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December 12, 2011

Free read, SOMETHING ROMANTIC, available for download!

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I’ve just uploaded a short Free Read, SOMETHING ROMANTIC, which I hope folk will enjoy! You can download it from:  ALL ROMANCE EBOOKS   SMASHWORDS  and  1PLACE FOR ROMANCE

BLURB : Patrick and Adam have been a couple for one month and Patrick wants to celebrate the occasion with his lover by doing something romantic.  Of course, what one considers romantic all depends….

EXCERPT : Even though he was tired he couldn’t help but wish Adam was here, but his lover was still at his conference in Washington. The last time Patrick spoke to Adam, about nine that morning, Adam had told him that he didn’t expect to be home until the next afternoon, but he planned to be home in time to have dinner with Patrick that next evening.

Patrick let the water run over his body as he contemplated what he would cook for dinner the next night.  Adam was probably expecting to eat out, or maybe order something in, but Patrick had a more personal agenda in mind.  Something special – something romantic. Would candles be too much?

He wondered if Adam would remember what tomorrow was. Probably not. Adam was pragmatic and it probably wouldn’t even occur to him to celebrate the anniversary of their first month together. But that didn’t imply it wouldn’t mean something to him. It would, just as much as it did to Patrick, but whereas Patrick would quite happily admit it, Adam would more than likely brush it off with some throw away line. He liked to pretend he wasn’t romantic, but Adam Petersen could be as romantic as the next man, and more so than some Patrick had known.


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