated to hear Josh so obviously in pain, especially as I was the one causing it, but there was no help for it.

I sat back with relief and said, “There, I think it’s set.”

“You think it’s set?” Josh said in that snarky way of his.

“I’m sure,” I said, hoping I sounded convincing. “Just need to get it splinted it and you’ll be fine.” I squeezed his shoulder. “I’m going to need to raise your leg, so can you support it?”

“I’ll manage,” he said, angling his body in preparation. I raised the leg carefully and placed his foot on the piece of console I had brought close for just that purpose. Josh took the weight of his thigh. I lifted the large can out of the medic box.

“Just take it easy, Matt,” he said gruffly. “You wouldn’t think jagged bone digging into raw nerves would hurt, but it does.”

God, there are times I could cheerfully throttle him… “Sure. Is this your first broken bone?” I was trying to take his mind off the pain by asking him about other injuries; yeah, that should work.  Now who was being snarky?

“Ah, ah, no, this would be, uh, four.”

I aimed the can at left side of his injured leg. “Okay, this is going to hurt, Josh.” I began to spray, moving around the front and right side of his leg until I covered the lower half, too. Once his leg was completely covered in the foam, I began to spread it evenly over the injury.

“Ah! I know, I know,” he said through gritted teeth.

I hoped he couldn’t see how my hands were shaking. “All four while serving?” I asked.

“All but one.” His voice faded as he sucked in a breath.

“So, what happened?” I wasn’t sure now who I was trying to distract.

“Fell out of a tree when I was eleven and it hurt…just like…that.” He gritted his teeth and threw his head back.

“Sorry, Josh, sorry. I’m trying not to hurt you,” I apologized, knowing it didn’t matter what I said.

“I know you are, Matt, but can you just be done?”

“Nearly done, nearly done.” I had to make sure the foam was correctly layered before it hardened.

Grimacing, Josh ground out, “No, you’re done, Matt, you’re done. That’s a great splint. Stop! Stop…ah…”

I ignored his pleas. I needed to finish. “How’s that feel?” I asked him a minute later.

“Agony,” he groused. He raised his head to look at me. I saw the pain in his expression, yet he still managed to smile. “I think I could use the pain meds now.”

I leaned in and kissed his lips. I’d wanted to do that since the moment he came to. “Just to make you feel better while I get the medications.”

“It worked,” Josh said with a grin.

I pulled the medic box closer and it took only a moment to give Josh a dose of the drugs. “That should help in a minute or two.”

“A kiss might help in the meantime,” Josh whispered, leaning close. I obliged with pleasure.

I sighed as I pulled away. “I should go and check on Dennis again.”

“Before you do that, help me up.”

“Josh, no. I don’t think you should move.”

“Probably not, but I need to get back to work on that comm.” He reached up to put an arm around my shoulder. “Come on. Ah!” he said as I helped him stand. “Should’ve kissed me for longer,” he mumbled.

I wasn’t really happy moving him, but the trouble was I knew he was right. We had little time and we had to find a way out of this mess. He leaned against me as I helped him back to the chair by the console.

<end excerpt>

If you’d like to read the whole story, it’s available here

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