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December 5, 2012

The Wrong Path: fantasy 25% excerpt!

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Today’s 25% excerpt is from my fantasy short, THE WRONG PATH. Enjoy the small touch of magic:)

WrongPath200X300Zeke had never felt such a connection with another person before. It was true that he hadn’t often joined his power with another, but, on the few occasions he had, it had never been anything like that. He supposed it could be because he had been in such need, yet, by the gods, he didn’t quite believe that. The feeling had been so deep, so all encompassing. Or was he over-reacting, his desperation emphasizing his emotions? His skill at reading emotions sometimes made it difficult to judge his own.

He glanced at the man who had rescued him, to find Crispin was staring at him intently. Then all at once Crispin rushed over to kneel by his side. Zeke felt his face heat up as he only just realized he was still lying on the ground; he hadn’t even attempted to move even though he was now free.

Crispin began to run his hands over Zeke’s legs, feeling for any damage. “You’re sure you’re not hurt? That thing was damned heavy; perhaps you didn’t realize before that you had been injured?”

Embarrassed by how much he liked the feel of Crispin’s hands on him, Zeke pushed himself to a sitting position. “No, its weight wasn’t resting on me; it was just the lay of the land that meant I couldn’t get my legs out. They feel stiff and numb, probably just from lying here all that time.”

As he spoke Zeke tried to get up but found his legs were not only stiff but felt as if they wouldn’t obey him and then suddenly painful pins and needles danced up and down his legs. “Curse it!”

“Come on, let me help,” Crispin said, pulling one of Zeke’s arms over his shoulder, then grabbing hold of him around his waist Crispin helped Zeke onto his feet.

“Thank you,” Zeke said a little breathlessly, still having to lean against Crispin as he shook his legs out to help get the circulation moving again.

“I’m on my way to my cottage just a few miles further on. You are very welcome to come with me and rest up till morning.” Crispin smiled and Zeke thought he liked the way that made the man’s eyes crinkle. Then, before Zeke could answer, Crispin suddenly added, “I mean, unless, if you want, I can call for help and get someone to come from the nearest town and take you to a healer there, just to make sure?”

“I would very much like to go to your cottage, if it’s not too much trouble. As I said I’m not really hurt, I don’t need a healer and I can make arrangements to leave you in peace in the morning.” Zeke smiled, reluctantly moving away from the encompassing warmth of Crispin’s arms. He decided he was fascinated with Crispin too.

<end excerpt>

The full story can be purchased from the following sources:  Amazon Kindle    ARe Books    Smashwords

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