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August 9, 2007

I’m calm, really!

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 Torquere  Having to go to work and continue with ‘normal life’ is not easy at the moment. I’m not the most relaxed person at the best of times, so with the release of my novel yesterday I’m on tenterhooks. Which is a waste of time really cause it’s far too early to know how the book is going! As I said – I’m calm, really, sure!! My way to try and relax, I’m gonna add a little snippet from Cane that I really like – a moment of recognition:

Pieter had been home for barely a day before he saw Joss again. Pieter had learned from one of the overseers where the young slave was working and finding him on his own stacking tools at the edge of the field was perfect. For Pieter, the difference four years had made to the young man was breathtaking. Joss had always been tall and slim with lively dark eyes, but now he had added muscle and carried himself with grace. The twenty-year-old Joss brought only one word to Pieter’s mind – beautiful.

They stared at each other, both smiling and both apparently unsure of what to say or do. Then without conscious thought, they found themselves wrapped up in each other’s arms, laughing and both talking at once.


Tillie’s voice behind him sent shivers of warmth up Pieter’s spine. She was carrying a large basket of food, lunch for the overseers, Pieter guessed. He had missed her so much. He had wanted to embrace her when he first saw her on his return, but with his father’s presence in the room it hadn’t been possible. With a last squeeze to the shoulders, he released Joss and turned to Tillie. Pieter swung his surrogate sister around, grinning happily.

“Oh God, I have missed you two so much!” Pieter said but found his eyes kept drifting toward Joss.

When Pieter had discovered his penchant for men in Amsterdam, everything had finally made sense for him. He had always assumed he was simply shy when it came to the girls he’d met growing up, the only one he had ever felt comfortable with was Tillie, but Pieter came to realize that he simply wasn’t interested in women that way. He gravitated toward men and they to him. Barend had keyed him into the truth. The same truth Pieter recognized as he looked at Joss now. The young slave couldn’t take his eyes from Pieter either.


Available now – Cane

Available now – A Million Pinpricks

Available now – Smoke Screen

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