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September 25, 2010

The Kiva for sale at ARe!

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The Kiva

The Kiva

By: Stevie Woods | Other books by Stevie Woods
Published By: MLR Press, LLC
ISBN # 9781608201792
Word Count: 30800
Heat Index

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Mobipocket, Epub

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About the book

Ian needs a vacation and what better way than joining Mac for a week on one of his trucking runs. Mac has a surprise planned for his lover but it seems that Mac is the one in for a surprise when Ian finds a Native American Kiva in an ancient pueblo. But then Mac begins to act out of character and Ian finds each day becoming harder as Mac’s behavior becomes stranger and more threatening. Ian has to discover more about the Anasazi as he comes to suspect there was something dark hidden in the ancient Kiva.

An excerpt from the book

Chapter One

Ian roused from his doze and squirmed in his seat, trying to get his slightly numb ass comfortable, sighing with pleasure as his glance fell on the handsome man driving the big eighteen wheeler along the busy highway ahead.

As if he knew he was being watched, Mac spared a quick glance in his passenger’s direction.

“You finally decided to join me again.” Mac grinned even as he turned his attention back to the road.

“Hmm,” murmured Ian, very content to just soak up the atmosphere. He rarely got the opportunity to just spend time driving across the country with Mac, and he really wanted to savor each day. Sitting up in the high cab next to his lover always seemed like the perfect adventure to Ian, and he had some experience of the adventures of life.

“What are you thinking about?” asked Mac.

“Oh, just that I like being here with you. I don’t get enough time to just be, you know? Not to have to worry about lectures and presentations, students and faculty. People are always expecting me to have something else up my sleeve, no matter how often I tell them it’s empty.”


“You never push me to be anyone but Ian; I don’t have to be Doctor Grayson with you. And while I love spending time at our house in Crystal Lake, I’ve had to stay in my apartment near the University for three weekends in the last two months. It’s just…”


“What?” Ian frowned at being interrupted mid flow.

“I love spending time with you too. And just now that means leaving Doctor Grayson’s problems back in Chicago. Besides,” Mac added with a grin, “you only have yourself to blame. You wouldn’t be in demand if you weren’t so successful.”

Ian harrumphed in disgust and commented, “Well, at least out here there are no Mayan myths to plague this archaeologist.” He glanced around and asked with a puzzled frown, “Where are we anyway?”

“Still on the I-40, but we’ve been in Arizona for a while. It’s not too far to your surprise now.”

“I wish you’d tell me something about it,” Ian grumbled.

“Now, Ian, have some patience, it’ll be worth it.”

“What on earth can there be out here that interests you? It certainly can’t be the Native American Indian sites,” Ian said, sounding wary.

Mac laughed. “No, let’s just say you look down to search out the Earth’s past while I’m more interested in looking up.”

Puzzled, Ian said, “Astronomy, you’re talking about your interest in the stars. What has that got to do with the desert? Or me?”

“You’ll see.”

“You’re being very mysterious.”

Ian was frustrated. Oddly, for an archaeologist who was used to slowly discovering items layer by very thin layer, he didn’t really like surprises. Maybe because he hadn’t had many good ones until he met Mac. Who would have thought snagging a ride from a trucker would have had such an impact on his life? He watched as the miles slipped by, trying to equate his surroundings with Mac’s vague explanation of his treat. His lover had made it quite clear that whatever it was had something to do with an interest of Mac’s, but that Ian would get a kick out of it too. He really was curious now.

It was then that Ian noticed the light was changing, indicating it was later than he realized; evening was approaching.

“Better find a truck stop soon, Mac. I’m hungry and then we can be sure of a good spot for the night.”

“Oh, I’ve already picked out the perfect spot for us to spend the night and it won’t be anywhere near a truck stop.”

Ian glanced at Mac. There was that certain tone in his voice, the one that told Ian his partner was planning something special… or something devious. He never knew with Mac.



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