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November 4, 2009

Past Shadows for sale at ARe Books!

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Past Shadows

Past Shadows

By: Stevie Woods | Other books by Stevie Woods
Charlie Cochrane | Other books by Charlie Cochrane
Jardonn Smith | Other books by Jardonn Smith
Published By: MLR Press, LLC
ISBN # 978-1-60820-104-4
Word Count: 65000
Heat Index

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, HTML, Mobipocket

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About the book

Through the centuries, lives and loves have been lost to the shadows. Stevie Woods brings redemption and a new love in DEATH’S DESIRE; Jardonn Smith has a frisky ghost showing two men the pleasures of love in GREEN RIVER; and Charlie Cochrane’s tale of future love is predicted by a ghost in THE SHADE ON A FINE DAY. In these three stories spanning from 18th century England to the Post-Depression Ozarks, love shines through the shadows.

An excerpt from the book

Chapter One


Hugh leaned out of the carriage window and looked up the drive to the large house on the rise. It was quite an eyeful, a big sprawling house that had obviously been added to over the generations. Surprisingly, the mismatch of styles created a whole that was warm and inviting.

It had been three years since he had last seen his Simmercy relatives, though that had been in London before his cousin-in-law, William had inherited the Hall. He had never been to their country estate before and, though he sometimes felt out of place with the rather stuffy William, his wife Alicia had always been most welcoming to Hugh and his mother. He did want to see their son, Charles again; if only to discover if his inappropriate reaction to his young cousin was still in evidence. He had convinced himself he was over it, but that was when he was nearly a hundred miles away, and there was no immediate possibility of seeing the man.

The driver pulled the carriage to a halt in front of the wide stone steps and Hugh opened the door before the footman could do so. As he stepped down from the carriage a happy sounding voice called his name.

“Hugh! It’s been too long,” Alicia said as she hurried down the steps.

Hugh smiled at his mother’s cousin, Alicia, but his eye was caught by Charles moving more slowly as he followed his mother. At twenty-one, Charles was three years younger than Hugh, yet somehow Hugh felt much older. Charles was still slim but Hugh could not fail to notice the wide shoulders and the strong thighs. He had filled out in all the right places.

“Cousin Alicia,” Hugh said, and Alicia gripped his shoulders, giving him a quick peck on the cheek before moving aside to allow Charles to approach. Hugh smiled as he stretched out to shake Charles’ hand. “It’s good to see you, Charles. You look…” He had been about to say wonderful, but quickly changed it to, “Well.”

“I am. It is good to see you again too.” Charles smiled.

“I’m so pleased that your mother finally persuaded you to come,” Alicia said. “I asked her to twist your arm if she had to.”

Hugh felt the heat suffuse his face. “I was not being difficult in not coming sooner, I just had'”

“No, no. No excuses, Hugh. You had your reasons, I may not understand what they were, but I’m just happy that this time you came. We have missed you. Haven’t we, Charles?”

“Yes,” Charles said, but Hugh could have wished for more enthusiasm.

“Come, we’ll have some tea while your luggage is taken to your room, and then Charles will show you around.”

* * * *

Hugh had been relieved to discover that William, Charles’ father, was not going to be in attendance after all. He had been called back to London on business the day before. William Simmercy had a supercilious air that had always intimidated Hugh, even though his mother had told him that Cousin William was not at all as snobbish as he appeared. Hugh could not deny that it was just as likely to be his own inferiority complex at work. His own father’s pedigree could not compare with the Simmercy’s.

Charles was following his mother’s instruction to show Hugh the house and as he moved along the narrow corridor with Charles, Hugh did his best to relax and enjoy being with the man, pleased that Charles now seemed more at ease in his company. It was the first time they had been alone since his arrival, and Hugh was trying to regain the camaraderie they had shared the last time they had been together.

Simmercy Hall was full of history, both the contents of the building and the lives of the generations who had lived within its walls. There was pride in Charles’ voice as he spoke of how the original building had been awarded to Philip d’Simmercy in 1486 by the then new King Henry VII, for his bravery in the Battle of Bosworth Field.

“Father is already talking about holding a party next year to celebrate the family’s three hundred years in the Hall.”

“It is quite an achievement,” Hugh agreed. “Your family has been lucky to have such a settled history.”

“Settled?” Charles laughed. “Oh, you have no idea of the number of scandals in my family. Adultery and murder are not even the most outrageous.”

“Pardon! Murder?”

Charles was clearly excited now and he tugged at Hugh’s sleeve. “Come, my friend, I’ll tell you the most salacious story, but do not let mother know I told you, she is scandalized that I even know all the details.”


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