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December 19, 2012

The Kiva (Tomcat Line Series) 25% excerpt!

Time for another 25% excerpt and today it’s the fourth novella from The Tomcat Line Series, The Kiva.  This excerpt has some very adult content. Enjoy!

TheKiva200x300Spreading his fingers to keep Ian still, Mac lifted his head to look down at him, his eyes dark and glittering, and Ian’s gaze was caught by the silver figure hanging from the chain and drifting against his chest.

“Mac?” Ian asked, unable to keep the uncertainty from his voice.

“Quiet,” Mac murmured leaning down to suckle his neck, “It’s going to be good, we’re always good together.”

As he spoke he released their cocks and his hand gripped Ian’s balls instead, first one then the other, and Ian muttered in frustration when he let them go only to moan as he felt Mac circling his hole and pressing against the protective muscle. Then he was gone, soon to return with a slick finger sliding firmly inside. Ian’s back arched as a second finger was thrust inside.

“Whoa, found it first time!” Mac crowed. “Want that again?”

“Yeah, oh yeah,” Ian murmured and Mac obliged, brushing his prostate a second time.

Then Mac took a firm grip of Ian’s hips and lifted him a little higher before almost immediately thrusting his cock inside his lover in one smooth movement. Mac pulled almost all the way out before ramming back in, and Ian gasped before commencing to moan and mutter as Mac set up a fast pace, leaning forward over Ian to get a better position to thrust as deep into his lover as he could manage.

Sensations were flooding through Ian as Mac set up a bruising pace, slamming into him again and again. He could feel Mac’s balls constantly slapping against his ass and he was pretty sure he would have bruises where Mac was gripping his upper arms. He couldn’t remember Mac being quite so ruthless with him before but he didn’t complain. Damn, if it wasn’t hot. If this was what Mac needed then Ian was determined to enjoy it.

Suddenly Mac stopped, his cock still buried deep inside. Ian was still muttering and thrashing his head from side to side, and eyes shut tight. He felt Mac release his arms.

Ian stopped moving too and opened his eyes. Mac had shifted his upper body to take all his weight on his right hand.  “Mac?” Ian managed to gasp out amidst the sensations overwhelming him.

Without warning Mac clamped his left hand over Ian’s mouth. “I said quiet,” Mac said.

Eyes widening in shock, Ian stared into the impassioned, almost completely black eyes of his lover as they looked back at him, and for a moment he didn’t recognize Mac in their depths.

Mac began thrusting his cock back into him, his rhythm building relentlessly until it was almost painful. Ian closed his eyes again and arched his neck as, all control gone, he climaxed, his semen coating both their chests.

His eyes shot open and he saw Mac, back arched at almost full flexion as he came, his seed shooting deep inside, his hand tightening painfully on Ian’s face for a second before he collapsed against him, half across him and half by his side.

Automatically, Ian lifted a hand to wrap around him but he hesitated, a puzzled look in his eyes. Figuratively shaking off his worries, he rubbed the nape of Mac’s neck and the older man lifted his head and looked at him, his eyes warm. This was the Mac he loved.

“Ian,” he said softly, “you really are something.” Mac kissed his jaw and then brushed butterfly kisses across his mouth over and over.

“Feeling better now?” Ian murmured.

“Being with you always makes me feel good,” he murmured back.

“Good end to a rough day?”

“Rough day? We had a great day!” Mac grinned.

Ian stared at him, his eyes caught again by the Kokopelli.

“You seemed off earlier,” Ian said carefully.

“Off?” Mac queried, frowning.

“Irritable. And just now. You were… you seemed… very alpha.”

Mac raised his eyebrows. “Well yeah, okay, guess I was. I like to take control sometimes but you know that. Ian? I didn’t… you weren’t…?  Everything’s okay, isn’t it?”

Mac seemed really confused, even a little upset, and once again Ian wondered if he weren’t reading more into this than there really was. Mac probably wasn’t even aware of what he’d done while in the throes of his passion.

Ian kept being distracted by the Kokopelli, ascribing effects to it that were probably only in his mind. After all, the Kokopelli was a force for good in the Anasazi religion. He’d been upset and surprised that Mac wanted to keep the artifact and wear it and he acknowledged that fact was most likely what was behind his feelings of misgivings. True, he still didn’t have a good explanation for it, but that didn’t mean anything more than Mac and he needed to have a good talk.

And soon. It wasn’t that the Kokopelli, in and of itself, was that important, it would have looked good in a museum but one more example wouldn’t have added anything else to the world’s knowledge of the artifact or its place in the history of the Anasazi. He wouldn’t allow it to sour his relationship with his partner.

He smiled gently. “Yes, Mac, everything is fine but we do need to talk.”

“Talk?” Mac frowned.

“About that,” Ian answered, reaching out to finger the silver figure, but Mac angled away and he brushed his side instead.

“Nothing to say,” Mac commented irritably. “I found it, I like it and I’m gonna keep it.” With that he turned away and began to pull his pants on.


“Where are you going?” Ian asked when it registered that Mac was getting dressed.

“Just need to…move for a while,” Mac replied, sounding unsure himself of what he wanted. “I’m just going for a short walk,” he added, fastening the last button on his shirt.

“But Mac, it’s almost midnight and we’re in the middle of the desert.”

“So? I know what I’m doing.”

Ian frowned but only said, “Okay, well hang on and I’ll come with you.”

“No. Don’t need you, wait here.” Without another word, Mac walked away.

<end excerpt>

To read the full story, available individually as an ebook and in print as part The Tomcat Line Book II

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