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September 12, 2012

25% Excerpt: The Hitch-hiker (Tomcat #1)

Here is the second of my twice weekly 25% excerpts, which as the title suggests begin a quarter of the way into a book. This time it’s from The Hitch-hiker which is the first book in my gay contemporary series, The Tomcat Line.

“God, Simon I told you from the beginning that Ian wasn’t as naïve as you thought. Nor was he stupid, was he? You were so sure this legend he believed in was hogwash and you made sure everyone else thought it was too, didn’t you? You were too clever to come out and say so publicly yourself and alienate Tyler’s blue-eyed boy. No, you tried to make a fool of him, but now you are the fool. He has proof and when he gets it back to Tyler he’ll be the one with tenure and fame with all the power that brings. Why the hell did I listen to you? Ian really cared for me but he had no interest in power or money and I was stupid enough to believe you when you said you could give me everything.”

“The point, my dear, is that you did listen to me. You betrayed poor, sweet Ian and dumped him like a ton of bricks when you saw a brighter star to follow. You might sneer at me now, but remember, I will succeed in the end and if you want to rise up the ladder you stay with the winner. Tyler is away until after the weekend and there is no way Ian can get a message to him. All I have to do is get the artifact from Grayson and present it to Tyler and the faculty.”

“You’ve been trying for ten days to get that from him and even with that lump you hired he still has it. The trucker helped him, you say? I wonder why he got involved,” she said thoughtfully.

Simon had his own ideas about that but he wasn’t going to voice them to Natalie. She had never understood the situation between him and Ian and he had no intention of enlightening her. She believed that he had wanted to break up the relationship between Ian and her out of jealousy. Jealousy for the success and acclamation that Ian received and jealously that Ian had Natalie.

She was partly correct. He was jealous of the position Ian had created for himself at the University.  Dr. Tyler had come to rely on Ian more and more, taking his advice and opinion even over the older faculty members. Simon was very ambitious and he knew if he was going to make the kind of career for himself that he wanted, he needed the approbation of his peers. He also needed a visible success, especially if it could also interest the public at large. He worked hard to insinuate himself into Ian’s life and to make himself as indispensable as he could to Tyler.

However, he was also jealous of the relationship that Natalie had developed with Ian. Though he wasn’t jealous of Ian having Natalie, he was jealous of Natalie having Ian.

From the first moment he had set eyes on him, Simon had wanted Ian Grayson. Academically he wanted to be Ian; the man had a flare that one had to be born with. Emotionally he wanted Ian’s level-headed acceptance of who and what he was; Simon was never satisfied with his own lack of vision. Physically, he wanted Ian’s body, he wanted to own it and perhaps more importantly he wanted Ian to want him. It galled him all the more that Ian showed no interest in him, when he knew perfectly well that Ian was bisexual.

He knew that Ian’s lover before Natalie had been a young man and that the relationship had lasted three years, only ending because Andrew had gained an excellent post in England. Simon had made it his business to find out everything he could about Ian, but he had no idea if Natalie knew about his relationship with Andrew.

Ian had been very discreet and his sexuality wasn’t public knowledge on the campus so unless Ian had told her, the odds were she didn’t know. Yet, Ian wasn’t the kind to keep such important things secret if he was interested in a serious permanent relationship with Natalie. If she did know, she kept it quiet from him, probably assuming that Simon didn’t know and he was quite happy to keep it that way. He didn’t want her to know that he desired the other man and had only broken them up so Ian would be free of her. He preferred to keep her close to him and away from Ian. He also made damn sure that Ian knew exactly why she had left him for Simon. She was only out for what she could get and she would use any means necessary to achieve her goal.

Now he wondered if it was possible the trucker, who he had to admit had been quite something to look at, was after Ian for himself. Simon may have been on the wrong end of the man’s anger but he hadn’t failed to notice the stranger’s handsome face or figure, even if a little older than he would normally have been interested in. Then again, surely the few hours Ian and the trucker had spent in each other’s company wouldn’t have been enough time to develop any kind of bond. It was more likely the man was just some kind of do-gooder.

Natalie was speaking again, “Maybe it would be wise to invest in some more help. Obviously Walker out there,” she said indicating the car outside against which the other man was lounging, “isn’t sufficient to take care of Ian and his new friend.”

“Oh, so you’ve decided to carry on batting for my team,” he said snidely.

“Don’t be stupid, I never had any intention of doing anything else. Who are you suggesting I would turn to? Ian?” She laughed harshly and Simon wondered if she was regretting just how thoroughly she had burned her bridges with Ian. “It just seems to me you keep under-estimating him,” she added.

“If that trucker hadn’t interfered I’d have that backpack off him and then we’d have the proof. The plan should’ve worked,” Simon said peevishly.

“So we need a new one. They’ll keep heading towards Chicago, presuming he stays with this trucker. Do we know who he is?”

“No. I saw the logo on his truck, perhaps we could find out something about him. I mean, what are the odds of Ian finding a truck going all the way to Chicago? If we can discover how far he is going maybe we could wait until Ian is on his own again.”

“Okay, but you can’t bank on that. I’ll do some digging; find out what I can about the trucker or his route. You see if Walker has a friend. We’ll make some new plans.” She moved to her luggage taking out a laptop. “What was the logo?”

<end excerpt>

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