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August 8, 2007

Release of my novel, Cane

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Well the day is here at last, my novel Cane is available for sale. Not surprisingly I am very excited.

This morning (6.30) I went to Torquere to make sure it was up so I could do a link to my website. It was – and there was also a Review from Kiernan Kelly and a very nice review it was too!

Kiernan Kelly, bestselling Torquere Press author, writes: Set during the volatile years preceding the American Civil War, Stevie Woods brings us a novel that is heavily laden with emotion, that examines the temperament of the day with a fine and compassionate hand – the hope and hopelessness, the dignity and futility of a world where men are enslaved both physically and spiritually.

Pieter is a privileged young man who nonetheless is held hostage by his father’s manipulations; Joss is a slave on Pieter’s father’s sugar cane plantation. Heartbreak is all that the two can expect from their clandestine and forbidden affair. Only Pieter’s father’s death allows Pieter to return to his island home, but finds that it is too late – Joss had been sold years before.

Finding himself in the United States, Pieter is pitted against the very same issues that had torn his heart to shreds on his father’s plantation. What Pieter discovers among the stalks of sugar cane is a new love, and old friend, and a dangerous hate that stalks his every step.

Woods treats the sensitive subject matter compassionately in this novel of lost love and newfound hope.


Available now – Cane

Available now – A Million Pinpricks

Available now – Smoke Screen



  1. Oh it’s music indeed. Couldn’t be more pleased.



    Comment by swquill — August 8, 2007 @ 11:40 pm

  2. Very many congratulations SW! This must be like music to your ears to get published and reviewed this well also? Well done to you and long may it continue!

    Comment by ceeque — August 8, 2007 @ 10:50 pm

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