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October 6, 2012

Re-release of Fantasy novella, Zimaya Heights!

I’ve just arranged the re-release of my fantasy adventure novella, Zimaya Heights.

The book is available from:  Amazon     All Romance eBooks     Smashwords

Twenty-seven year old Willem Rostoq is worried about his father, Tomaz, the famous explorer and archaeologist who’s missing in just about the most dangerous place in the world. In a fit of pique Will pressed his father to take on the challenge to find the fabled lost city of the Q’anan in the dangerous jungles of the Zimaya Heights. Will persuades Gant, an old colleague of his father, to accompany him on an expedition to find Tomaz.

Through torrential rain and unbelievable heat, surrounded by insects, vicious snakes, and animals long since thought extinct, they travel deeper and deeper into the jungle toward the Heights and the towering Mount Zimaya.

As a youth Will looked up to Gant, but Gant attracts the adult Will in a very different way. Gant would like nothing better than to share his life with Will, but how Will react when he discovers why Tomaz threw him out all those years ago?

Gant pulled the towel from his hair as the washroom door was sharply closed. He frowned and looked at the door, wondering if he’d missed something. Shrugging, he dropped the towel and quickly pulled on pair of loose sleep pants. He usually didn’t bother with the top but he thought he’d better wear one tonight. Will seemed to be particularly nervous at sleeping by his side.

Sighing, Gant pulled on the top and flopped down on the bed, wishing it was already next morning. He firmly believed it was going to be a long night.

As if in confirmation, Will walked out of the washroom, clad only in a towel. “Doesn’t this place run to robes?” he asked.

“Apparently, just lots of towels.” Gant grinned, eyes tracking up and down Will’s body. He made himself glance away before Will realized what he was doing.

Will looked unsure for a moment before he grabbed his night attire and took it back into the washroom.

Gant was at once both relieved and frustrated. He would have loved to see Will in all his naked glory, but knew very well it would have been a mistake. He rolled off the bed and turning back the covers he slid underneath them, and lay back, waiting for Will to return, which he did almost immediately. Will glanced at Gant lying in the bed but didn’t say anything. He walked swiftly around to the other side and climbed into the bed.

Still not looking at him, Will flicked off the light bar over the bed, saying, “See you in the morning,” as he did so.

Gant felt the bed dip as Will settled. Gant allowed his eyes to become accustomed to the dim light before turning to look at Will. The man was lying on his back, his arms placed rigidly by his side on top of the covers. He looked more like a statue than a living man and seemed decidedly uncomfortable.

“Relax, Will, or neither of us is going to get any sleep,” Gant said gently. “You trust me, don’t you? And I trust you. Just relax.”

Softly, Will spoke, “Of course I trust you. I’ll try. I’m not even sure why I feel so tense.”

Gant didn’t say anything else; he just turned onto his side, his back to Will. He kept his breathing as even as he could, listening. After a few moments, the bed dipped again as Will also turned over, and eventually he heard Will’s breathing slow and even out. When he thought Will was finally asleep, Gant allowed himself to relax.

* * * *

Surely it can’t be morning already, Gant thought, feeling more tired that he expected. Then as he became more aware, he realized it wasn’t the approaching dawn that had woken him, it was the weight of the arm thrown across his hip. He was still lying on his side but now he was facing Will and sometime during the night, Will had draped his arm over Gant’s side, his fingers splayed on the small of Gant’s back.

The warmth and weight of Will’s arm and hand on his skin sent goose bumps skittering along his spine, and Gant had to stifle a gasp as his cock rose in response to the sensation. But though Gant would have liked nothing better than to indulge his senses with Will, he acknowledged that the feelings welling in him were not just those of sexual desire. He was filled with an emotional need to take care of Will, to protect him and ensure he received whatever it was he wanted from life. He wished that Will could reciprocate the feeling, that Will could feel that same need in respect of him, but he knew that was expecting too much.

Will’s face was only inches from Gant’s. He could feel the gentle breaths wafting towards him. Gant hadn’t even realized he had lifted his hand to caress the beloved face until he saw his own hand a mere inch from Will’s face. Reluctantly, Gant lowered his hand. At least he could look his fill while Will was asleep. It was just a shame that his eyes were closed, Gant felt he could happily fall into the depths of those deep blue eyes and never come out. Smiling at his own sentimentality, Gant knew he couldn’t indulge himself like this; it would only hurt him in the end, though that was most likely going to happen anyway. It was hard to avoid when your feelings were unrequited.

Very carefully, Gant slid out from under Will’s arm but before he was free, Will mumbled something under his breath, frowned and then rolled onto his back, his arm slipping from Gant’s body. Taking one last look at Will, Gant swung his legs over and sat on the edge of the bed. He glanced over at the window and saw that dawn was indeed rising. Knowing there was no way he could get back into bed with Will, Gant stood and moved quietly to the washroom.

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