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May 7, 2010

Another awesome review for The Hitch-hiker!

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Another excellent Review for my latest release, The Hitch-hiker:

“The Hitchhiker is the first book in the Tomcat series. This is a well written captivating plot of modern day treasure hunting. The very talented Stevie Woods has created a most enjoyable beginning to this series. The storyline holds your interest. The characters are realistic and the love scenes are fantastic. I look forward to the next episode in this thrilling series.”

To read the full review, go here:

“Anyhow, think over what I said. I would like to know more about you.”

After a moment’s thought, Ian frowned and asked, “Are you saying that if I don’t want to talk, you’ll let me out?”

With an exasperated sigh, Mac answered, “No, I’m not pressuring you. We never agreed on a destination. I told you I wasn’t going as far as Chicago, never said how far I was going,” Mac grinned. “Like to hedge my bets.”

Ian stared ahead through the windscreen, glancing at Mac out of the corner of his eye. He wanted to tell someone, but was it safe? Would it make more sense to cut his losses and try and get a ride with another trucker? Mac certainly was curious and he liked to talk, it was doubtful if Ian could continue to ride with him unless he was prepared to talk. Perhaps it was Mac’s way of being paid back for the ride, he wanted to be entertained. Of course, he had no idea that Ian’s tale was more akin to the mysterious, and he suspected more dangerous than that of any other hitch-hiker Mac had picked up.

Ian admitted his… attraction to the man wasn’t exactly helping him to make a judicious choice; he was too influenced by his emotions.

He was getting nowhere and to distract himself from his confused thoughts, he glanced out of the side mirror again. The grey sedan had disappeared. A good sign, surely?

They drove for the next few miles in silence. Mac hadn’t pressed his request, leaving it for Ian to think about it until they reached the gas station up ahead. Ian returned to reading his book but wasn’t really able to concentrate. Besides considering Mac’s invitation, every so often he glanced at the side mirror to check the traffic behind. He saw innumerable sedans of every hue and decided he was worrying unnecessarily. He had taken special care since leaving Laredo and that was now many miles behind.

It would have been easier if Simon always used the same vehicle, then he would have been certain what to look for, but using rented cars and changing them randomly was a clever ploy. Invariably they were nondescript sedans but unless he saw the occupants, Ian would never know if a vehicle carried a threat.

After a while Mac turned his radio back on and the strains of Madame Butterfly filled the cab and Ian welcomed the distraction. Thankfully, this time Mac didn’t attempt to join in with her singing. Ian smiled at the sudden unbidden image of Mac in a kimono.

“What?” Mac said, puzzled as a low giggle emanated from his companion.

“Ah, sorry, nothing,” Ian said, a faint flush staining his cheeks.

“Come on, something made you giggle.” Which Mac found rather touching.

“Err, you might get mad,” Ian said, his tone belying any real concern.

“Okay, I do have an ego but I hope I’m not that sensitive!”

“I had a vision of you in a kimono and it wasn’t very flattering.”

Mac guffawed. “I should fucking well hope not. But why would… Ah, the opera,” Mac said with understanding. “Pleased I didn’t join in this time, eh? Probably would’ve if you weren’t here.”

Ian laughed. “I could probably just about take hearing you sing Pinkerton but you don’t have the voice for Butterfly.”

Mac grinned at the implied slight and then said thoughtfully, “You know anything about opera?”

“Not really,” Ian answered with a rueful smile, “just what the layman picks up. Less than you certainly.”

“Perhaps you can teach me something about archaeology and I can teach you about opera,” he smiled.

Fifteen minutes later Mac wondered what had possessed him to ask Ian to tell him about archaeology. He didn’t know what half the words meant and he was so out of his depth. At the moment Ian was explaining something about frottage and so far Mac had no idea what that… Whoa! So that’s what it meant – using fine paper to take a rubbing of some artifact to reveal its form. Thinking of rubbing and Ian in the same sentence was doing things to his libido. Oh, God! That was too much. Now he had this vision of Ian lying flat on his stomach, stretched out and rubbing! Geez, he could almost see that taut ass squirming. He now had some delicious images for his fantasies.

For a longer excerpt and to buy the book go to MLR Press:

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