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November 4, 2012

Conversations – 25% Excerpt and a Giveaway!

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Today I am giving you an excerpt commencing at the quarter point in my contemporary novelette, CONVERSATIONS – and I’m also giving one reader a chance to win a Giveway of the book!  Just send me an email to with Conversations Giveaway in the subject line and I’ll pick a winner by midnight on Monday – good luck:)

“No, you didn’t, but I guess I knew, somewhere deep inside.” Craig smiled. “Just as well that I love you, too, eh?”

Smiling, John stepped close and reached for Craig. “So, why wait?”

“Nuh-uh, back off, John.”

“Aw Craig, not more talking! I want to taste those lips. I’ve spent years dreaming about those lips of yours, let alone wondering what your skin feels like and what–”

“Stop please,” Craig breathed.

“Stop? You all right, Craig? You look pale.”

“Can’t think when you talk like that. You’ve dreamed about me? Kissing me? And other stuff?”

“Lots of other stuff. D’ya want me to tell you about it?” John teased, stroking a finger down Craig’s arm, making Craig shiver. John’s voice suddenly sounded huskier as he continued, “I used to have this fantasy about you taking a shower. Oh God, Craig, have you any idea what it was like to see you in the showers after we played squash and not have any right to touch you?”

“Actually, I do. You’d happily walk around without a damned stitch on. At least I wore a towel, damn it. There you were buck-naked, perfect, so near and so fucking far. I had a whole library of fantasies about you John Davison, fuelled by those showers.”

“What sort of fantasies?”

Craig laughed. “This wasn’t exactly the talking I had in mind, yet it actually answers a lot of questions.”

“Questions?” John frowned.

“I wondered if it was just sex you wanted or if you had feelings for me. You answered that.” Craig was unable to stop himself reaching for John and he clasped his hands. “I wanted to know if you had any experience with men, I guess you answered that, too. Now I want to know how much experience you’ve had and then we can see if we can work on any of your fantasies.”

“I’ve had enough experience, my less-than-innocent friend. Though I have to admit it has been a while. I’ve been somewhat distracted by a certain person for some time.”

Craig smiled holding tightly to John’s hands. “Okay. You tell me one of your fantasies and I’ll tell you one of mine and then we can decide which one we try out first.”

The Fantasies

“Why do I have to go first? It was your idea.”

“You’re the oldest,” Craig said, trying to hide his grin.

“Well, thanks.”

“No, John, I mean you probably have more experience.”

“Nice save.”

“John, the sooner we start, the sooner we can… decide.”

“Right.” John grinned. “You wanna sit for this?”

Gaze holding John’s, Craig stepped back until his legs hit the sofa and he collapsed onto it.

John just stood and watched him.

“You’re in the locker room, Craig, on your own. I open the door and walk in, but you don’t hear me ‘cause you’re singing something or other. I walk to the end of the row of lockers and am just about to turn when I see you. You’re getting undressed; you’ve already removed your outer clothing, just a Tee and boxers left.”

“Go on,” Craig breathed.

<end excerpt>

If you want to read the rest of the story it can be purchased from the following sources:

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