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March 14, 2008

More Reviews for ‘Cane’

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Two more Reviews have been posted for ‘Cane’. The first one from Val, at Obsidian Bookshelf. This is a very thoughtful, indepth look at my novel. She had a couple of negative comments, mostly involving her opinion that the research sometime bogs down the pacing of the story, but overall she liked the story, and is looking forward to the sequel. Follow the link to read the full Review:

Secondly is a review from Erastes at Speak Its Name. She suggests that I had perhaps given too much history – though in another paragraph she queries lack of information because certain history has been edited out. Hard to find a balance it seems! In the end, she liked the novel and said she was looking forward to reading the sequel when it is released.

Reader, I hope you aren’t too ‘jolted’ by her comment at the beginning of the review. The ‘jolt’ on her part is due to a mistaken understanding of my use of the word Spinnaker for the name of the plantation – she stated the tulip for which I named it didn’t exist – and that gave *me* a jolt because it certainly did, having been grown as early as 1620! She has since acknowledged her mistake, adding a paragraph at the end of the review – but she has not corrected her mistake in that first paragraph.

Follow the link below to read the full review:


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Roll of the Dice
The Wrong Path

Men in Uniform II
A Million Pinpricks
Smoke Screen


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