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September 19, 2012

25% Excerpt – m/m Sci-Fi, A Favor For A Friend (OW#1)!

Today’s 25% excerpt is from A FAVOR FOR A FRIEND which is the first book in my Sci-Fi/futuristic series, OTHER WORLDS. Enjoy!

It didn’t take long before the general returned with Holgate in tow and Jake was relieved to learn the engineering colonel did require all the reliable help he could get. Together with a few engineers he could spare from the other levels, Jake’s team and three other volunteers, Holgate had twelve personnel. Jake knew more people had volunteered, but the area was so unstable that too many people working there was dangerous.

Holgate and the three engineers he had taken from the teams working on eight and nine poured over blueprints. The general joined the group, as did Lieutenant Garber.

Waiting around while Holgate and his engineers checked, double-checked and confirmed their findings before they approved the rescue plan only allowed time for Jake’s feelings to coalesce. Bart had made an impression on Jake almost from the moment they had met, and that importance had grown until it became part of him, as important as breathing and just as automatic. Jake struggled to keep a grip on his emotions. How could he have put into danger the person who meant most to him in the world?

He knew if he lost Bart, he lost everything. He was not only Jake’s best friend, he was the person Jake loved, the person who made life worth living, the person who made him laugh, who made him cry, who made him see value in not only the large things in life, but the little vital things that were always there but rarely recognized. He was Jake’s link with life and without him he had nothing. If Jake lost Bart now because of his own stupid culpability…

He felt hot tears pricking at his eyes and he fought to keep them from falling. For that, he needed privacy, which he didn’t have and couldn’t afford. If he needed to grieve, he would do that later. Now he just needed to act. If that action came to naught, he would only grieve long enough to put the bullets in his gun.

Pushing aside that morbid thought, he made himself a promise. When…when they freed Bart, when he was safe and they were alone, Jake would tell him the truth. Jake would tell Bart how much he meant to him, how much he was needed, how much he was loved. Jake didn’t know how Bart would react to that, whether he could ever see Jake as more than just a friend, but he felt Bart had a right to know he made this major’s life worth living.

If nothing else came of it, at least Bart would know. He was an open, understanding man. Bart would never turn away from an admission of love. He may not return it, but he would never denigrate it.

Another fear did raise its ugly head, though–how would Bart feel if he was seriously hurt because Jake had persuaded him to stay and work on that report? This was one answer he wasn’t quite as sure of. What he did know was that if he’d caused Bart any suffering, if he needed help, looking after, anything, then Jake was prepared to do whatever it took.

<end excerpt>

To read the full story, which is available individually in ebook, or in print as part of the Other Worlds series, go Here

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