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November 2, 2011

Short story, MORE THAN SEX, for only $0.99!

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I am pleased to announce that I have self-published another of my short stories – MORE THAN SEX – a contemporary friends to lovers tale.

It is available for only $0.99 from ARe Books, 1Place for Romance, and Smashwords:


When Richard met Phillip, he found someone who did everything humanly possible to make his life better. The problem was, the longer they were friends, the better a person Phillip proved to be and, in the end, the worse Richard treated him; anything to avoid confessing the truth. If Phillip weren’t so good and decent, maybe Richard could be worthy of his kindness. If Richard could just be honest about his feelings, he’d be worthy of so much more.


Philip watched from his window as Richard’s car went by yet again. Twice tonight, surely that had to mean something. They had both been extremely busy on different projects for a while, but that didn’t usually stop Richard from dropping in for a chat whenever he could grab a minute. Yet Richard had been conspicuous by his absence from Philip’s office during most of the last week.

Philip sipped his wine, wondering if Richard had decided to take the bull by the horns and face him at last. He was sick of putting up with Richard’s crap. Not that he didn’t understand — he probably understood better than Richard did. So much so that he had been seriously debating cornering Richard and challenging the man. Philip had only allowed Richard to go as far as he had because he knew how hard it was for Richard to accept what was happening. Knowing that feelings weren’t something Richard handled easily at the best of times, Philip knew that coming to terms with this would be even harder. But it had been months now, and Philip wasn’t prepared to accept it much longer. If Richard didn’t say something soon, then Philip would. The only other option would be for one of them to move on, and Philip couldn’t accept that.

Ooh, interesting. He’s parking. Philip moved back slightly from his window so as not to be seen from the street. If Richard had finally — finally — made up his mind, Philip was not about to spoil things. He smiled and then he drained his glass.



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