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October 13, 2012

Bridging Time: today’s 25% Excerpt – and a Giveaway!

It’s Sunday so here’s another excerpt starting a quarter way through one of my stories. This time it’s from the paranormal novelette, Bridging Time, which references two time periods in the building / repair of the Golden Gate bridge. This week I have also decided to offer a copy of the book as a Giveaway – just send me an email to (to with the names of the two men involved and I’ll pick one lucky winner. The contest will be open until midnight tomorrow (Monday).

Anthony stared at him, really seeing him for the first time.  He liked the look of the man, bright green eyes in a face of clean straight lines.  Brewster did have a scar above his right eyebrow but it only gave him a rakish air that Anthony thought was attractive.  His hair was dark brown, with lighter streaks visible as the sun caught it.  The man had a lean strong body, and hands that looked every bit as strong and capable as Anthony knew they were.

“Thanks,” he said.  “I’m Anthony.  You made it pretty clear what you wanted, Mr. Brewster.”

Brewster lifted an eyebrow.  “You sound educated.  What’cha doing this job for?”

“So I can eat, Mr. Brewster.  No one wants a Professor of Art History at the moment.”

“You’re a professor?” Brewster nodded but gave no sign of surprise.  “What exactly does an art historian do then?”

So Anthony explained to him as succinctly as he could, expecting to be shut down at any moment.  Other than Jim, none of the other workers seemed to want to hear about such things, quickly becoming bored and wanting to talk about subjects they understood.

However, Brewster listened; even asking a couple of very smart questions and Anthony began to chide himself for underestimating the man.

“Come on,” Brewster said, “I know a nice quiet place where we can eat.  Most of the men like to stay outside, but I like a change.”  He led Anthony to a small door at the base of the nearest tower and showed him to a makeshift room at the rear of the store area where a table and a few chairs were scattered about.  “I like to read and that’s easier in here,” Brewster explained.  He got out his lunch box and Anthony followed suit.  They started with small talk, but as they relaxed in each other’s company they learned more about each other.

At the end of their first day together Brewster told the supervisor that he wanted Forbes to assist him from then on and they became partners at work.  Mike, as Brewster now wanted to be called, took Anthony under his wing and a friendship slowly developed between the two men. Eventually they began to see each other after work too.

They would meet for coffee and to talk, or sometimes go to a bar.  Occasionally they would play cards with some of the others but Anthony didn’t like to gamble and after a while he persuaded Mike to learn how to play chess.  Surprisingly, Mike found he liked it. He taught Anthony checkers in return and they regularly visited one another’s apartments to challenge each other to a game.  Gradually, the friendship became more important than either man would have expected.


Three months later the friendship finally became what each man secretly wanted but had been afraid to admit to the other.  Not surprisingly, it was the more confident Mike who finally broke through the barrier of fear and uncertainty.

<end excerpt>

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