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October 21, 2012

The Partners (Binary Stars 5: Book 1) – 25% Excerpt

Today’s 25% excerpt is from the paranormal duo anthology, Binary Stars 5. Here is a little peek into the story of The Partners from a quarter way into the story, which is available from Phaze Books:

The HeliotropeRichard looked from one to the other before he said, “Okay, as long as you only watch. Right?”

“I swear,” Bohdri agreed, giving a small bow. He kept his smile to himself. He rarely just watched but he never interfered. Servicing himself hardly counted, did it?

Chapter Two

Antoninus led the way into the room at the end of the long corridor. It was a well appointed bedroom. Whoever had designed it had good taste, Rick thought. Dominating the room was a king-sized bed. The dark blue coverlet had already been turned back, revealing pale blue silk sheets. Not far from the bed, a loveseat sat at an angle near to a window covered with heavy drapes.

Antoninus, or Anton as Rick was now beginning to think of him, walked straight to the bed and watched as Rick looked around. Bohdri moved directly to the loveseat and sat down, crossed his legs and seemed to get comfortable. A wave of embarrassment washed over Rick.

“It’s all right, Richard, relax. You are going to have a delightful time.”

Rick turned to look at Anton, his cock reacting to the look in Anton’s eyes as much as the words. He found himself walking slowly towards Anton, his heart racing as he licked his lips. God, he wanted this man – this vampire – so much it was heady.

“Undress me,” Anton said softly and Rick’s fingers shook as he reached to remove the jacket from his shoulders. “Slowly, Richard, enjoy it. Know that you are getting closer, layer by layer; know that you will soon be flying.”

“Damn, Anton, you’re not helping me calm down,” Rick said and Anton laughed.

“Probably doesn’t want you to,” Bohdri interjected. “He wants you panting for it.”

“You’re here to watch, Bohdri,” Anton said. “That means use your eyes, not your mouth.”

The words sounded harsh, but Anton’s expression was soft as he looked at Bohdri. Rick wondered just exactly what was between these two. Just friends, they said, but it seemed more than that to him. But it wasn’t his affair, and anyway he was here for something else. He turned his attention back to what he was doing, glancing up at Anton’s face as he popped the button on Anton’s slacks and pulled out his shirt. Anton might have said to go slow but Rick wanted to see the skin beneath the shirt. So he unfastened it as quickly as he could and slid the shirt off to pool at Anton’s feet.

Anton’s body was as perfect as his face; not overly muscled but just enough to show fine definition. Rick’s gaze followed the contours of his body to the flat stomach and the trail of hair that disappeared below his waistband. Rick had to touch and he carefully placed a hand on Anton’s chest. Cool, so cool. It made his hand feel hot as he brushed it over Anton’s pecs. He glanced up at Anton’s face to find the vampire watching him intently. The heat in his hands seemed to rush over him. Quickly Rick unzipped Anton’s pants and pushed them and his underwear down his legs.

<end excerpt>

If you want to know more you can purchase the book here

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