Stevie Woods:author of gay romantic fiction

November 22, 2008

Writing Update

stevielogoJust realised it has been quite a while since I posted anything on here but announcements of one kind or another.  Exciting as they are, I really ought to post more about my day to day writing and all its attendant highs and lows.  Yeah, it has been good to get acceptances, contracts and release dates, but with those come the problems of edits and deadlines.

I have a provisional date for TWISTS AND TURNS, of April/May 2009, a bit longer than I expected but it Torquere’s success is the cause.  Lorna did say if they can get it an earlier release they will, but have to wait and see.

Still awaiting Edits on both CONFLICT from Phaze, and ON REFLECTION from Torquere.  There have been problems with getting the editors sorted for both books but that is now in hand, but as both novels are due out in January and will need to be in proofing by mid-December, the deadline is getting really close.  Don’t relish having to do two edits in such a rush *sigh*.  Hope get one of them real soon!!

Having been working on BEFORE THE VEIL for some weeks now but after a good start I got a bit bogged down, a slight case of writer’s block, or more accurately writer’s stumble.  I ended up stepping back from it for a week or two and catching up on some reading and now I feel a bit fresher and am getting back to it.

I also have other plot bunnies snapping at my heels so I want to get the first draft of BEFORE done at least so I can clear my mind a little to really think through the other ideas, particularly the one for a series. I really do wish there were more hours in the day – as do most other writers I guess 🙂 But I will get there, I am determined.

I’m sure there was something else, but I have gone blank so that will have to do for now.



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