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May 22, 2010

Zimaya Heights is out!

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The day has arrived! I’ve been waiting for this for some now and it is great to see the book up for sale on the Torquere site.

Here’s the official blurb:

Twenty-seven year old Willem Rostoq is worried about his father, Tomaz, the famous explorer and archaeologist who’s missing in just about the most dangerous place in the world. In a fit of pique Will pressed his father to take on the challenge to find the fabled lost city of the Q’anan in the jungles of the Zimaya Heights. Will persuades Gant, an old colleague of his father, to accompany him on an expedition to find Tomaz.

Through torrential rain and unbelievable heat, surrounded by insects, snakes, and animals long since thought extinct, they travel deeper and deeper into the jungle toward the Heights and the towering Mount Zimaya. As a youth Will looked up to Gant, but Gant attracts the adult Will in a very different way. Gant would like nothing better than to share his life with Will, but he is worried how Will might react when he discovers why Tomaz threw him out all those years ago.

There is also a very nice short excerpt linked from the sale page.


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