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October 27, 2009

The Wrong Path now for sale at ARe Books!

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My historical fantasy short, The Wrong Path, is available now from All Romance eBooks – the sequel, Twists and Turns, is also available through All Romance eBooks.

The Wrong Path

The Wrong Path

By: Stevie Woods | Other books by Stevie Woods
Published By: Torquere Press
ISBN # 0820081000829
Word Count: 5200
Heat Index

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, HTML

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About the book

Nobleman Zeke is on his way to meet with his betrothed partner when his carriage breaks down, leaving him stranded. Crispin is leaving his cheating lover when he comes across Zeke on the road. The chemistry is immediate, and Zeke has never been more grateful for a little magic, or for a little fate. Are he and Crispin meant to be?

An excerpt from the book

He lay as still as he could, afraid to disturb the carriage where it lay across him. Zeke knew he was extremely lucky to be alive; he was trapped under the remains of his conveyance, but miraculously he was virtually unhurt. He had been lying there for what seemed like hours, but, as he couldn’t move his right arm to check his chronometer, he didn’t know how long he had really been there in the middle of nowhere. He attempted again to move the weight from off his body, putting all his strength into the thought, but! he was too weak to move such a large item on his own.He tried to keep his spirits up, but it was growing colder and the light was fast dying. If help didn’t come soon it was possible that he could die out here during the night.

Ruefully, he thought perhaps he should have taken his father’s advice and traveled with at least a manservant (as he refused to arrive with a retinue), but he had always been stubborn. His father’s idea of their position in society galled him at the best of times and, for this occasion, he’d flatly refused to flaunt it. Instead he decided to take the light Cabriolet with only his luggage for company. Stubborn pride, his father had said and for once he couldn’t disagree; perhaps this time he would pay a high price for it.

As if in answer to his silent prayers, a wash of light spread over the area, then faded, only to appear again a few seconds later. Zeke tried to turn his head towards the road behind him, but he couldn’t see properly.

“Gods, please let them see the carriage, let them find me,” Zeke whispered.


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