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December 30, 2012

An Enigma (OW#4) 25% excerpt!

Time for another 25% excerpt and today it’s from the fourth novella from the Other Worlds Series, AN ENIGMA.

AnEnigma_medAdam panicked for a moment, unable to ignore the possibility Rafe was injured. Then he berated himself for his stupidity. First, why should Rafe be injured when Adam wasn’t? Then again, as Chris and John weren’t answering either, wasn’t it much more likely his comm-unit was damaged in the fall? Or maybe these strange walls didn’t allow the passage of comm signals?

Frustrated and not knowing what else to do, he yelled. “Anybody, anybody at all?” and was shocked when he got a reply.

“Adam! Is that you? Oh, thank God, where are you? Are you all right?”

“Rafe.” Adam almost laughed in his relief. “I knew you’d try to follow, but I wasn’t sure if you’d succeed.”

“Adam, where are you?” Rafe asked more calmly.

“I’m inside a room, a rectangle made entirely from some kind of thick, translucent glass. There is not much light and I can’t make out what is beyond the wall,” he said, approaching the nearest wall as he spoke. “It looks darker out there, though, but I—”

“Adam,” interrupted Rafe. “Stand still!”

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s all right. Now move to your right just a couple of steps.”

Adam was puzzled, but he did as Rafe requested.

“Move nearer to the wall, Adam.”

“Rafe, what is it?”

“Please, Adam, I need to see if I’m right.”

“See? You…can see me?”

“Walk to the wall,” Rafe repeated.

Adam walked forward until his chest was touching the wall.

“I can’t see you clearly, Adam. I thought I could see something when you moved, and now I see a shadow where you’re standing against the wall.”

“So are you in another of these…glass rooms?” Adam asked, keeping his voice calm, though he hoped Rafe wasn’t trapped, too.

“No. I’m in a large room and there’s only the one glass wall. The others are made of the same metal as the hall above. There’s only one narrow opening, and I haven’t had chance to check where it goes yet. Have you checked out where your exit goes?”


Rafe waited for an answer and was puzzled when none came. He called again, a little louder, “Adam, can you see the way out?”

“There isn’t one, Rafe.”


“It’s difficult to see in here and when I couldn’t see an exit, I double-checked by touch. The walls are smooth and there aren’t any markings, not even ridges or any indication of cracks or fault lines. The walls are so sleek.”

Rafe felt a sudden chill. Obviously, whatever the purpose of the room above, there had been some kind of security device and Adam had triggered it. Why he hadn’t ended up in the same kind of…cell, perhaps…as Adam, Rafe didn’t know. It didn’t really matter now; all that mattered was getting Adam out.

“Keep calm, Adam,” he called. “I’m going to call for help. Chris and John aren’t too far away and it shouldn’t take them long to get back to the…library.” He didn’t think it was a library any longer, but he didn’t know what else to call it. “I know it could take them some time to find us down here, but…”

“Rafe, I tried my comm-unit, but it wouldn’t work from in here. I couldn’t even reach you, and you’re only next door.”

<end excerpt>

To read the rest of the story, available individually as an ebook or in print as part of Other Worlds Vol 2,  go here

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