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December 2, 2012

Exchange of Gifts 25% Excerpt!

Today the 25%  excerpt comes from my Christmas contemporary story, EXCHANGE OF GIFTS, a friends to lovers story – a genre for which I have a soft spot:) – which is available from MLR Press.

Exchange_of_Gifts_cover200x300As Elliot passed the guest bedroom he noted the door was ajar and he carefully peaked inside to see Adrian sprawled across the bed, still fully dressed and snoring gently.

“Aw, Adrian, you need to get undressed,” Elliot said as he approached the bed.

“Mmmm,” was the only response as Adrian snuggled deeper into the quilt.

Elliot realized he was never going to get Adrian to undress and thought it would at least make the man more comfortable if he removed the heavy jeans. Adrian was lying slightly twisted, half on his left side and half on his stomach.

Elliot manhandled him onto his back and undid the belt and then unzipped the pants. With a bit of maneuvering and judicious rolling of Adrian’s body he managed to pull the jeans down Adrian’s long legs. Elliot had an insane urge to touch the golden skin as it was revealed and was very grateful that Adrian hadn’t gone commando, it would have been just too tempting. He allowed himself the luxury of looking before, sighing with frustration, he threw the quilt that he had pulled from underneath Adrian over the sleeping man.

He took one last look before leaving and closing the door quietly. He leaned against the wall for a moment wishing things could have been different, wishing he could have climbed into the bed beside Adrian and pulled the man into his arms and kissed those sweet lips. More than anything he wanted to know what it felt like to kiss Adrian. Were those luscious lips as soft as they appeared or were they firm but mobile? He thumped his head back against the wall a couple of times before he finally retired to his own bedroom, wondering if he would be able to sleep that night with the object of his desires so close, yet untouchable.

Elliot slept in late the next morning, which was extremely unusual, yet he wasn’t really surprised. He’d had trouble sleeping, and when he finally drifted off his dreams were disturbed by images of Adrian. One moment they were in the throes of ecstasy and the next moment he could hear Adrian calling for him, but Elliot couldn’t see him clearly or reach him. Every time Elliot could almost touch him, Adrian was suddenly farther away. Elliot awoke at four-thirty drenched in sweat with the vision in his mind’s eye of Adrian calling out to him for help but Elliot unable to reach him, and Adrian’s voice grew weaker and weaker until it faded. Elliot had been so disturbed that he had tiptoed to Adrian’s bed and stood for a few minutes just watching him breathe.


Adrian awoke to the glorious aroma of coffee. He waited for one of Elliot’s bad jokes at his expense but he waited in vain. He gingerly opened one eye, having to close it again immediately as the sunlight streaming in the window was too much. He didn’t remember the blinds being open; in fact he was sure they hadn’t been.

“Elliot?” he waited but there was only silence. He raised a hand to shield his eyes and opened them again, surprised to find the room empty. The blinds had been opened fully. A mug of coffee was steaming on the bedside table. “Elliot,” he called again, a little louder. Frowning, Adrian picked up the coffee, sipped it and finding it perfect, he gulped it down greedily.

He suddenly remembered what day it was and for the first time since he was a kid, he was excited about Christmas morning. In what for Adrian was undue haste, he jumped out of bed, only then realizing that he was wearing only his boxers and a tee. He knew he’d collapsed on the bed too tired to bother undressing. His face flamed for a second as he understood that Elliot must have removed his jeans, to be followed by chagrin that he’d missed the experience. He was determined to miss no more of Elliot’s company on this special day and hurried into the bathroom.

<end excerpt>

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