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September 30, 2012

A Million Pinpricks: 25% excerpt – and a Giveaway!

It’s Sunday so here’s another excerpt starting a quarter way into one of my stories. This time it’s from the Sci-fi/Futuristic novella, A Million Pinpricks – and wow it starts right in the middle of a sex scene!  This week I’ve also decided to offer a copy of the book as a Giveaway – just send me an email (to with the names of the two lovers and I’ll pick one lucky reader. The contest will be open until midnight tomorrow (Monday).

“Harder, Joel…you can…oh God, that’s it. Again, do that again.” My cock was hard without even being touched. Slipping an arm around my waist and lifting me even higher, Joel pulled me back against him. Now, every thrust hit my sweet spot and all I could do was moan and cry out.

“Yes, yes…mmm, there…again, oh God, oh God, again…yes, yes.”

“Gonna come, can’t stop…gonna….gonna, yes. Taylor!” As Joel’s semen filled me, my own orgasm overwhelmed me and I spurted onto the sheets below, muttering Joel’s name over and over as he collapsed onto my back. Joel pulled out, taking his weight off my body; not that I’d have minded if he’d stayed.

“Feel good,” I told him, “Real good, Jo.” I felt Joel relaxing against me. He slid his hands underneath me, and pulled me closer, then rolled us both onto our sides.

Drifting as I lay comfortably in my lover’s arms, I knew which lessons I enjoyed the most.

Chapter Two

 Oh, God, here I am stuck in a wrecked ship waiting to die and just thinking about Joel gives me a hard-on! We’re good together, or should I say we were good together.

I hate this waiting; it’s like the universe is playing a sick game with me, giving me enough time to remember, enough time to regret that there’s not a damn thing I can do about dying.


After days of study, the scientists all seemed to have different theories about what the phenomenon was, but if truth were told, none of them had any real idea. Apparently, the more they discovered, the more questions presented themselves. It was just as frustrating for me having to listen to their constant speculation.

“Commander Sterling, we’ve done all we can from this distance. We need to get better sensor data to even begin to understand exactly what it is we’re dealing with here. Take us in closer, please,” Philips demanded.

I’d been expecting this and had already discussed the possibility with Joel. As I’d know he would, he shared my opinion. “Professor, you know how dangerous that could be. The closer we get to that,” I indicated the dramatic light show with a wave of my hand, “the greater the risk to the ship.”

“The whole point of the mission is to gain data, Sterling. I insist you get us as close as possible. I’m sure Campion is capable of watching the various readouts for you,” Phillips added snidely.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Joel’s head snap up at that and knowing how quickly the man’s temper could get the better of him, I said calmly, “Joel.”

He met my gaze, and got the unspoken message just from the tone of my voice. I had to suppress a smile as he merely rolled his eyes in response, saying nothing.

“We will not be moving closer,” I told Phillips firmly.

Phillips made a show of accepting my decision, but not for long. A day later, urged on by his team, he repeated the demand. Already, there was so much pull from the gaping orifice that I was struggling just to hold the ship on station. This time, Joel voiced his objection, backing up my decision to refuse.

Phillips then took pleasure in reminding me that though I was the commander of the ship, he was the commander of the scientific mission. Rather gleefully he went on to announce that if he felt it was necessary to take this action to complete the mission then I had no choice but to obey. Unfortunately, the bastard was correct. Once on station the Mission Commander had authority. I so wanted to have a few words with whatever idiot thought up that standing rule. Obviously, he’d never been in a position to understand how stupid it was.

I tried, of course, to make Phillips understand one more time, even though I knew it was a waste of breath. “Damn it, Phillips, don’t you realize that if I try to fly us closer I can’t guarantee our safety? There’s no way of knowing the effect of that thing on the ship.”

Phillips raised an eyebrow and retorted acerbically, “Which is why we need further data. The consensus is that it might be some kind of spatial rift, but we need more detailed readings. Your piloting skills should be adequate to the task, so let’s see you use them.”

He knew that would get to me, and even though I knew what he was doing I couldn’t stop myself as I reiterated, “The fact that I’m here proved that I earned it, Professor!”

<end excerpt>

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