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October 23, 2009

Lost Dreams?

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A short time ago I was invited to do a guest blog by  author, Jeanne Barrack, topic of my choice.  I admit I am not one of those writers who easily writes about themselves, writing about fictional characters is much easier for me, but I did manage to reveal a little of my thoughts for the readers.  I thought it was time I posted it on my own blog:)


Lost Dreams?

I was recently involved in an on-line chat about dreams and while many other authors admitted that their dreams provided rich fodder for their writing, I had to admit that I’m one of those folk who don’t remember their dreams.  I will wake up, usually when shocked awake by a most unwelcome alarm clock, knowing that I have dreamed but totally unable to remember the content of the dream, though sometimes I’m left with wisps that I desperately clutch at. But, they always remain stubbornly just out of reach, until even that feeling that it is something I ought to know fades and there is nothing. On those occasions I feel as I’ve lost something special. I can usually tell if it the dream was good, or perhaps just an indifferent one, or occasionally a nightmare, but that is about it.

As I compared my situation to those more fortunate writers, my first reaction, not surprisingly, was a mixture of frustration – and jealousy. I thoroughly enjoy the writing of some of those authors who mine their dreams for ideas!

However, the subject has hovered around my mind for a while now and I have come to wonder just how much those unremembered dreams of mine may affect my writing. After all, if I cannot remember my dreams how do I know that those ideas that pop into my head at (most inconvenient) times aren’t the content of my dreams? (I say most inconvenient because I tend to get some of my best ideas in the bathroom, the toilet to be precise, and to be even more precise about half the time in the loo at work! – but I digress)

So I think it fair to suggest that though my conscious mind allows these (hopefully) interesting dreams of mine to slip away, my subconscious mind is a little more careful.

Of course, that could be a load of hogwash and my dreams might be no more than jumbled images and the detritus of my day. But still, I like the thought that my dreams are not totally wasted after all.

However, having just seen a very nice review for one of my novels I should perhaps be grateful that whatever the truth I can write with or without those elusive dreams.


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