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September 9, 2012

25% Excerpt from SMOKE SCREEN!

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Welcome to the first post in my new twice weekly series the 25% Excerpts. Below you’ll find an excerpt that commences at the 25% point in my m/m novella SMOKE SCREEN, which was the first story I ever had published. By chance the excerpt contains a scene that I’d normally consider NC17:).

Richard felt his heart turn over in his chest and his mouth went dry.

It wasn’t the first time he’d been attracted to another man; he’d known for some years that his tastes went either way, but he had never before had such feelings for anyone, not of either sex. He was completely bowled over by the depth of his emotion for Julian.

That was only the beginning. Richard couldn’t stop watching Julian. He watched the way Julian controlled his horse when they went riding, loved to see the easy strength of the man. He observed the way the younger man moved when they fenced, the coiled tension in his body. He liked nothing better than to watch Julian’s mouth as he spoke, as he ate, following the motion as he swallowed and Richard couldn’t help the reaction in his groin.

When they went to the Boxing Club, Richard found he couldn’t help but admire the delineation of Julian’s muscles and considered how they would feel beneath his fingers. Then he wondered how it would feel to have those same elegant fingers on his body…

Then the fantasies started.

It was dark in the box and Richard chose to sit at the back, even more in the shadows, and let his mind wander back to the very first fantasy he’d ever had; his first and his favourite.

He was in his study and Julian was in the window seat, just as it really happened when he’d had his epiphany, only this time when the younger man looked up and smiled Richard rose and walked over to him. Julian looked a little afraid and his mouth was slightly open as if he was going to ask a question but no words came. So slowly, Richard leaned down and covered that delicious mouth with his own. Julian gasped a little in shock but when Richard’s hands came to rest on his shoulders encouraging him to rise, the younger man got to his feet eagerly. They stared at each other for a moment then by mutual silent consent their lips met again, mouths opened and Richard sighed with utter contentment as he tasted Julian for the first time.

Slowly in Richard’s fantasy, the scene changed and they were lying naked in his bed. Richard was learning first hand what it felt like to touch and be touched by the man he had come to realise he loved so very much and in this little private world of his, Julian loved him back.

Julian was kissing his chest and brushing his fingers over Richard’s nipples as he moved his hands up and down Julian’s spine and over his buttocks. The men writhed against each other. Lips were kissing and nipping everywhere they could reach, creating heat that raced along nerves till each man was shivering with desire. Their cocks slid past each other with every move, creating more and more friction until Richard was panting with the need to come and with the need to see the look in Julian’s eyes as his own orgasm hit.

Reliving the fantasy sitting in the dark as the music reached its crescendo, all Richard felt was despair that he would never really see what Julian looked like in the throes of ecstasy.


Julian looked at his pocket-watch again and decided he was doing the right thing by making his way directly to the ball. The evening had been a disaster from the beginning and he had seriously thought about just going home when it was clear that his carriage was damaged beyond repair in the accident. It was only the thought of Richard wondering what had happened to him that made him determined to keep going. It had taken some time to sort out the mess with the other driver who at least had the decency to admit it had been entirely his fault. The man was in a hurry to meet his lady friend as he had been running late; hence he had taken the corner too fast and was unable to control his vehicle, colliding with Sir Julian.

Luckily, neither humans nor horses had been injured, though his carriage was damaged beyond using again that night.

<end excerpt>

If you enjoyed the excerpt and want to read the book, it is available from:  Amazon     ARe Books    Smashwords

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