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January 23, 2008

Review of Roll of the Dice

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Just found a wonderful Reader review on the Torquere website for my contemporary novelette:

“Roll of the Dice” is a short story of what happens to a relationship when a push becomes too much of a shove. I found this story not only enjoyable, but also thought-provoking. Because life is full of choices, and sometimes we need to take certain chances to find that happiness and love we so desperately desire. Even if it means walking away from the one we love.

Despite its 11 pages, this story is deeply emotional and powerfully moving. Kyle’s loneliness is poignantly and painfully obvious. He longs not only for a physical relationship, but also for the other things that a loving couple would share.

When Kyle is faced with another choice, he has to decide if he wants to take another chance on the man he loves or move on with the potential possibilities offered by another, more open man. And when Kyle makes his choice we’re treated to one intense sex scene. HooYeah!

As the reader I felt Kyle made the right decision. The conflict in the story is very subtle, the story more reflective and introspective. This is a beautiful love story, but more importantly it is an inspiring story demonstrating why we sometimes need to take those necessary steps in our life. Highly recommended.

Date Added: 01/19/2008 by Pamela Fellows

I can’t explain how delighted I was to read this about my first attempt at a contemporary story.

Available now from Torquere Press:
Roll of the Dice
The Wrong Path
Men in Uniform II
A Million Pinpricks
Smoke Screen


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